5 winners and 5 losers from Week 1 of the NFL

Aaron Rodgers is resplendent much Dante from Clerks at this point, which I promise you is the most productive middle-age writer reference I’ll use as of late. It’s indispensable to know when your quota has been reached. Anyway, like Dante, right here’s a dude who stood around on Sunday announcing “I wasn’t even speculated to be right here as of late,” and phoning it in at work.

We’ve all been there. Each one of us goes through these funks the set we finest can’t space up to provide a crap, however the variation right here is that Aaron Rodgers is being paid $22 million this 365 days. Dante changed into positively finest shuffling alongside for minimum wage.

Whenever you happen to watched Green Bay play on Sunday the Packers had … let’s explain “points,” attributable to it’s the nicest arrangement we can. The protection changed into hot trash, allowing 22 first downs and a third down conversion price of 50 percent. Then on the opposite facet of the ball you had Rodgers, who absolutely seemed every share of a Jeopardy! host who changed into asked to play quarterback, and now now not the opposite route around. In the pause he accomplished his day with an unhealthy 4.75 yards-per-attempt and two interceptions. Then he changed into benched for Jordan Worship, who stepped in and performed demonstrably better from the soar.

Then, to cap all of it off, there changed into friction between Rodgers and coach Matt LaFleur of their post-game statements, finest attributable to you’d like a nice bitter pickle on the plate with your shit sandwich.

They came ready to play; absolutely embarrassed us as of late,” Packers coach Matt LaFleur acknowledged, who also called the loss humbling.

Rodgers had a a runt assorted take.

“I’ll let him use these words and I’ll use, it’s finest one game,” Rodgers acknowledged. “We performed harmful. I performed harmful. Offensively we didn’t enact very smartly. One game. We’ve bought 16 to trail.”

Whenever you happen to’ve been saving some Packers-essentially essentially based schadenfreude for years, doubtlessly attributable to you’re a bitter, rival NFC North fan, then you definately’re rubbing your fingers collectively like Birdman and hoping Rodgers is unfriendly. You’d like this danger to defend up multiplying and inflicting peril for the next 16 games. Obvious, there changed into a sure level of poetry in the postulate that Worship would take over from Rodgers in the identical style he took over for Brett Favre, but none of us anticipated it to happen this fleet, and like this.

I own the factor that makes this all so unusual is that we all saw this coming, we finest selected to ignore it. Right here changed into a dude who clearly didn’t desire to play football for the Green Bay Packers, however the assumption finest kind of turned into “smartly, he’ll place it collectively,” attributable to it’s Aaron-freaking-Rodgers. Alternatively, what we saw Sunday changed into now now not a case of a dude who couldn’t play anymore, it changed into a man who didn’t desire to play football anymore. On the least, now now not the set he’s at. Rodgers well-known a trade. He yearned to be closer to California, and whether or now now not or now now not you suspect that changed into as a consequence of Jeopardy! info superhighway hosting rumors or now now not, the remark remains the identical.

Rodgers’ title changed into hot hot on Day 1 of the NFL Draft, with smartly-liked assumption he’d be traded for a top take. Indirectly Green Bay passed, held onto what they own got, and in response to Week 1 they’re on the precipice of catastrophe. Congrats Packers, you’re my No. 1 losers this week, and I absolutely, positively did now now not sight this one coming.

Now, let’s take a tour around the the relaxation of the league.


Up so a long way in the Kliff Kingsbury era: The Cardinals were so, so keen — and likewise a mountainous crimson flag at the identical time. They’re the NFL’s one evening stand, the hottie you’re taking up at the bar. For one magical evening of passion you revel of their company, then if you date them for a whereas you sight issues. First it’s the expired milk in the fridge, then that they by no arrangement wash their sheets, in the end you glean the worn mayonnaise jar bulky of toenail clippings and you’re taking to pause it. But hey, it changed into fun whereas it lasted.

Arizona had been these hotties. Every 365 days you’d sight on paper and explain “yeah, they would well also produce this.” You’d sight Kyler Murray dance around and throw for 500 yards, then realize they misplaced anyway. Sunday changed into a noteworthy, mega assertion for a personnel in dire need of one.

On offense they had been finest as deadly as ever. Murray thew four touchdowns and ran in another. DeAndre Hopkins and Christian Kirk went off. It changed into the style of game you’d demand of to sight them lose 41-38, but now now not this time. The Cardinals held Tennessee to 13 aspects, and more importantly, fully locked down Derrick Henry, A.J. Brown AND Julio Jones, leaving the Titans offense in tatters.

Sure, it’s one game. Obvious, this is most productive my first date with the 2021 Cardinals, but man… they sight like they’ve in actuality place themselves collectively this time.

Loser: Metropolis Meyer

I changed into thiiiiiiiiiiiiiis terminate to striking Trevor Lawrence in the conversation too, but inexperienced persons gonna rookie. Sure he threw three picks, but additionally three touchdowns and over 300 yards.

