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A breakfast table stuffed with questions for Adam Schiff

When Gain. Adam Schiff stepped into Washington’s St. Regis Hotel Thursday for a Video display Breakfast, there used to be no shortage of issues on the table.

Michael Bonfigli/Particular to The Christian Science Video display

Gain. Adam Schiff, chairman of the Apartment Intelligence Committee, speaks at a breakfast organized by The Christian Science Video display on the St. Regis Hotel on Sept. 23, 2021, in Washington.


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When Gain. Adam Schiff stepped into Washington’s St. Regis Hotel Thursday for a Video display Breakfast with journalists, there used to be no shortage of issues on the table.

Two days earlier, the 11-duration of time Democrat from California had rolled out a bundle of reforms geared towards curbing presidential energy – a response to the Trump presidency called the Protecting Our Democracy Act. Congressman Schiff led with a pitch for the legislation.

Nonetheless, as I identified in my breakfast myth, Mr. Schiff wears many hats. He’s chairman of the Apartment Intelligence Committee. He’s a member of the employ out committee investigating the Jan. 6 insurgent on the Capitol. He conducted a key position in President Donald Trump’s first impeachment.

So he used to be peppered with questions about a vary of issues – from the assorted ways presidential energy would be reined in, to the Jan. 6 probe, the U.S. drone strike that killed 10 Afghan civilians, and the Democrats’ aggressive protection agenda.

The news protection later on reflected the breadth of the discussion. Reuters went with Mr. Schiff’s notify that a couple of congressional committees are investigating the errant drone strike and the intelligence failure that preceded it. Axios and The Hill highlighted his notify that Jan. 6 committee witnesses who refuse to testify would possibly well well face criminal contempt expenses. The Washington Instances led with my inquire of on how the Biden family shall be plagued by the Protecting Our Democracy Act.

Nonetheless I used to be additionally reminded of the feeble Tip O’Neill announcing, “all politics is local.” After the breakfast, I requested Mr. Schiff if he used to be chuffed that the U.S. govt had finally, entirely identified the Armenian genocide of 1915-1923. It’s a subject shut to to my heart, and I had anticipated President Joe Biden’s decision in April in a short share about an Armenian-American supreme friend whose surgeon father had escaped the genocide – and went on to treat light Sen. Bob Dole.

Mr. Schiff represents a district in Los Angeles County, home to the greatest Armenian community outdoors Armenia. He fought for genocide recognition for 20 years. And walk, he’s chuffed.

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