All Personality Locations in Fortnite Season 7


Fortnite Season 7 is here, and the NPCs earn shuffled around the scheme. Right here are all Fortnite character locations for the fresh season.


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fortnite season 7 superman character

Characters returned to Fortnite in Season 7. Right here are all of the Fortnite character locations within the fresh season, alongside with which ones offer upgrades, prop disguises, bounties, and more.

Fortnite first launched NPCs in Season 5, with the plentiful-scale overhaul of the financial system. NPCs are aid for the third time in Season 7, and they’re correct as precious as they’ve been in outdated seasons.

Season 6’s crafting system is aloof in Fortnite, nonetheless upgrading and acquiring weapons will be simpler offered than crafted. After the novelty wore off, the crafting system grew to change into one other mundane portion of the game. Now, it’s indispensable than ever to be taught where the NPCs are positioned.

Fortnite season 7 cow man NPC

Fortnite character locations list

Personality Name Situation Gives
Abstrakt Retail Row Quests, Disguise
Guggimon Lockie’s Lighthouse Quests
Sunny Believer Seaside Quests
Bunker Jonesy Trail Resort Quests, Rift
Bushranger The Aftermath Quests, Disguise
Dreamflower Flopper Pond Quests
Joey Soiled Docks Quests, Disguise
Hayseed Steel’s Farm Quests, Disguise
Marigold Sluggish Lake Quests, Supply Drop
Maven Diminutive Dish Quests
Rick Sanchez Defiant Dish Quests, Rift
Insurrection Yellow Steel Bridge Quests, Supply Drop
Rook Dockside Dish Quests, Supply Drop
Special Forces Redacted Quests, Rent, Duel
Swamp Stalker East of Dampy Dish Quests
Dr. Slone Corny Advanced Quests, Dr. Slone’s Pulse Rifle

Fortnite character locations scheme

Fortuitously, the folks at Fortnite.GG earn an interactive scheme of all of the NPCs in Season 6.

Right here’s a scheme of all of the NPCs in Fortnite Season 7. We’ll wait on this up to this point over the route of the season as more seem or are realized around the scheme. Bigfoot, shall we embrace, is lacking from this list. We’re not definite whether that’s because he isn’t there or correct hasn’t been realized yet.

  • Inexperienced icon: can rent the NPC
  • Disguised man: offers a prop cover
  • Blue weapons: can duel the NPC
  • Red Rift: lets you set off a Rift
  • Yellow Box: can name down a Supply Drop
Fortnite season 7 npc locations

When in contrast with seasons past, the number of NPCs around the scheme is extremely minimal. As successfully, players can not enhance weapons via NPCs. As for Irregular weapons, there would possibly perchance be most effective one NPC that has a obvious weapon and that’s Dr. Slone at Corny Advanced.


The fresh Kymera pores and skin can most effective be customized the expend of a obvious discipline materials, and here are all of the Fortnite Alien Artifact locations in Fortnite.


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June 9, 2021

fortnite season 7 alien artifacts

The Kymera pores and skin is a highly customizable outfit within the Fortnite Season 7 Fight Pass, nonetheless it requires Alien Artifacts to unlock its parts. Right here are the Fortnite Alien Artifact locations.

Connected to the Season 3 Brella glider and Season 2 Maya pores and skin, the Season 7 Fight Pass has its dangle customized pores and skin. Kymera is the foremost pores and skin players safe after procuring the Fight Pass, and he’s furthermore considered because the foremost enemy within the Season 7 story trailer.

Then again, Kymera’s parts aren’t unlocked by ending diversified challenges or reaching obvious stages. As an different, Season 7 introduces a fresh manufacture of currency called Alien Artifacts. These are aged to rep diversified model alternatives from the Kymera Fight Pass menu. This recordsdata will expose players all of the Fortnite Alien Artifact locations.

Fortnite Alien Artifacts

Alien Artifact locations in Fortnite

There are two manner to originate Alien Artifacts: Collecting the weekly canisters and opening Cosmic Chests. Cosmic Chests randomly seem in Squads Mode and plunge a random number of Alien Artifacts when opened. If you’re drawn to hunting these chests, confirm out our recordsdata on where to search out Cosmic Chests.

Below is a scheme designed by Fortnite.gg that exhibits the locations of the latest Alien Artifacts. More Artifacts will be added every week at diversified locations around the scheme. Every of the Fortnite Alien Artifact locations offers players four artifacts. A gold rarity has yet to be added that will give players seven.

