21 Characters Who Had Plentiful Persona Boost That The Writers Made up our minds To Lawful Throw Away

I’m restful so mad about Cordelia.

I loovvvvveee a persona with some extensive persona pattern, whether they’re changing into the hero or the villain.


But most frequently, characters will lawful act immense out of persona, and this might occasionally be worship none of their pattern even took self-discipline. And that the truth is pisses me off! Right here are 21 times that took self-discipline that restful manufacture me fume.


Cordelia on Angel

The WB

Cordelia had likely the most most excellent persona pattern within the Buffyverse, so to peep her persona be completely ruined and act entirely out of persona for a whole season used to be poor. Finally, it used to be later published that Jasmine had most frequently taken over Cordelia’s thoughts all season, but it wasn’t clearly established at what level this took self-discipline (if it used to be after she bought her memories encourage, then this implies she kissed Connor whereas restful being Cordy, which I will not peep even memory-much less Cordelia doing). They also entirely undermined her arc by having Skip roar that all the pieces that had took self-discipline to Cordelia used to be predestined in notify that Jasmine will be born, and that Cordelia wasn’t deserving of being a increased vitality the least bit.


Haley on Contemporary Household


Haley used to be having the sort of extensive arc in her occupation and maturity, and then they lawful caught with Dylan, who did now not appear to have grown the least bit. While there is completely nothing unsuitable with settling down with a high faculty boyfriend and having formative years, Haley looked as if it might maybe revert in many ways to who she used to be in high faculty at the discontinuance of the series, and it used to be worship none of her boost had took self-discipline.


Jaime on Game of Thrones


Jaime had grown SO MUCH over the direction of the series, and worship all the pieces else in Season 8, his return to Cersei felt extraordinarily rushed. I also can maybe imagine he’d return to her, but no longer in that plot. It did now not the truth is feel worship we had been seeing the layered Jaime we would system to know, but one from seasons ago. I completely idea he used to be pushing Brienne away as a trick and used to be going to raise down Cersei, so when he the truth is had lawful plot encourage to die with her, it used to be a whole letdown.


Daenerys on Game of Thrones


I will not focus on Game of Thrones without talking about Daenerys. I also can peep Daenerys’ arc finally going the plot it did, but it took self-discipline so immediate that it felt worship we had been gazing a explicit persona within the previous couple of episodes. Daenerys used to be and not using a doubt able to what she did within the finale sooner or later, but undoubtedly no longer yet, and it felt worship it brushed off all the pieces she had been for so many seasons for her to gain the sort of drastic action.


Rachel on One Tree Hill

The CW

Rachel went thru a extensive, albeit microscopic arc. She wasn’t some vastly completely different person at the discontinuance of Season 4 from who she used to be in Season 3, but it used to be clear that she’d grown and cared more about americans. It used to be advanced to peep her get rid of Brooke and relapse in Season 5, but at the least it felt somewhat of in line with her arc. In inequity, when she returned in Season 7, she had completely no redeeming qualities. She had no depth or care, and used to be former as a two-dimensional villain to further the arc of Dan, a literal assassin. Oh, and he or she also bought a child killed so he’d have a heart. That’s no longer the Rachel I knew.


Steve in Avengers: Endgame


I’m sorry, there is NO WORLD whereby Steve leaves Bucky within the encourage of within the indicate and goes into an replace timeline to live with an replace version of Peggy. It entirely goes in opposition to his arc of learning to live within the indicate, and the truth is all the pieces he stands for in phrases of loyalty and saving americans. It also feels worship he abandons the memory of Natasha, one of his most effective friends. 


Diego on The Umbrella Academy


It felt worship Diego had such persona pattern within the predominant season, but by the 2d he’d grew to develop into into a shadow of his former self who used to be on the total former as humorous relief rather than being a stable, three-d persona. This also took self-discipline to a degree with Luther.


Dan on Gossip Lady

The CW

It is no longer worship Dan had some not doubtless persona pattern from Season 1 to 5, but in Season 6, or no longer it’s worship he turn out to be an completely completely different person. He used to be SUCH an ass, and yet he restful the truth is believed he used to be the actual man and somehow within the discontinuance, bought all and sundry else to imagine it too. I would like they’d embraced Dan’s villainy and lawful acknowledged that he used to be worse than any of them if they the truth is wanted to accelerate that route — it lawful all felt so spurious and his persona felt worship it used to be in each keep.


Daya on Orange Is The Unique Shaded


Daya went thru plenty, and I used to be gorgeous with the plot her arc used to be going up till Season 5 and into Season 6. She turn out to be a completely completely different person, and whereas I will not contain if maybe it used to be justified, it used to be restful so frustrating to peep all of her persona pattern fall by the wayside. I guess that occurs in true existence, but restful.


Sherlock on Sherlock


Sherlock had such extensive pattern thru Season 1 and a pair of, and then when he returned in Season 3, it used to be worship he used to be encourage to Season 1 Sherlock. He entirely brushed over what he’d done to John and confirmed completely no emotional intelligence, now not like in Season 2, where it used to be clear that he used to be a long way more aware and dealing out of John’s reactions and emotions (even the whisper of this recordsdata in notify to push John away and manufacture him imagine Sherlock used to be uninteresting). 


Clay on 13 Reasons Why


Ugh, this dude. To be correct, I loved him in Season 1. He did a extensive job taking on the outsider characteristic and I used to be the truth is rooting for him to search out the very fact, and I felt worship he grew over the direction of the season. But after that, he turn out to be too self-righteous whereas simultaneously changing into increasingly the same to the americans he had before all the pieces hated, and it used to be worship he’d learned nothing from his earlier experiences.


