Artist Launches Novel Series to Level to How Mindless Consumption Drains Our Planet

From magical cleaning gloves to rubber dog booties, Stefanie Herr’s “Desolate tract” parts twelve low reduction paper sculptures that depict long-established objects as scarred landscapes.

Barcelona, Spain, July 01, 2021 –(– Sifting by millions of items in a fake procuring spree on Amazon, Barcelona-basically basically based mostly visual artist Stefanie Herr compiled a peculiar assortment of twelve merchandise to turn into the centerpieces of her most modern venture. “Desolate tract” renders a chain of cheap shopper goods as summary contour fashions. Their unfavorable shapes resemble the terraced topography of open-solid mines, the put earth gets removed in successive layers to extract rock or minerals. “Sadly, these heavily exploited, residual landscapes constitute the counter-spaces of the mountains of issues we construct for consumption,” the artist explains.

There are within the meanwhile some 18 million merchandise being sold on Amazon. The quantity of natural sources extracted for the production of these − most regularly most effective temporarily used and in map discarded − goods is regularly growing. Herr’s curated product more than just a few targets at encouraging patrons to rethink their procuring behavior and cease looking out for cheap stuff to prevent or decrease environmental effort.

Unlike their heavily produced counterparts, Herr’s layered compositions − within the good deal of exclusively by hand − remain firmly rooted in craftsmanship. The usage of most effective white paper as a medium within the making of “Desolate tract,” her irregular pieces stand in stark distinction to the garish plastic merchandise they’re modeled after.

This capability, the artworks no longer most effective allude to the unfavorable nature of rampant consumerism, however additionally evoke the thought of a world without objects. It’s miles in their absence that the cheap items without be aware appear imbued with beauty. “We must like much less and create smarter procuring choices, if we in actuality are looking out to pause environmental degradation and drive meaningful swap,” the artist parts out.

Stefanie Herr is a German visual artist who mainly creates hybrid artworks by a combined use of sculpture and pictures. Drawing inspiration from maps, charts, and graphs, the topographic condition of her artworks reflects the artist’s persevering with preoccupation with environmental and panorama swap. The appropriation and commodification of nature are habitual themes encountered in her ingenious creations. For added records, narrate over with

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