8 locations Roger Goodell’s chair would possibly maybe likely proceed back and forth to on the NFL Draft

Following up on the engaging news that Roger Goodell will likely be ready to wrap his palms round potentialities for some feeble-man hugging on draft night comes the news that his chair will likely be touring too, and would possibly maybe likely flip up actually anyplace.

Be conscious the chair that NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell sat in whereas in his basement for the length of the draft closing year? Turns out… that chair is headed to Cleveland! Per chance it’ll be backstage… and would possibly maybe likely flip up in assorted locations at some stage in the week.

— Ian Rapoport (@RapSheet) April 27, 2021

I didn’t know of us in actuality cared about Goodell’s chair, but the NFL evidently does. So, with a paunchy ability for figuring out fun, following the bucketed receptacle for Goodell’s butt cheeks will change into a convention this week.

So all people knows Goodell’s chair will likely be in Cleveland for the NFL Draft itself, but the assign else would possibly maybe likely it flip up? I accumulate some strategies.

  1. In Radio Metropolis Song Corridor, by myself, so Goodell can sit in peace and skills what it’s love no longer to gather booed by Jets fans in that constructing.
  2. The fourth row of the U.N. security council meeting on the proliferation of chemical weapons the assign Roger will vote FOR more chemical weapons.
  3. One of the seats of an elaborate round table the assign the enviornment’s legal elite discuss easy how to execute James Bond.
  4. Your have living room, the assign Goodell will give a speech to your formative years about how concussions are spurious news.
  5. A symposium on elope members of the family the assign he’ll wear a alive to gape and nod at key moments. The total time the excellent mediate he’ll be desirous about is feeble Marvin the Martian cartoons.
  6. Across from Skeletor, the assign he’ll succor arrange an assault on Fortress Greyskull.
  7. At a yard pool celebration he organized. Goodell burned the hamburgers to a crisp, but they’re soundless raw interior.
  8. On Elon Musk’s first manned mission to Mars.

Truly, his chair would possibly maybe likely flip up anyplace … and that’s the fun.

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