Aukey 4K Run Cam DRS1: Nice 4K UHD video, easy to put in and use

Straightforward, neat-excessive-resolution, and easy on the pockets.

aukey drs1


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  • Aukey DRS1 4K UHD Run Cam

It’s pretty incredible how a ways streak cams savor reach in precisely a pair of short years. Aukey’s 4K UHD DRS1 affords tall 4K UHD/WDR day and evening video captures, is easy to use, easy to put in, and bills $120. Not long ago, a streak cam of that mark would savor delivered undersaturated day captures and feeble evening captures inclined to headlight flare. Honest riddance to the disagreeable feeble days.

This overview is allotment of our ongoing roundup of the simplest streak cams. Coast there for recordsdata on competing merchandise and how we tested them.

Manufacture and specs

I aged the non-compulsory GM-32 GPS module ($20 on Amazon) in my checking out of the DRS1. I counsel GPS for a more than a few of reasons, along with immediate proof that the accident occurred where you verbalize it occurred. Let’s take note your complete deal a $140 camera. Or I could, at any price.

The DRS1’s external create is regular for the category. It’s a squarish (about 2.5 inches huge and excessive), 1.25-scamper-deep camera with a 2-scamper colour show on the encourage. Four buttons on the backside navigate menus and parts. Bottom-mounted buttons would possibly perhaps furthermore furthermore be more challenging to fumble for, however to boot they have a tendency to disturb the orientation of the camera lower than those positioned on the aspect or encourage.

The left aspect of the unit (peering ahead on the show) hosts the SD card slot, the 3.5mm GPS jack, and the mini-USB jack. The vivid affords the vitality button. The included suction mount attaches to the pause of the camera. 

aukey drs1 2 Aukey

Aukey’s DRS1 takes tall video and is easy to feature. 

The camera captures 30 frames per second at 4K UHD (3840×2160) the usage of a Sony EXMOR IMX415 sensor. For certain, 4K UHD video requires about 750MB of storage for every three minutes of video, so I in general counsel losing correct down to 1080p, or 1440p as a compromise. You’ll be ready to suit about six times as noteworthy video (1080p), and your cards will final six times longer. 

The GM-32 GPS module initialized hasty (some can ranking various minutes after vitality-on), supplied factual readings, and watermarked the knowledge onto the video. My most efficient gripe is that the DRS1 didn’t automatically use it to build the real date and time. I’ve turn out to be aged to this with assorted streak cams’ GPS, so I didn’t set it manually on the DRS1. That’s why the time and date are off in the show captures shown in the efficiency allotment.

Aukey sells a streak cam hardwire equipment ($20 on Amazon), as impress most vendors. In my thought I counsel the usage of a rearview deem adapter (assuming your deem is powered) or an OBD-II vitality connector, which are both easy to route and install. 

The DRS1 has a supercapacitor that lets in the camera to flee for roughly 5 seconds after it’s eliminated from a vitality source. Although the runtime off vitality is low, this is able to also be sufficient under most conditions. When put next with a battery it lets in for plenty more vitality cycles, as properly as a broader vary of working temperatures—minus 22 to 67 degrees Fahrenheit, in this case.

Notably, Aukey offers a two-365 days warranty, twice what we’d in general take note actual—and much greater than the 90-day warranties we’re starting up to look in more cost effective devices.  I’ve reviewed various Aukey streak cams, and to boot they’ve proven in general first price.


Each and daily and evening video captured by the DRS1 is terribly actual, even though brightly lit areas have a tendency to blow out (lose ingredient) a small little bit of. Detail in assorted areas is comely, as is the colour saturation. Vendors don’t hype WDR (Wide Dynamic Fluctuate) as noteworthy in the intervening time, as its implementation has turn out to be almost a matter useless to verbalize.

There would possibly be a pair of graininess at some level of playback, however this resolves into tall ingredient even as you happen to remain. Trudge stabilization, as my forays into the native bumpy streets proved, is terribly actual

aukey 4k day IDG

The Aukey DRS1 captured me stuck in traffic in San Francisco completely.

The DRS1’s evening video is also very actual. I became once a small bit insecure, after the tiny enlighten with shiny areas in the day video, that it would possibly perhaps struggled with headlight flare. On the more than a few, it dealt with it properly.

aukey 4k night IDG

Search for the the headlight flare in this shot is minimal, whereas you would possibly perhaps nonetheless look plenty of ingredient in the space surrounding the automobile. For some fair, the DRS1 obtained the date vivid, however the time unsightly. 

Although I’d counsel switching to a lower resolution for day after day use to preserve your memory cards, I did pretty fancy the 4K captures, and that increased resolution would possibly perhaps inform to hand at some level of my visits to nationwide parks. 

Sizable streak cam, cheap

The Aukey DRS1 is a extremely capable and easy-to-use streak cam. I very noteworthy take care of the ingredient in 4K UHD captures. Nonetheless, I don’t fancy changing SD cards all of the time, so I’d use 1080p—and you’re going to furthermore accumulate 1080p streak cams for considerably less. Then once more, being ready to interchange to 4K UHD to acquire something in particular noteworthy is a pleasant method to savor. In case you’d fancy 4K, then the DRS1 is in point of fact appropriate one of primarily the most cheap systems to build up it.  

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  • Aukey DRS1 4K UHD Run Cam

    The Aukey DRS1 affords tall 4K UHD, WDR day and evening video captures, is easy to use, easy to put in, and even easy on the budget.


    • Very actual video captures
    • Easy to use
    • Easy to put in


    • 4K UHD makes use of many of storage

Jon is a Juilliard-skilled musician, aged x86/6800 programmer, and long-time (uninteresting 70s) pc fanatic residing in the San Francisco bay space. [email protected]

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