Bebe Rexha shares Kristen Bell’s performing secret from ‘Queenpins,’ when to clap wait on at trolls


Bebe Rexha, the singer-songwriter who earned two Grammy nominations in 2019, is about to hit one other profession milestone.

After dominating the charts with hits like 2017’s “Meant to Be” and 2018’s “I’m a Mess,” the 32-365 days-outmoded musician is declare to originate her performing debut within the comedy film “Queenpins,” starring Kristen Bell and Kirby Howell-Baptiste.

“Tune has continuously been my first like,” says Rexha, who got her birth writing songs for Selena Gomez, Eminem and various artists outdated to charting her hold singing profession. “Nonetheless I read the script — it roughly fell into my lap — and I cherished it.”

In “Queenpins,” the bubbly pop megastar transforms into the no-nonsense Tempe Tina, an Arizona-essentially essentially based identification thief who colleges Connie (Bell) and Jojo (Howell-Baptiste) within the art of launching a multimillion-greenback coupon rip-off. This marks Rexha’s first on-camera film role (she previously voiced a persona within the 2019 animated film “UglyDolls”).

Earlier than the film’s Friday release, Rexha got candid with USA TODAY about her nerves outdated to shooting, the sugary performing recommendation she got from Bell and her advocacy for physique positivity.

Question: Congrats in your performing debut! Did you delight in any nerves going into filming?

Bebe Rexha: The night outdated to I no doubt might perchance no longer sleep, and I roughly felt a itsy-bitsy bit sick to my abdomen. It’s like outdated to you dangle a big take a look at at school or an interview. Every person used to be so form and wanted to originate me no doubt feel chuffed.

Q: “Queenpins” follows two coupon followers who get caught up in a prison coupon plan. Earn you ever ever been on the coupon hustle?

Rexha: Oh yeah, I’ve positively stumbled on some promo codes off some web sites, however for some motive, 95% of them by no manner work. Nonetheless I like a appropriate take one, get one free. That is roughly my vibe. I like saving at the supermarket. I’m no longer an avid couponer where I’m a psycho about it, however who does no longer like saving cash?

Q: Did Bell or Howell-Baptiste present you with any pointers on declare?

Rexha: I used to be dapper anxious, however they made me no doubt feel so aloof. They were like, “We are no longer going to leave you here. Let’s get the dangle that you are chuffed with. We will be here.” They were so patient with me, and it used to be no longer what I used to be looking ahead to. I indicate, I wasn’t looking ahead to them to be divas, however they’re film stars. They gave me some silly recommendation. We were like eight hours (into filming one day), and Kristen educated me to delight in something sweet to spike up my blood sugar and get my vitality going. I plan no longer know the scheme many Raisinets and M&M’s I had.

Q: Wow, I’m going to help that tip in mind for my subsequent interview.

Rexha: Yeah, it no doubt works! Like, five, three minutes outdated to, you get correct a itsy-bitsy bit something sugary, like a Jolly Rancher. It no doubt helps.

Q: You’re going to need gotten been birth on TikTok about getting dropped from a document designate earlier in your profession. How discontinue you navigate the u.s.and downs of the tune industry?

Rexha: It’s far principal to ponder at life as a roller coaster. When there’s highs and lows, I mediate you bought to step far from it and abilities what it’s and no longer be on the stir and shedding yourself. Now, is it OK to no doubt feel sad if something does no longer work out? Sure. I’ve assign out songs that did no longer discontinue nicely. I assign out songs that were no 1 for 50 weeks on the country charts. Nonetheless it be about colorful stir these highs and lows and no longer allowing them to pronounce you, even supposing it’s miles a success. It’s correct segment of your walk and a blessing.

Q: What inspired you to be so vocal about physique positivity on TikTok and how discontinue you hope to electrify your followers?

Rexha: What inspired me is an overwhelming sense of negativity, no longer only from of us on the web however from myself. Every person has a yarn. Every person has struggles. Every person’s going thru something we plan no longer know about. What’s the point of creating yourself no doubt feel substandard and making others no doubt feel substandard? To me, that’s correct a extinguish of life, and we only delight in one life to dwell, so we might perchance as nicely dwell it and abilities what we’ve within the moment.

Q: Normally you are going to acknowledge to someone who leaves a negative statement about your physique, like you potentially did in a single TikTok about the shaded circles under your eyes. How discontinue you bewitch when to acknowledge to negativity and when to let it scuttle?

Rexha: It’s if truth be told continuously greater to let it scuttle and no longer let it affect you, however I’m human, and it be onerous for me to help my tongue to myself. Normally I discontinue like a appropriate “(expletive) you, wait on off” statement, however it no doubt no doubt does no longer scuttle anywhere. With that statement, I correct responded with a video asserting, “I mediate (my shaded circles) are sparkling, they in most cases’re a segment of me.” I mediate when of us gaze that they scuttle, “Oh my God, she sees this statement. It’s segment of who she is, and he or she is unapologetic about it.” That is what I mediate we must believe more of.

Q: What can the entertainment industry, and particularly the tune industry, discontinue to be more physique obvious?

Rexha: Appropriate delight in a just time and push artists of all shapes, sizes, colours — every get of background. This is why I mediate it be no doubt cool that we’ve the wave of Ok-Pop coming into the US. Nonetheless it be about gatekeepers no doubt opening the doorways, no longer correct because something is a sizzling model of the moment. Of us no doubt must believe all of us dangle and no longer correct artists of the same mold, because that’s, no 1, unhealthy, and, amount two, it be correct no longer exact. Of us settle on exact.

‘Let’s normalize 165 pounds’: Bebe Rexha promotes physique positivity in viral TikTok video

Q: Attain you delight in any tune plans you are going to be in a field to tease on your followers?

Rexha: I’ve if truth be told correct been touring plenty and engaged on various assorted artist’s projects. It’s all correct writing. I’ve correct been making an are trying to get wait on into my roots and doing what I like and why I got into this industry. And to me, I’m correct writing to fetch my like for it. I scuttle wait on to my fundamentals correct now.

Q: Any probability we will gaze you on the big conceal all over again?

Rexha: If the suitable script, the suitable role, comes my manner, and I no doubt feel like I’m aligned with it, I’m so down.

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