22 most attention-grabbing tweets of the week, including meat cubes, important jeans, and Lorde

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By Tim Marcin

Have you heard that recent Lorde song? What attain you’re thinking that? I love it. Sure, it be a diminutive various than what now we procure come to query from her, nonetheless I enjoyed it. If truth be told taking a witness forward to the general album dropping.

Anyway, yep, yet another week in the books. It is Friday, diminutive one. So why procure now not you queue up “Solar Vitality,” crack your knuckles, and learn some factual tweets we rounded up. In any case, the weekend is coming and all of us deserve a great chortle. 

So right here they’re, our 22 well-liked tweets of the week.

1. Esteem a meat dice park

2. RUDE and I am now not 32 yet

When there is a recent pop song out, the 32 year olds on right here hump absolutely nuts. Love how animals procure sooner than an earthquake.

— willy 💧 (@willystaley) June 11, 2021

3. Feels love they procure now not even in actuality admire it

4. If truth be told an superb making an are attempting vessel

5. Yikes, tricky nonetheless gorgeous evaluation of…the full lot

6. That is extremely factual and I’m happy Jessica Biel acknowledges this truth

7. All facts, no fluff

Any individual appropriate dmed me “lifestyles is now not easy chuffed birthday” ICONIC MESSAGE

— Alyssa Limperis (@alyssalimp) June 10, 2021

8. A reckoning is upon us

9. Essential dril tweet

These are the largest jeans you will ever wear

— wint (@dril) June 7, 2021

10. And yet another

i forgive Ellen

This tweet used to be sent from the high manner at 99mph

— wint (@dril) June 8, 2021

11. Extra Lorde and an oldschool meme resurfaces

12. Simply belief, personally

13. Otherwise is referred to as the Online Skills

strive towards club is appropriate about a man who made up a man to procure angry at handiest to achieve the person used to be himself

— syd (@sydbricks) June 10, 2021

14. Cow

15. Fauci’s silence on this topic speaks volumes

got the vaccine about a month ago and were experiencing intense Swamp Ass symptoms for 24 hours now. perhaps related to the warmth wave nonetheless I would unexcited love to query dr. fauci some questions

— the United States’s lounge singer (@KrangTNelson) June 9, 2021

16. An epidemic vibe

17. *Crude Mare of Easttown revealLeauki of Asgard

18. I have been smitten by this for a while now

I appropriate discovered a shirt on Amazon that’s the blue lives topic flag nonetheless about temperamental bowel syndrome and I’m in actuality literally weeping pic.twitter.com/A417qn17X7

— Katie Notopoulos (@katienotopoulos) June 8, 2021

19. “Attain you like drums?” … “Not If truth be told.” 

what attain kourtney kardashian and travis barker discuss

— kelsey weekman (@kelsaywhat) June 8, 2021

20. The first truth is clearly related to the opposite

Why is male nation tune love “hot girls in teeny itsy-bitsy shorts I will assemble you my accomplice, agree with my children, entrance porch, family values, casseroles” and female nation tune is love “oops I killed my husband”

— Lucy Huber (@clhubes) June 8, 2021

21. Fireworks unlawful in Pasadena

22. And in the end, this

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