5 Burning Questions: BTS Use 2nd Week at No. 1 With ‘Butter’

1. No longer finest did BTS debut atop the Billboard Sizzling 100 closing week with “Butter,” nonetheless they withhold their position within the song’s second week in opposition to tough competition. What does it grunt about the song and/or BTS themselves that they are ready to withhold such positioning? 

Rania Aniftos: It solidifies BTS as a most considerable participant within the U.S. market that’s here to discontinuance, proving that the success of “Dynamite” wasn’t a one-time stroke of luck. While BTS is talented and the song itself is catchy and straightforward to love, we moreover favor to acknowledge the ability that is the ARMY. I’ve in no plan viewed a more devoted fan putrid, so it’s no shock that they’re a most considerable component in making sure BTS’ persevered success.

Katie Atkinson: To debut at No. 1 is a extremely nice deal, proving there’s massive curiosity spherical a sign-unusual song, nonetheless to discontinuance there a second week is even higher. The free up of the “Hotter” remix helped, nevertheless it looks just like the superb indicator of the observe’s increasing hobby is the 24% bump in radio airplay. This is no longer really appropriate a superfan-pushed success; or no longer it is miles a mainstream hit.

Anna Chan: Talking from abilities, here is a song that melts your heart (behold what I did there?) with repeated listens, so I’m no longer bowled over that “Butter” has held on to the tip residence. However you might additionally’t grunt that the fellows of BTS are proving themselves to be seemingly the most hardest-working within the enterprise, doing all the pieces to advertise this song, from performing at the Billboard Tune Awards to leisurely-night reveals to morning reveals and the three – three!!! — remixes in only two weeks. And it looks the more challenging they work to present to ARMY, the more ARMY repays them within the fabricate of unquestioning enhance, ensuing in but one other week atop the Sizzling 100.

Jason Lipshutz: With their great social following, deafening concerts and sequence of No. 1 albums, BTS used to be already the superb pop group within the field at this point closing yr. Yet what they demonstrated all around the last 12 months — first “Dynamite” turning into the first Good sufficient-pop single to achieve the tip of the Sizzling 100, then two more BTS songs (as successfully as a BTS remix of “Savage Esteem”) streaking to the tip of the chart — is that their sprawling fan putrid can yield chart-topping songs as successfully. At this point, every unusual BTS single should be thought about in contention to high the Sizzling 100 — due to could of the Army, which has been unflagging in its enhance of BTS, and has finest grown all around the previous couple of years.

Andrew Unterberger: The song’s streaming and radio presence in only two short weeks is undeniably inequity, nevertheless it remains the ARMY’s willingness to proceed meting out for downloads of “Butter” — as successfully as its diverse remixes — that truly makes the adaptation. The song offered 140,000 copies closing week — the song’s second week, lest we overlook — which is mute over 100,000 higher than any a couple of non-BTS song to lead the Digital Tune Gross sales chart this yr has in any individual week. It provides BTS a ambitious profit in any chart bustle, one which would spend a rival having a basically blockbuster performance at streaming and/or radio to beat.

2. For many obtrusive reasons, “Butter” has drawn comparisons to BTS’ 2020 atomize “Dynamite.” Attain you judge the single lives up to its predecessor? Which song enact you judge will eventually discontinuance up the higher hit? 

Rania Aniftos: “Butter” undoubtedly lives up to the fun-loving nature of the outdated hit and though it’s a good song, I’m going to stick with “Dynamite” being their higher observe. There’s something special about it being their first Sizzling 100 chart topper that makes “Dynamite” severely cherished and ancient within the group’s profession. It’s going to proceed to be a soft residence for BTS followers and the group themselves.

Katie Atkinson:  “Butter” undoubtedly lives up to “Dynamite” and then some, on anecdote of it brings more persona into the aggregate. “Dynamite” used to be an easy hit, nevertheless it could per chance no longer be subtle to guage one other pop enormous name or group tackling the song as a exchange. “Butter,” on the opposite hand, feels like a BTS song by and by – per chance on anecdote of, due to “Dynamite,” the pop-culture target audience is higher accustomed to them. Within the long perambulate, I judge “Butter” can also moreover be a more defining hit for the group.

Anna Chan: Had you requested this on Day 1, I’d’ve said hands down “Dynamite” used to be going to blow “Butter” away. Whereas “Dynamite” used to be straight catchy, with every listen, “Butter” gets higher and a brand unusual lyric finds itself on repeat in my brain. As an example, what stands out most to me appropriate now from “Dynamite” is the chorus and the na-na-na-nas. With the latest single, spend your salvage, on anecdote of every verse adds somewhat of more fun to the song than the closing. (Hat tip to giving their mamas the honour that they’re due!)

Jason Lipshutz: “Butter” is a grand practice-up to “Dynamite,” even though closing yr’s atomize used to be somewhat more polished and rapid. BTS clearly translated that song’s industrial formula to “Butter,” with its inclusive synth-pop association and radio-friendly hook, whereas the rap breakdown is more pronounced this time spherical. Score into consideration “Butter” as a nice-budget sequel to “Dynamite” — no longer rather on the level as its predecessor, nonetheless with the total acquainted aspects that followers of the distinctive will desire to embody.

