Anonymous Warns Elon Musk: “Ask Us”

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  • Hacking collective Anonymous has identified Elon Musk as its next target
  • Anonymous produced a video that criticized Musk’s manipulation of Bitcoin, the broader crypto market, and his working of Tesla
  • Anonymous has previously hacked into the Minneapolis Police Department, HBGary, and the Church of Scientology.

Hacking collective Anonymous has publicly identified its most modern target, particular person who many in the crypto world will agree is now fine sport – Elon Musk. Anonymous posted a four-minute video by which they criticized Musk’s manipulation of the crypto markets, calling him out for deliberately crashing the Bitcoin sign and ruining the investments of these that had been “essentially searching on their crypto good points to provide a decide to their lives.” The threat is rarely any idle one – Anonymous has previously hacked into the Minneapolis Police Department, HBGary, and the Church of Scientology.

Musk Attracts The Ire of Anonymous

Musk has been accused of manipulating the sign of no longer fine Bitcoin but diversified cryptocurrencies too, most notably Dogecoin. Whereas his give a decide to for Dogecoin has only helped it amplify in cost, his constant backward and ahead about Bitcoin has brought about mountainous fluctuations in an already volatile market, leading to exasperation from many in the neighborhood. The video furthermore criticizes Musk’s attempts to centralize Bitcoin mining along with his new Bitcoin Mining Council.

Apparently Anonymous has no longer taken Musk’s manipulation lying down, starting in the video that Musk is ruining his recognition, going from a revered visionary to “nothing larger than one more narcissistic rich dude who’s desperate for attention.”

“Ask Us”

Anonymous calls out diverse parts of Musk’s lifestyles and personality, drawing attention to alleged miserable treatment of his workers, his hypocrisy over the atmosphere given his use of lithium mines that help originate his batteries, and declaring what many possess no longer too prolonged ago realized – that mighty of Tesla’s profits comes no longer from automotive gross sales but from authorities subsidies and selling carbon credits.

Clearly disgusted with Musk’s treatment of “hardworking americans”, Anonymous voice Musk that “it is possible you’ll possibly well think you are the smartest particular person in the room, but now you possess met your match”, signing off with the warning to Musk – “Ask Us.” Here is rarely any idle threat, as the Church of Scientology, HBGary, the Minneapolis Police Department and more can testify.

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