236-Foot-Lengthy Luxurious Expedition Ship Nansen Explorer Is Poised To Take Private Polar Exploration To Original Heights

The 236-foot long Nansen Explorer combines capabilities of a commercial polar explorer with … [+] superyacht lodging and provider.

Christopher Scholey

When it involves one-of-a-form experiences, few are more weird, and in my seek, can even be more meaningful than exploring some of the most distant locations on earth onboard a spruce non-public yacht. Now, I comprehend it will sound cherish I’m stating the evident here. But follow me.

Nansen Explorer polar guides fetch little groups shut to whales and varied natural world.


I’m no longer speaking about catching rays and placing out by the pool onboard any quantity of 200-to-300-foot-long yachts that utilize the summer season in the Mediterranean and the cold weather in the Caribbean or French Polynesia. And I’m NOT announcing there’s anything wicked with catching rays on a superyacht in the Med. In actuality, I’m off to the Monaco Yacht Blow their private horns subsequent week to withhold out accurate that!

But what I am announcing is luxury yacht polar exploration represents a closer stage of exclusivity merely because there aren’t that many non-public yachts (or yacht crews) which would be able to being fully self-ample and working in the tough and in most cases unsafe prerequisites of the polar areas for any length of time.

Nansen Explorer is designed to head to the most distant locations on earth.


Since even fewer non-public expedition yachts combine the strength and capabilities of a commercial-grade compare vessel (that’s able to punching by means of polar ice), with expert guides and five-neatly-known person superyacht companies (that will pamper 12 company in 7 spruce staterooms), the 236-foot-long Nansen Explorer is constructed with a thought to explain company to more distant destinations in the polar areas than even some ice-class yachts would dwell away from. And it doesn’t improve or more weird than being able to chat over with and expertise areas of the globe than varied folk merely can’t fetch to, intriguing?

Nansen Explorer and a mischievous whale in Iceland.


And because of a accurate-accomplished multi-million-greenback refit that has transformed the inner of this commercial-grade ship into a luxury yacht, the Nansen Explorer is constructed to wrap its company in a warmth blanket of luxury too. Staterooms are in fashion and mammoth with blissful beds, spa-cherish toilets and floor to ceiling house windows. Basically the predominant saloon is a blissful spot for company to win and fragment experiences (and selfies) of their day after day adventures.

Company aboard the Nansen Explorer were treated to a surprise helicopter travel in Iceland.

Nansen Explorer

Nansen Explorer furthermore boasts an colossal heli-deck, total with onboard refueling capabilities that fetch it straightforward for heli-skiing and inland exploration. There’s furthermore quite loads of advise for the quite loads of kayaks, SUPs, and expedition-grade Zodiacs that fetch it conceivable to comprise intimate encounters with whales and varied natural world that makes polar exploration so special. Meanwhile, the ship’s talented chef supplies an everyday weight-reduction intention of Michelin neatly-known person stage cuisine.

The crew is made up of highly skilled polar consultants from EYOS Expeditions and Nansen Polar … [+] Exploration.


But as anybody who’s spent any time in the polar areas can attest, the brute strength of the ship is completely half of the equation. The Nansen Explorer’s skill to head locations the keep varied yachts can’t lumber is enhanced by its officers, crew, and guides which would be skilled in coping with the special challenges that method with luxury polar exploration.

The highly skilled captain (seated) and some of the crew of the Nansen Explorer.


And these capabilities are additional enhanced by the bizarre partnership Nansen Polar Expeditions comprise fashioned to unbiased the ship with the exploration consultants at EYOS Expeditions. As a consequence, company will comprise the good thing about the decades of blended expertise leading countless polar expeditions for a extensive selection of prospects that both firms fragment.

The helicopter-deck of the Nansen Explorer.

Swizzle Media

At display, the ship is accurate striking the ending touches on the total work that became as soon as accomplished in the shipyard. However the teams from both Nansen Polar Expeditions and EYOS Expeditions did explain a transient destroy in Iceland earlier this summer season to showcase accurate how special the ship goes to be.

No longer only the keep company treated to the accurate warmth and accurate welcome from the captain, crew and native guides. Leaders from both Nansen Polar Expeditions and EYOS Expeditions were furthermore on hand to welcome company, find the ship in circulation and most of all, to revel in the total wonders the Northwest waft of Iceland has to produce.

Whale watching aboard the Nansen Explorer is an intimate affair


One evening, company were fleet launched in the Zodiacs and treated to a shut bump into with a playfully breeching humpback whale. One other evening, the crew a good deal surprised company with taking them to a miles off natural sizzling spring that became as soon as made even better with the champagne they pulled out of their backpacks.

The crew of the Nansen Explorer (the light in the distance) introduced company to this distant sizzling spring … [+] in Iceland.

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But perchance the absolute most practical surprise of all came on the closing evening when the ship dropped anchor accurate originate air Reykjavík. Company were accurate ending a astonishing meal when the highly skilled polar manual and EYOS Expeditions co-founder Tim Soper made a tiny bit “announcement.” This became as soon as no longer out of the identical outdated because the community quicky became accustomed to Tim offering insight, instructions and recordsdata for the next day after dinner.

EYOS Expeditions and Nansen Polar Expeditions comprise teamed up to carry little groups of company to the … [+] polar areas aboard the Nansen Explorer.


“We’ve arranged a tiny bit surprise for you,” he acknowledged with a smile. “We’ve arranged for a helicopter to tackle you up and give you all an aerial tour of the advise. 

“We’d hoped he’d be able to wing you over the lively volcano,” he added. “But sadly, the volcano is in the clouds tonight.”

Nansen Explorer in Iceland

Swizzle Media

Needless to whine, company were exasperated to head to the heli-deck and find Iceland from the air. But they were more than accurate exasperated because the total secret heli-ops intention the crew of the Hansen Explorer and EYOS Exploration pulled off became as soon as this form of surprise. And as Tim Soper knows, tiny things cherish surprise helicopter rides over lively volcanoes (when the weather permits) can fetch even the most jaded luxury traveler in actual fact feel the some of the enjoyment and surprise we as soon as felt as formative years.

And there in nothing better than that.

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