Andrew Unterberger: I spend “Butter” — I judge or no longer it is somewhat of tighter a groove, and does a bigger job of making energy in some unspecified time in the future of, continuously elevating the stakes with unusual hooks. However it no doubt’s gonna be subtle for it to supplant “Dynamite” within the cultural memory, pondering that the latter came first, used to be the first BTS song a couple of casual pop listeners were accustomed to, and has been rattling finish to unavoidable for a couple of the closing yr. (And once weddings, confirmations and bar mitzvah receptions are all over all over again fashioned, it potentially will proceed to be for some time to approach abet.)

3. “Butter” has already received a accurate number of metric-boosting remixes, nonetheless none but with a featured visitor. Who could be the superb artist to hop on a brand unusual model of the song and potentially prolong its bustle on high? 

Rania Aniftos: There were rumors that BTS could collaborate with Justin Bieber one day, and I judge he’d be a good fit for a “Butter” remix. JB can effortlessly retain with BTS’ buttery mushy dance moves within the song video, and both acts have characteristically soaring vocal kinds that could mix so seamlessly together. A Bieber model of “Butter” would be, dare I grunt, “Yummy.”

Katie Atkinson: The song provides me tough Bruno Mars vibes, so I could behold him fully proudly owning a sign-unusual verse whereas churning out the buttery puns.

Anna Chan: If the aim is total world domination and crashing of the gain, I’d counsel BLACKPINK. Two global supergroups performing as one? We’d stand no probability. However thinking past the Good sufficient-pop field, fellow enormous name Justin Bieber would manufacture sense musically, and they also’ve been vocal about their mutual admiration for every a couple of, so why no longer? Plus, Bieber and RM have both talked widely about their bask in for Friends, so why no longer a Friends-themed remix?!

Jason Lipshutz: How about this for a left-field recommendation: let’s usher in Will Smith, whose 1999 album Willennium incorporated the conventional (successfully, traditional for me, anyway) Lil Kim crew-up “Da Butta.” The pop-rap king of the ‘90s joining BTS with a couple of braggadocio and a nod to a 22-yr-aged album deep nick? That’s mushy like “Butta” to me.

Andrew Unterberger: Too soon for a Daft Punk reunion? That should mute favor to encourage one other yr or two, so I’m going to grunt Silk Sonic for now.

4. This is BTS’ fourth No. 1 single since 2020, and third since 2021. Is there something that a couple of artists or labels — Good sufficient-pop or in every other case — can be taught from their nice success, or are they apt a one-of-one phenomenon? 

Rania Aniftos: To me, BTS is a one-of-one phenomenon. They’ve the look, the sound, the fan putrid and the personalities down pat. They’ve realized what works, and what fabricate of songs resonate with their adoring followers and they also stick to it. While a couple of artists can moreover receive what works for them, BTS has a distinguishable model and presence that I build no longer judge can also moreover be duplicated.

Katie Atkinson: I judge their explicit course to success is singular, nonetheless there’s no depend on that they’ve pushed residence the vitality of a vocal fanbase. I wager there are a selection of different folks that heard about (or from) the unstoppable BTS ARMY sooner than even listening to BTS themselves, and that fixed drumbeat of fan exercise made it unimaginable to ignore the Good sufficient-pop phenomenon.

Anna Chan: Artists continuously thank their followers in acceptance speeches and liner notes, nonetheless BTS takes their appreciation of the ARMY to a total unusual level that I haven’t viewed any a couple of musicians meet, and presumably it’s something others can spend a page from. In interviews, on social media, their annual Festa social gathering, and more, BTS makes use of every replacement to thank followers, expand this form of great amount of loyalty that something they free up is generally met with success.

Jason Lipshutz: Even supposing I assume the “one-of-one phenomenon” is 80 percent of the reply here, the song commerce has undoubtedly picked up on seemingly the principal points of the “Butter” rollout — particularly the more than one remixes and instrumental versions that launched concurrently with the single. The pass gave followers more alternatives to enhance BTS with their streams and gross sales, and boosted “Butter’s” total numbers. We’ve viewed the tactical remix deployed on a couple of occasions — fair nowadays, The Weeknd added Ariana Grande to “Set Your Tears,” and the song hit No. 1 due to this — nonetheless I’m spellbinding whether or no longer we behold more cases of a couple of versions of a single being launched simultaneously.

Andrew Unterberger: Within the occasion you might additionally very successfully be in a winning pop group, have your people spelled out the name of your fanbase within the song video with their very have our bodies but? If no longer, why no longer?

5. They’ve lit it up like dynamite, they’ve been mushy like butter — what’s your prediction for the following lyrical simile to key a BTS mega-chorus?

Rania Aniftos: I’d like to search a bask in song devoted to any individual who’s “candy like sugar.” BTS will receive a model to manufacture that swoon-grand.

Katie Atkinson: They should magnify on their “Butter” lyric and enact “Moves Esteem Usher,” with even more references to the “U Got It Terrifying” singer’s catalog.

Anan Chan: Gotta give credit the build credit is due: “Unstoppable just like the ARMY.”

Jason Lipshutz: Let’s chase alongside with “comfortable like a hoodie,” in a romantic midtempo single that is launched in time for autumn. Think of the total pumpkin spice latte purchases it could per chance soundtrack!

Andrew Unterberger: “Fab like The Beatles.” Time to return to the build all of it began!

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