The Alien Artifacts are out within the open and sort a feint noise when nearby. This makes them easy to detect and accumulate. To accumulate them, players merely earn to plod into them. They would possibly be able to also force via them the expend of a ship, automobile, or UFO. The artifacts will be given to players after they return to the lobby after the match.

fortnite season 7 alien artifact locations

There aren’t every other uses for Alien Artifacts open air of procuring Kymera parts. Gamers are impressed to narrate their Alien Artifacts as they safe them because essentially the very best alien parts are locked on the aid of procuring all of the parts from that category. Whereas you would possibly perchance perchance most effective be in a position to safe a restricted number of Alien Artifacts without concerns, Cosmic Chest hunting permits players to originate an countless amount


The fresh Cosmic Chests in Fortnite Season 7 earn diverse uncommon sweets interior. Right here’s earn and open them to accumulate Alien Atifacts.


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June 9, 2021

Fortnite Season 7 Cosmic Chest

The fresh Cosmic Chests are stuffed with some very precious materials making them highly sought after. Right here is how players can earn and open Cosmic Chests in Fortnite Season 7.

Cosmic Chests are a fresh manufacture of looting added on the beginning up of Season 7. They are such as Legendary Chests, Loot Llamas, and Supply Drops in term of what they plunge. Then again, they are more difficult to open and would possibly perchance perchance perchance plunge bonus rewards for every player.

Every chest will plunge an Narrative or Legendary weapon for every member of the occasion. As successfully, they will plunge 3 bonus items for every player on the squad. These bonus items will also be 1-3 Alien Artifacts, Gold Bars, and 125-1050 XP. They furthermore earn the skill to plunge Fight Stars, nonetheless that hasn’t been activated yet.

cosmic chest opening forntite

Earn and open Cosmic Chests

Initially, Cosmic Chests will most effective seem in Duos, Trios, and Squads modes. They would possibly be able to’t spawn in Solos since it requires a squad to open them. This furthermore methodology that a solo player in Squads can’t open them. They would possibly be able to randomly spawn in at some level of a match, and as proven on the scheme under, an icon will seem for all players. Like provide drops, each person within the match can look the plight of the chest as soon as it spawns.

When forthcoming a Cosmic Chest, this can question that all squad members be latest. The chest cannot commence up to be opened unless each person looks to be nearby. Then, this can question players to lift turns hitting the aged put of living that looks. Every player will safe one hit earlier than the next player has to head. Once all 10 aged aspects were hit, the chest will open.

If a player hits the chest and it isn’t their flip, they’ll be launched away from the chest. The whine in which players are chosen to hit the chest will furthermore be random. This implies players earn to listen to so that they will open the chest earlier than enemy squads come.

Fortnite cosmic chest map marking

Chests earn the prospect to plunge Rocket Launchers and other precious weaponry. Then again, players is continuously hunting all of them of the model down to originate the Alien Artifacts. These are aged to unlock Kymera parts, and Cosmic Chests in Fortnite are essentially the very best manner to safe Alien Artifacts open air of the weekly locations.


Fortnite Season 7 has reintroduced weapon enhance benches. Right here’s where every bench is found and one of many most realistic ways players can enhance weapons in Fortnite.


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June 8, 2021

Crafting has caught around and Pork up Benches earn made a triumphant return! Right here’s enhance weapons in Fortnite Season 7 for the lawful designate.

Fortnite Season 5 did away with Pork up Benches – as an different, integrating weapon upgrades into the fresh Gold Bars system. In Season 6, Narrative launched one other fresh manner to enhance weapons within the manufacture of the crafting system.

Now, on the beginning up of Fornite Season 7, Pork up Benches earn returned to The Island, nonetheless they are diversified than earlier than. Sadly, the skill to expend NPCs to enhance weapons has been eliminated, nonetheless the expend of a Weapon Pork up bench is correct as easy.

Fortnite Season 6 NPCs

Pork up weapons in Fortnite Season 7

Season 7 has thinned out the number of NPCs on hand and has eliminated undoubtedly one of their most precious aspects. Gamers can’t go to an NPC and throw a few gold bars their manner to enhance weapons anymore. As an different, players earn to both craft fresh weapons or expend Pork up Benches.

The scheme under exhibits the plight of each weapon enhance bench in Season 7. In outdated seasons, players would earn to dissipate constructing materials to enhance weapons. Then again, now enhance benches bag gold bars in replace for uprgades.

So, whereas there would possibly perchance perchance perchance not be any enhance NPCS, Pork up Benches are successfully the equivalent thing. As with every enhance system, every enhance will designate a obvious amount of gold bars reckoning on the rarity of the article. Within the past, Pork up Benches would kind players wait to safe their enhance, nonetheless now they are delivered straight away.

fortnite season 7 upgrade bench locations

The third and most wearisome manner to enhance weapons is to expend Fortnite’s crafting system. In Season 6, players had bones and mechanical parts to craft with. Now players earn to craft nuts and bolts with a thought to craft a obvious weapon. This obtained’t develop the weapons rarity, nonetheless acts as a sidegrade to alternate the weapon form.

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