Metropolis Meyer likes to chat about leadership, so let’s accomplish this about leadership. The Jaguars performed like a poorly coached football personnel. That’s all there would possibly maybe be to it. Meyer blew up after, as he’s desire to produce, announcing the myriad errors the personnel made had been “inexcusable,” which is factual, sure — but you kinda own to read between the traces a runt bit right here as smartly.

There were experiences Meyer’s style is rubbing other folks the unfriendly arrangement. That he doesn’t appear to be adapting to the NFL time desk, or style, or solution to handle mavens. Then you positively own a bunch of gamers struggling to figure out the set to line up, conversation points striking too many gamers on topic, and giving up 82 yards price of penalties on Sunday.

The tldr on this: Trevor Lawrence will be elegant. Metropolis Meyer? No longer a lot.

Did I present they misplaced to the Texans? Because lol.

Winner: Jameis Winston

The NFL is at its very greatest when it’s boring, and Jameis Winston performed some boring, boring football. That is the most effective compliment I will offer, attributable to this changed into a merely kind of boring.

14-of-20, 148 yards, 5 touchdowns.

I know I’m now now not making a ton of sense right here. So at the delivery: Sean Payton and the Saints didn’t precisely own a ton of self perception in Winston Week 1. They had a basically conservative game notion that didn’t demand him to produce an excessive amount of. Heck, when it changed into all acknowledged and executed he most productive threw 20 damn passes.

FIVE of these went for touchdowns.

When Peyton Manning broke the all-time single season landing anecdote in 2013, throwing a thoughts-shattering 55 on the season, he had a landing share of 8.3 percent. That arrangement on any given pass it had an 8.3 percent likelihood of being a score. On Sunday Jameis had a landing share of 25.

Meaningless fun extrapolation time (largely for my amusement).

If Jameis Winston bought to play every down in opposition to the Green Bay Packers, and had as many passing attempts as Peyton Manning in 2013 he’d carry out the season with 164 touchdowns.

Winner: Jalen Hurts

Replacing Jalen Hurts felt just like the now now not-so-subtle aim of the Eagles for heaps of of the offseason. Now we’ve gotta wonder, why? Don’t receive me unfriendly, the Falcons are hot ass, but peaceable — this changed into a dominant game that proved so a long way that Hurts basically has the abilities.

The quarterback accomplished with 264 passing yards and three touchdowns, fleet forming a rapport with rookie DeVonta Smith and showing the duo would possibly maybe also evolve into being one of many upper handcuffs in the NFL with more reps. It changed into so superior to sight, and would possibly maybe also critically assuage any thoughts of purchasing and selling for Deshaun Watson.

No longer most productive did Hurts throw the ball smartly, he scrambled extraordinarily successfully — ending with 62 yards on the ground.

Winner: Matthew Stafford

He’s peaceable Matthew Stafford

Loser: Andy Dalton

He’s peaceable Andy Dalton

Loser: The Vikings

So right here’s the deal, appropriate. Must you sight at the Minnesota roster on paper there would possibly maybe be now now not any motive this shouldn’t be a 12-5 or 13-4 personnel that makes the playoffs every 365 days and even wins a game or two. With a smartly rounded protection, a top-tier working inspire, and arguably one of many appropriate receiving tandems in the NFL, they would well also peaceable be wonderful.

No longer struggling and at final shedding in opposition to the Bengals.

I know Vikings followers will blame officiating, especially on two reviewed plays that changed into EXTREMELY suspect, but like, you gotta realize that if you’re two harmful calls away from shedding to Cincinnati then you definately’re basically now now not that merely.

It comes all the formulation down to the elementary fact that neither Mike Zimmer, nor Kirk Cousins can maximize the skill on this roster. It’s a massive quantity, and appropriate now it appears just like the personnel is cruising to a different barely-.500 season. Happily, the the relaxation of the NFC North is a massive quantity too.

Winner: Deebo Samuel

There had been two absolutely transcendent receiving games this week (the opposite being Tyreek Hill), but I’m striking Samuel over the head on this one. Ending with 189 receiving yards, he topped HALF HIS ENTIRE 2020 SEASON IN ONE GAME!

Critically, dude accomplished with 391 yards in seven games a 365 days ago. Now he’s casually catching 9 passes for practically 200 yards. It’s so superior to sight games like this. Samuel changed into taken in the 2nd round of the 2019 NFL Draft and had a basically real rookie marketing campaign, which by no arrangement basically bought to growth attributable to fo ruin.

Now we’re going to have the selection to be seeing the commence of something special and I’m on board.

Loser: Washington followers caught in this poop rain

the worn announcing: Every time it leaks raw sewage from the roof of FedEx Field, Dan Snyder has opened his mouth all another time.

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