A Nearly 20-Year-Dilapidated Half-Life Easter Egg Became True Came across

The two main characters from Half-Life Decay standing in front of the Half-Life logo.

Image: Valve / Gearbox

On the very terminate of Half-Life: Decay there’s a exiguous Easter egg to be learned, but simplest even as you trade your point of view and pay terminate consideration to a destroyed computer.

This secret became learned by Half-Life knowledgeable and YouTuber, MarphitimusBlackimus. Earlier on the present time, they uploaded a immediate video demonstrating and explaining the Easter egg.

On the very terminate of Half-Life: Decay, a co-op expansion to the actual sport developed by Gearbox Tool for the PS2, you customarily catch out about the ending from the perspective of Gina. She is without doubt likely the most 2 scientists you would possibly maybe presumably play as within the co-op marketing campaign. Nonetheless, you would possibly maybe presumably, with some adjustments, peek the final scene of the game from Colette’s point of view. (She’s the numerous scientist you would possibly maybe presumably play as in Decay.)

Even as you had been to provide this, you’d would possibly maybe presumably perceive a broken computer within the corner of the room. It’s simplest on display masks masks for a couple of seconds, but all the blueprint in which by blueprint of that time a series of sparks flash across its floor. Whereas these would possibly maybe presumably appear random, MarphitimusBlackimus investigated them and learned a exiguous secret. If the full spark effects are activated by a blueprint editor, you would possibly maybe presumably catch the initials “MA.”

G/O Media would possibly maybe presumably simply accumulate a rate

These are the initials of Matthew Armstrong, a level designer at Gearbox Tool. Armstrong would in most cases hide his initials in issues he created, included a Group Fortress 2 Classic blueprint.

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That is Easter egg is gleaming, but it surely’s no longer as queer as any other secrets and tactics hidden in Half-Life: Decay. To illustrate, there’s a secret that can simplest be learned if the player hits a corpse about 600 occasions.

Out of the full Half-Life: Decay secrets and tactics, my non-public accepted became learned in 2016 by our worn excellent friend, MarphitimusBlackimus. Even as you shoot a regulate panel apt within the begin of a level in Decay, you would possibly maybe accumulate some secret dialogue that never fails to invent me snigger a exiguous bit.

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