Action For Nature Pronounces 2021 “World Young Eco-Hero Award” Winners.

San Francisco, CA, September 09, 2021 –(– This day, Action For Nature (AFN) announced its 2021 Young Eco-Hero award winners, honoring 25 young environmental activists from across the globe for their inventive initiatives aimed toward tackling the world’s most pressing environmental challenges.

For the past eighteen years, the World Young Eco-Hero Awards hang each year honored international formative years ages 8 to 16 who are taking vital steps to medicines tricky environmental complications.

“The following technology of leaders is here, and they’re refusing to again to medicines basically the most pressing environmental challenges,” said Beryl Kay, president of Action For Nature, a international non-revenue group that encourages young folk to nurture a flowery and appreciate for the Earth and to make a selection deepest action to make stronger the surroundings. “The initiatives that these young folk created will not be any longer going to most effective hang trusty, determined impacts on their communities, they’ll also merit medicines international climate challenges and inspire others – no topic what age – to hang in thoughts what they’ll carry out to merit.”

Since 2003, Action For Nature has acknowledged larger than 300 Eco-Heroes from over 30 international locations and 25 U.S. states. The winning initiatives are chosen by a panel of self sustaining judges, including consultants in environmental science, biology, and training.

“I am so inspired by the labor, dedication, and optimism of these young climate activists who hiss us that we’re within the fight to place our planet together, and that the time to behave is now,” said Kay.

The winners will demonstrate their work at a digital tournament, the 2021 World Eco-Hero Awards Conference, anchored in San Francisco on September 18, 2021, at 10 AM Pacific Peculiar Time and shared dwell by task of Zoom. For additional data about how to again and to RSVP email [email protected]

This year’s World Young Eco-Hero Awards disappear to:

First Prize – Mallayka Ianna Oddenyo (age 12, Kisimu, Kenya)

Mallayka Ianna started collecting plastic break at eight years used after a stressful skills – seeing a dead fish floating in a shut-by lake with its head caught inside of a plastic bottle – made her attentive to the plastic air pollution crisis. Now, she collects and recycles plastic break into priceless items take care of flower vases, image frames, desk mats, face masks, hand baggage and pencil holders, educates the community about lowering plastic break, and mobilizes utterly different young folk to safe plastic air pollution and flip it into priceless items, thus combating the plastic from making its map into oceans, lakes, and waterways.

First Prize – Aarushi Wadhwa (age 16, San Jose, California)

Aarushi Wadhwa has lengthy sought out alternatives to place our planet. With Aqua-Pods, she addresses one in every of the greatest drivers of water break globally: the overwatering of vegetation. Since 2017, Aarushi has been constructing an Aqua-Pod – a “sponge” fabricated from 100% biodegradable materials corresponding to espresso grounds, potato, and banana peels which might maybe possibly be confirmed to maintain water and expand soil fertility. For the time being, the Aqua-Pod is being allotted in California, besides to in Kenya and India.

Innovator Award – Kyle Tianshi (age 14, San Diego, California)

Being immigrants from China, Kyle’s folk didn’t hang easy, filtered drinking water after they grew up, so they never let him drink faucet water. Peculiar about why they had been so fervent, he began to investigate water air pollution and learned that officials in his residence teach of California are within the formula of adopting a standardized checking out formula for monitoring microplastics in drinking water. Alternatively, measuring tiny particles in water is costly, making it inaccessible for many families. Clear to safe an inexpensive and scalable solution, Kyle invented NEREID, a patent pending, transportable tiny particle detector that can like a flash safe microplastics in water the utilization of a laser. This solution gives a low-trace various for families that carry out no longer hang access to water filtration techniques.

Climate Alternate Activist – Sophia Mathur (age 13, Sudbury, Canada)

Inspired by her family, Sophia started lobbying politicians on environmental points at age seven. She has successfully lobbied the City of Higher Sudbury to list a climate emergency, urged Canadian Ministers to undertake carbon pricing, and lobbied her MP, Paul Lefebvre, for border carbon adjustments. For the time being, Sophia is the lead formative years plaintiff in an Ecojustice lawsuit towards the Ontario authorities for weakening Ontario’s 2030 climate target. And at some level of the COVID-19 pandemic she has hosted digital events with MPs, MPPs, Senators and has requested High Minister Trudeau and Deputy PM Chrystia Freeland narrate questions about their climate plans.

2d Prize – Cherry Sung (age 14, Seoul, South Korea)

In 2018, Cherry suffered from severe anorexia nervosa and used to be hospitalized for three weeks. Throughout that time, her most effective offer of commence air data used to be television documentaries – most of them about the surroundings and threats take care of plastic air pollution, wildfires, and climate substitute – and Cherry reached a tipping level. In response, Cherry Sung started Greener is Cleaner, a formative years-led group centered on three bid areas to develop substitute: economic markets, public insurance policies, and citizen action. Since March 2020, Cherry’s group has successfully convinced organizations – from beverage firms to her like excessive college – to remove the employ of plastic and switch to biodegradable materials.

2d Prize – John Abad (age 16, Lima, Peru)

John Abad lives in Lima, a metropolis on Peru’s shoreline, and is deeply fervent with plastic air pollution within the ocean. Listening to that none of the candidates for mayor of Lima introduced any proposals for ocean protection, he made up our minds to behave. In 2019, he started his advertising and marketing campaign “No Plastic on my Seaside,” and based the nonprofit Attach Our Planet. Working with utterly different nonprofits, such because the Ocean Heroes Network and the Oceanic Conservancy, John recruited 2,300 volunteers from agencies, faculties, church buildings, and utterly different community organizations to make a selection half in huge seaside cleanups.

