27 Cheap Things You Would possibly also peaceable Procure To Protect Your Extra Pricey Things

Promising review: “I bought this case in July for an upcoming canoe outing with a buddy, and as ideal fortune would absorb it, we flipped our canoe about an hour from our engage up level. Being the rebel that I’m, I selected no longer to wear my phone round my neck, and so it, my ID and my debit card ended up at the backside of the river and I lawful assumed it’d be chanced on a thousand years from now and placed in a museum as an extinct artifact.

Rapid forward to earlier this week. I was contacted by plan of FB by an Alachua County Sherrif’s Space of work diver and guess what he chanced on? Yup, my phone case with all the contents intact and dry as a bone! He needed to lower the case open, nevertheless there used to be no longer one single tumble of water in it and he ended up buying a case for himself because he used to be lawful that impressed!” —Julie M.

Procure it from Amazon for $9.99 (on hand in 14 colors).

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