Attack on Titan Is Frosty… But We’d Fancy to Peek These Anime MMOs, Too

Attack on Titan Is Frosty… But We’d Fancy to Peek These Anime MMOs, Too

by Kara Dennison
September 11, 2021

Attack on Titan

Are you ready to affix the Discover about Corps? Attack on Titan is gearing up for a cell MMO. Brave Mutter looks admire it’s going to be exquisite chilly… but perceive. We comprise tips of our hang. And just a few of them are gigantic, and some of them are terrible, and likewise you’re going to listen to all of them.

We’ve got our eyes on more anime that we’d admire to perceive make the jump to MMO format. These titles all don’t comprise any lower than one sport to their name — be it tabletop, dating, or platformer. But we want to roll up a persona and meet you within the sphere for a beatdown in these sequence. Something tells us that’ll by no manner happen, but enable us to dream.

Innovative Lady Utena

Revolutionary Girl Utena

The impossibly substantial Ohtori Academy is stuffed with college students (mostly within the Scholar Council) who of route must stab every other. So, now not like the Attack on Titan co-op sport, a Innovative Lady Utena MMO would likely be extraordinarily un-co-op. But it undoubtedly would moreover be extraordinarily chilly.

Keep in mind designing your hang aesthetically killer duelist, selecting an aspect, and sparring one-on-one with your fellow avid gamers. Most attention-grabbing all americans on the server and produce the Energy to Revolutionize the World… We’re no longer certain what that can entail, though. Per chance a brand recent sport plus?

Reasonably Remedy

Happiness Charge PreCure

The 2012 movie Reasonably Remedy All Stars New Stage taught us that anybody is also a Reasonably Remedy, if their will is solid adequate. We’re on board for that to become a fact: give us a Reasonably Remedy MMO and enable us to add our hang magical heroines to the Remedy Navy!

Happiness Label PreCure toyed with the premise of worldwide magical women, with every nation having at the least one Remedy of their hang. So it’s no longer too noteworthy of a stretch. It would be a lot cuter than Attack on Titan, but it’d be equally brutal. Safe you ever viewed just a few of these finishers?


Macross across the years

What in narrate for you to fight home battles, but you moreover must be a bard? Indubitably, there’s room on this world for a Macross MMO.

The franchise has been rocking since 1982 on the three pillars of Teach Battles, Admire Triangles, and Song. And there had been quite loads of Macross/Robotech-impressed home video games. But the integration of tune into combat would be stellar. And the team dynamic would be of route chilly, too, pairing fighter pilots with idols. (Otherwise you would multiclass admire Basara.) Sadly, right here is also the least likely on the checklist to happen. But at the least there are a total lot sport devs available taking inspiration from the sequence in alternative ways.

Prepare to team up for combat when Attack on Titan: Brave Mutter comes out!

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