Be taught how to flip on AMD’s Easy Access Memory for faster gaming efficiency

With the suitable AMD hardware, that you can additionally free up extra gaming efficiency with a short outing to the BIOS.


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AMD’s Easy Access Memory allows you to combine a Radeon RX 6000 sequence GPU with a Ryzen processor to free up even extra gaming efficiency—dramatically so, in some conditions.

Earlier than we notice you the manner to enable Easy Access memory, we’ll focus on the hardware requirements. Next, we’ll stir you through the manner to configure your BIOS to instructed SAM. And lastly, we’ll notice you the manner to substantiate it’s working. Let’s bag trim! (And make certain to ascertain out our explainer on how Easy Access Memory and the Nvidia-identical Resizable BAR work).

Easy Access Memory hardware requirements

  • AMD 500 sequence motherboard (X570, B550, etc.)
  • AMD Ryzen 5000 sequence CPUs (5600x, 5800x, etc.)
  • AMD Ryzen 3000 prefer CPUs (with the exception of 3200G and 3400G)
  • AMD Radeon RX 6000 GPUs (6800, 6800XT, etc.)
  • AMD Radeon Instrument (20.11.2 or newer)
  • AMD most modern BIOS (AGESA or newer)

As per the suggested hardware above, only outcomes will reach from the RX 6000 sequence GPUs and Ryzen 5000 sequence CPUs. AMD did add prefer 3000 sequence CPUs to the mix, but you’ll restful want a 500 sequence motherboard. Must that you might be pleased gotten an Nvidia GPU or Intel CPU, Nvidia has their very rep version of Resizable BAR crimson meat up. We’ll update this text to replicate any future steering on hardware compatibility.

Demonstrate: I ran a test on an AMD 5700XT, a earlier skills Radeon GPU. Easy Access Memory did notice as “enabled” within the Radeon Instrument settings, but no conclusion as to any efficiency be pleased but. Your mileage could differ.

Be taught how to enable Easy Access Memory within the BIOS

Must that you might be pleased gotten the total appropriate hardware, flipping on Easy Access Memory only takes a few minutes, though it requires delving into your motherboard BIOS. Here’s the manner to discontinue that:

bios Thiago Trevisan/IDG
  1. Enter your motherboard BIOS, continuously accomplished with Del or F2 key (study about your motheboard documentation for petite print)
  2. Enter your developed settings menu
  3. If relevant, equivalent to on Asus motherboards, enter PCIE Subsystem settings
  4. Allow “Above 4G Decoding”
  5. Allow “Re-Size BAR Pork up” (atmosphere to Auto can additionally work)
  6. Enter your Boot menu, and disable CSM (Compatibility Pork up Module)
  7. Place, exit BIOS, and reboot into Home windows

Must you notice the easy steps above, Easy Access Memory would possibly be activated. The largest steps are enabling “Above 4G Decoding” and “Re-Size BAR crimson meat up.” You’ll additionally are looking out for to make certain that CSM is disabled, which is mainly the default atmosphere.

Be taught how to substantiate the Easy Access Memory is on

6900xtconfirm Thiago Trevisan/IDG

By the exercise of potentially the most modern version of the AMD Radeon Instrument, we are going to now confirm that Easy Access Memory is activated. Browse over to the Efficiency tab and open the Tuning panel. On this online page, you’ll discover “Easy Access Memory.” Here that you can additionally enable or disable the atmosphere. This presents you with confirmation that your outing to the BIOS used to be indeed a hit. Gain enjoyable playing around with the extra gaming efficiency!

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Thiago Trevisan is a PC fanatic with a ardour for tinkering with all the things from potentially the most modern CPUs and GPUs to water cooled gaming rigs. First and critical a classical pianist, he now additionally runs the YouTube channel Classical Know-how.

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