Anatomy Of A Ultimate Overwatch Earthshatter

That is what we in the enterprise call a “fatty shatty.”
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Overwatch League season four kicked off this weekend, with contemporary gamers, a pair of extra special upsets and a most attention-grabbing, recreation-a success Reinhardt Earthshatter by Houston Outlaws participant Myung-heum “Jjanggu” Cho.

Two-time Overwatch League Champions the San Francisco Shock conducted the no-time Overwatch League nothings Houston Outlaws on Sunday. Historically, it is miles a one-sided match. The final two times these groups met, San Francisco beat Houston 3-0. But 2021 is a brand contemporary one year, and contemporary rosters, contemporary coaches, and one returning light have made the Outlaws conception to be one of primarily the most fun groups in the contemporary season. Sure, I’m essential.

The Outlaws and Shock had been tied 2-2 on Havana, the sixth and closing map of the sport (an early draw pressured the groups to play past the requisite five maps). Havana is an escort map that requires groups to push a payload thus some distance as that potentialities are you’ll perhaps per chance also factor in within the reduce-off date. Before the map started, it regarded worship the Shock had been on their potential to ending conception to be one of their illustrious runbacks. After taking place 0-2 on the starting of the match, they clawed their potential serve to even the discover and, after Houston’s attack meander on Havana, it regarded as despite the indisputable truth that the Shock had this match wrapped up. To hang, all they’d to attain became push the payload factual a puny bit extra than the Outlaws—an sure bet since their protection stopped Houston’s payload at a paltry 85 meters, or factual before the first level on Havana. That’s a short distance—if the Shock acquired one or two decisive crew fights, it would had been over for Houston, and it bought very stop to being over for Houston.

Then got here god’s most most attention-grabbing Earthshatter.

Jjanggu’s Earthshatter is the definition of perfection by sneakiness, style of gamers caught, and total affect. Observe at how Jjanggu crept into position, sneaking around to flank the Shock whereas their attention became entirely pondering regarding the comfort of the Outlaws. His timing became impeccable, as fellow Outlaws rookie and tank partner Min-jun “Piggy” Shin prompted his D.Va’s Self-Destruct on the identical time Jjanggu’s Earthshatter lands. Collectively, the Earthshatter and the Self-Destruct combined on the loyal time to incapacitate then atomize, ruining the Shock’s probability at victory. In an instantaneous, all individuals on the Shock became dead. The time past legislation wick became extinguished, and factual worship that, the Houston Outlaws planted their flag because the crew to gaze out for in 2021.

G/O Media would possibly acquire a price

That is the style of Earthshatter that affords me goosebumps. Of the total substantial performs to transfer wanting in aggressive Overwatch, there is nothing extra pleasant than a appropriate Earthshatter. Diagram serve, when the Overwatch League became tranquil the Apex Event and the total lot became appropriate and nothing trouble, Sang-hoon “Kaiser” Ryu, major tank of the storied RunAway crew, made his repute on these backbreaking shatters.

Later, the Vancouver Titan’s (and Kaiser’s historical RunAway teammate) Sang-beom “Bumper” Park brought his signature “flanking fracture” to the League with all its devastating glory.

Now Jjanngu can employ his map among such hallowed comrades, and add his “Hammer Down!” to the spotlight reel of the gods.

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