Elena on The Vampire Diaries

The CW

I felt worship Elena returned to who we knew her to be by the discontinuance of Season 6, but she lawful did now not the truth is feel worship herself for a lot of Season 5 and 6. I used to be happy she used to be with Damon, but it felt worship she’d modified so a lot, even from Season 4 (which plot the alternate did now not lawful plot from her changing into a vampire). Like, there used to be that time she educated Caroline’s buddy who bought grew to develop into about how awesome being a vampire used to be, no topic in Season 2 actually crying over by no plot attempting to be a vampire, and in Season 6 clearly no longer attempting to be one anymore. She also turn out to be as toxic as Damon rather than being the Elena we knew sooner than they had been together, worship their characters blended too a lot.


Kate on Misplaced


Even Evangeline Lilly hated Kate’s pattern — she said, “I felt worship she turn out to be increasingly predictable and unsightly. I felt worship my persona went from being self sustaining — the truth is having her possess myth and her possess dart and her possess agendas — to chasing two men around the island. And that annoyed the shit out of me.” So many of her choices felt tied to Sawyer and Jack — worship when she went encourage to rescue Jack from The Others and acquired captured herself — and I used to be the truth is pissed off by her lack of care in direction of these restful on the Island after she came encourage, even if I know she wanted to give protection to Aaron. She did now not the truth is feel worship the identical audacious persona as in Season 1.


Harry in Harry Potter and the Cursed Child

Wizarding World / YouTube / By youtube.com

Okay, so my roar is now not any longer with Harry from the motion images or books, but Harry from Cursed Child, which is now not any longer technically a movie or TV indicate. Nonetheless, I’m counting it, as we mostly know Harry from the motion images/books. About a of the stuff he says to Albus within the musical is lawful straight up stuff Harry would by no plot roar. Ron’s also the truth is defective — total, the oldsters are SUPER out of persona. 


Rey in Critical person Wars: The Upward push of Skywalker


The Rey from The Pressure Awakens would NEVER have kissed Kylo. She felt so out of persona in The Upward push of Skywalker, and it did beneath no instances the truth is feel earned that she called herself a Skywalker at the discontinuance — and what used to be up with her burying the lightsabers?? So many of her actions felt out of persona both for Rey and for the series, and he or she lawful wasn’t the identical persona she used to be within the predominant movie.


Matt on The Vampire Diaries

The CW

Matt’s pattern used to be lawful in each keep. He goes from this caring brother and boyfriend to a jaded vampire-hater, and it felt worship this most effective took self-discipline on yarn of they did now not know what else to whole with the persona and they wanted to create any other antagonist. Then by the discontinuance, he used to be somehow a correct man again, no topic serving to kidnap and assault Caroline, Stefan and Damon for Rayna and killing his predominant other. None of his arc in later seasons made any sense.


Cindy on Orange Is The Unique Shaded


Cindy used to be extensive for humorous relief, but she turn out to be more serious in later seasons, and I loved her relationship with Suzanne and Taystee and her conversion to Judaism. But screwing over Taystee with her testimony…that did no longer the truth is feel in-persona for Cindy, and it used to be lawful so painful to peep. She by no plot the truth is makes up for it, and it lawful feels worship her whole myth arc has no decision.


Rachel on Glee


It felt worship Rachel had plot into her possess and the truth is plot a long plot in her friendships, whereas restful final this incredibly formidable (yet restful, sure, caught-up) persona. But when she executed her existence’s dream to star in Amusing Lady and left to star on some TV indicate?? It felt worship her head used to be plot too massive and her earlier persona pattern intended nothing, and he or she wasn’t being attentive to her friends.


Rachel on Pals


I restful worship the scene on yarn of or no longer it’s a stress-free romantic shock and feels worship it ties the series together, BUT Rachel getting off the airplane and giving up her dream job in Paris to be with Ross…I gain no longer know. It did now not the truth is feel appropriate for her arc in my idea, and it did now not the truth is feel worship Ross had long gone thru ample of his arc to warrant it. Don’t gain me unsuitable, I needed them together within the discontinuance and used to be entirely delighted to peep this, but it irks me years later that Rachel needed to offer up her dream, and I gain no longer contain it used to be a correct match for her private arc.


Anya on Buffy the Vampire Slayer


Anya went from a literal demon to a precious part of the Scooby Gang, and even though I gain her at the origin changing into a demon again after Xander left her at the altar (any other irritating moment of persona regression), I gain no longer imagine she’d accelerate to the lengths she did in Season 7. All of a surprising she did now not seem to care regarding the Scooby Gang anymore (moreover Xander), and he or she used to be gorgeous murdering just a few americans — then wouldn’t gain responsibility for it till plot after Buffy tried to extinguish her for it. After which to have her die within the finale…? It lawful felt worship Anya used to be sidelined and then lazily killed off in a one-2d “courageous” scene that did no longer raise any finality to her arc.


And at final, Toph on Yarn of Korra


There’s no longer this kind of thing as a plot the Toph that I know frequently is the roughly person to abandon her formative years and permit them to abominate her and each completely different! And that she would leave her friends’ households and the Avatar to fend for herself. I hated how slack she looked within the series and how closed off she’d develop into. Sure, it used to be silly to peep Toph as a grumpy former girl, but she used to be so a lot bigger than lawful a fiesty wise-cracker. 

What completely different characters had their pattern lawful thrown away? Enable us to know within the feedback!

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