Anti-vax nurse hilariously makes an try to designate COVID vaccines place you magnetic

A 13-year-old shows off his bandage after getting a COVID-19 vaccination.  Unfortunately, he did not get any magnetic powers,
A 13-year-inclined reveals off his bandage after getting a COVID-19 vaccination.  Unfortunately, he did now not glean any magnetic powers,

Image: Scott Heins/Getty Photos

By Christianna Silva

There’s a sizzling fresh conspiracy about COVID-19 vaccinations and, boy, is it magnetic.

Within the direction of a assembly of a reveal legislature wisely being committee on Tuesday in Cleveland, Ohio, Dr. Sherri Tenpenny, a health care provider and “expert witness,” testified that COVID-19 vaccines would possibly most certainly place folks magnetic. (They entirely can now not.) That felt uncommon ample, but then it bought even more fresh. A girl who said she was a registered nurse attempted to designate Dr. Tenpenny’s assertion by sticking some stuff to her chest.

Wow. An anti-vaccine nurse in Ohio tried to designate the Vaccines Reason Magnetism theory in an reveal legislative committee. The demonstration did now not scuttle to devise pic.twitter.com/0ubELst4E8

— Tyler Buchanan (@Tylerjoelb) June 9, 2021

“Vaccines kind wound folks,” the nurse said. “By the system, so I appropriate found out out one thing when I was on lunch and I needed to repeat it to you. We had been speaking about Dr. Tenpenny’s testimony about magnetic vaccine crystals, so here is what I found out out.”

She then pulled out a key and a bobby pin — bobby pins are in overall coated in plastic — and pressed the most major to her chest. The most major caught. In actuality makes you imagine, would not it?

“Veil to me why the most major sticks to me,” she requested. “It sticks to my neck too,” she said, sooner than pressing the most major to her neck and having it promptly tumble off. She also tried and failed to glean the bobby pin to stick, as she said, “Yeah so if any person can mask this, that will most certainly well be immense.”

No longer exactly a damning repeat of her magnetism.

Videos and pictures of folks sticking magnetic issues to their bodies shortly began popping up in each and each space. Some of them had been serious, but many are in jest (we hope). Comedian Dana Goldberg tweeted a video of herself with a key caught to her forehead and a spoon atop her nose.

“Oh my god I’m entirely vaxxed. Holy shit,” she said.

And she or he’s now not the suitable one poking fun at this absurd theory.

Unfortunately, it feels major to reiterate one overtime that vaccines kind now not scheme off you to be magnetic. Steel sticks to your skin since you are a human being who is rather of bit sweaty, and a key is diminutive and gentle-weight. And also most certainly you are tipping your chest or your face rather of bit up and gravity is helping. That’s why all dads can steadiness a spoon on their noses — with or with out the antibodies.

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