13 Systems to Receive Lunch Your Well-liked Meal of the Day

Lime Leaf Sambal

When there’s no time to originate a sauce, I dab the rim of my grain bowl with Auria’s Malaysian Kitchen Lime Leaf Sambal and brace for affect. Fiery and floral, a runt amount electrifies every forkful. ($12 at —A.A.

Garlic Achaar

A runt spoon of Brooklyn Delhi’s animated-sweet Roasted Garlic Achaar ($11; punches up leftover dal, frittatas, or lag-fries and keeps style monotony away. —Sonia Chopra, govt editor

Sesame Dressing

Kewpie Deep-Roasted Sesame Dressing ($7; is the nectar of the umami gods. It perks up leftover lentils and has modified ranch for all my raw veg needs. —Elyse Inamine, digital restaurant editor

Chili Fig Spread

A smear of Divina Chili Fig Spread ($5; adds depth to perfect about any veg, meat, or carb sandwich, nonetheless I’m happy that cream cheese is its truest buddy. —Hilary Cadigan, culture editor

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