A Refer to to the Gamble Residence, an Arts & Crafts Gem in Pasadena

Historic preservation takes commitment, money, and homeowners who care.


hile I became as soon as in Pasadena, Calif., a pair of weeks in the past, I visited the Gamble Residence, the Greene & Greene home commissioned in 1908 by David and Mary Gamble, Proctor & Gamble heirs from Cincinnati. Then, Pasadena became as soon as little bigger than a town however already significant in the Midwest and Northeast for its ultimate native weather and neat air. I haven’t walked during the residence in years however wished to peek it again and indicate it as a residence that’s a piece of art to be adored, safe, and interpreted. How effectively are its masters stewarding it?

Gamble House, Charles and Henry Greene
(Images Courtesy of the Gamble Residence)

Charles Sumner

(Photograph Courtesy of the Gamble Residence)

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