Albon: Red Bull F1 crew nothing cherish ‘villain’ misconception

Albon is decided to come abet to the F1 grid in 2022 with Williams after being dropped by Red Bull at the stop of closing One year, having accomplished honest one plump season with the crew.

He became as soon as demoted accurate into a reserve driver characteristic after struggling to compare teammate Max Verstappen’s beget since becoming a member of as a mid-season substitute for Pierre Gasly in 2019.

Gasly himself lasted honest 12 races at Red Bull, while the crew’s handling of its junior drivers has drawn criticism in the previous for no longer giving them ample time to compose or procure to grips with their vehicles.

But Albon felt there became as soon as a “misconception” surrounding how Red Bull operated, explaining that its push for results and desire to combat at the front of the grid became as soon as segment of the crew’s culture.

“I mediate there could be pointless to claim that villain characteristic performed, I mediate within the media, about all of it,” Albon said in basically the most up-to-date episode of the F1 Nation podcast.

“But it’s surely nowhere cessation to cherish that, in overall.”

Albon said he realizing that Red Bull’s manual and junior driver chief, Helmut Marko, “gets the worst characteristic” in how he’s portrayed, but that the villain tag became as soon as utilized too worthy to Red Bull “in overall”.

“It be significant to know they’re a a hit crew,” Albon said.

“They quiz excellent results. It’s the culture within the crew, if we’re no longer a hit, we’re no longer chuffed, and that’s roughly the device it needs to be if truth be told.

“Especially [in] the head three groups in overall being Red Bull, Ferrari and Mercedes, that’s roughly what they quiz.

Alexander Albon, Red Bull Racing RB15

Alexander Albon, Red Bull Racing RB15

List by: Red Bull Lisp material Pool

“For certain it is tricky, especially if you don’t beget worthy skills to be in a high, high crew. That is what it is. Bigger than the rest, it’s honest seeking to procure confident with the automobile.”

Albon became as soon as changed at Red Bull for this One year by Sergio Perez, who after a hit the Azerbaijan Gigantic Prix abet in June has struggled for beget in contemporary races.

But Albon said there became as soon as no longer an ambiance at Red Bull where more stress became as soon as positioned on drivers in the event that they struggled.

“It’s no longer cherish there’s this inform where you’ve got to invent this, and if you happen to don’t invent this, ‘that’s it, pack your bags,’” Albon said.

“For certain they wish each vehicles to invent properly, that’s the total design. You’re no longer going to construct stress on somebody in the event that they’re no longer performing, on myth of before every thing the media invent ample of that.

“Especially talking about myself, I build myself below basically the most stress. It’s no-one else, there’s no added succor on the open air.

“It’s tricky. I mediate it’s more honest the manner that the automobile runs rapidly or is hasty is no longer as straightforward for, let’s narrate, Checo and myself than it is for Max.”

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