2d Prize – Tanya Das (age 16, Mount Laurel, Original Jersey)

Tanya Das based the international non-revenue, Flow for the Ocean, Inc., to steal consciousness about marine debris and to empower and inspire underserved formative years by teaching them underwater robotics that they also can note to air pollution elimination. In January 2020, Tanya performed her first international underwater robotics workshop in an Indian village within the teach of Odisha. Bigger than 450 folk attended the workshop’s opening assembly, and 250 students participated within the 10-day workshop which culminated within the students successfully the utilization of their remotely operated autos to make a selection away debris from the local river. The COVID-19 pandemic has curtailed Tanya’s capacity to proceed in-individual robotics workshops, however she continues to offer digital leadership practicing and make stronger to larger than 30 student ambassadors in 12 international locations.

Third Prize – Ayaan Shankta (age 12, Mumbai, India)

Ayaan Shankta lives approach a lake that outdated model to be a offer of drinking water for Mumbai, however has became a dumping ground for garbage and sewage. Ayaan’s mission, Conservation and Rehabilitation of Powai Lake, goals to steal consciousness about air pollution, easy up the lake, and give protection to its ecosystem. As successfully as to working with NGOs to steal consciousness and self-discipline up easy-ups, Ayaan authored an action document on lake conditions and is on the 2nd engaged on a documentary about Powai Lake.

Third Prize – Jacobo Rendón (age 13, Antioquia, Colombia)

Jacobo Rendón lives in El Carmen de Viboral, Colombia, a self-discipline acknowledged for its natural beauty and its many diverse birds. After the COVID-19 pandemic hit, Jacobo made up our minds to derive an illustrated and photographic e-book for his community to steal consciousness about the vary of birds in El Carmen de Viboral and the significance of keeping them.

Third Prize – Luna Abadia (age 16, Portland, Oregon)

Luna Abadia used to be fervent with climate substitute from a young age, and while studying out of the country in Japan as a Rotary Formative years Alternate Ambassador, she noticed variations in how folk approached environmental points and became conscious that for a choice to be effective, it vital to be international. When she returned residence, Luna made up our minds to commence the Efficient Climate Action Project, which facilitates free, climate simulation workshops to inspire others to advocate for brave environmental action. These workshops exhaust computer items designed by MIT and Climate Interactive to investigate how utterly different climate alternate choices and policy measures – corresponding to renewable energy, afforestation, industry electrification, and carbon pricing impact our modern trajectory of international warming – allowing contributors to see how their like suggestions about how to medicines climate substitute would affect aspects of Earth’s climate system.

Third Prize – Amelia Fortgang (age 16, San Francisco, California)

Amelia Fortgang based the Bay Location Formative years Climate Summit (BAYCS), an activism network that used to be born out of a want for impactful climate mobilization at some level of the COVID-19 pandemic. In September 2020, BAYCS organized a day-lengthy digital summit that united 280 young folk from 88 faculties, 14 states, and 5 international locations. The agenda included 16 workshops starting from coral reef protection to climate justice activism to environmental entrepreneurship. Since the summit, BAYCS has continued working monthly in-depth workshops on issues including air quality, Indigenous activism, and environmental justice that hang attracted larger than 950 contributors.

Third Prize – Karina Samuel (age 16, Coral Springs, Florida)

Karina Samuel is the CEO and founder of the Florida chapter of Bye Bye Plastic Bags (BBPBF), a nonprofit working to movement skilled-surroundings reform, ban plastic baggage, easy-up air pollution, and expand consciousness about climate substitute. BBPBF has hosted 30 force-through voter registration campaigns, organized 10 strikes in Miami, and held 12 digital conferences with skilled-surroundings political candidates across the teach of Florida. Despite the challenges of the COVID-19 pandemic, BBPBF hosted easy-u.s.that attracted larger than 1,000 volunteers throughout the final two years.

The following young folk bought honorable mentions in this year’s competition:

Romario Valentine (age 9, KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa)

Nihal Tammana (age 11, Edison, Original Jersey)

Nithin Parthasarathy (age 16, Irvine, California)

Dylan D’Agate (age 16, Melville, Original York)

Luis Alberto Might just Cuai (age 16, Yucatán, México)

Ashwin Sivakumar (age 16, Pasadena, California)

Romal Mitr (age 15, Dublin, California)

Avni Garg (age 16, Original York, Original York)

The following young folk bought notable mentions in this year’s competition:

Jacklyn Vandermel (age 16, Closter, Original Jersey)

Nileena Mariam Jonesh (age 8, Sharjah, United Arab Emirates)

Miles Fetherston-Resch (age 8, St. Petersburg, Florida)

Ganesh Kumar (age 15, Fremont, California)

Jack Dalton (age 10, Manchester, Original Hampshire)

Action For Nature (AFN) is a international non-revenue group based utterly in San Francisco, California, that encourages young folk to nurture a flowery and appreciate for Earth’s natural resources and to make a selection deepest action to raised their environments. To learn extra about the Young Eco-Hero Awards and this year’s winners, learn about all of their initiatives, access excessive-res pictures, and explore the winners’ mission videos, search recommendation from

Action For Nature

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