Biden’s AMERICA! Take a look at out all of that social justice taking space at a Neiman Marcus in San Francisco (video)

Nothing to scrutinize right here.

Correct a bunch of thugs (and sorry but they are thugs) openly stealing plenty of thousand dollars value of purses from a Neiman Marcus in San Francisco in gigantic daylight hours.

We inform at this point it’s sadly something San Franciscans comprise come to interrogate of their metropolis.

On every day foundation.

Spy this madness:

SFPD confirms this shoplifting incident at Neiman Marcus in Union Square at about 5: 49 pm.

A man I spoke w/tonite says his companion works in home, saw it happen & despatched me this video which is circulating online.

Purses at Palo Alto NM were also stolen in a identical type in Can also simply

— Dion Lim (@DionLimTV) July 6, 2021

‘They didn’t attain the relaxation to end them.’

Effectively clearly now not, that will were RACIST.

And illustrated their white privilege.

Or something.

Hi there, now not now not as a lot as the shoplifters were masked, appropriate? Security first!

The actual person that took this video works nearby.

He saw two suspects fling in and instantly shut and locked the doors of the retailer he works at. He informed me he then saw 8 extra fling in.

He says this came about to his retailer in the past it’s “traumatizing” to him & his colleagues.

— Dion Lim (@DionLimTV) July 6, 2021

And San Fan does nothing to end it.

We’re reminded of the thread from a San Franciscan moderate Democratic girl who is able to leave the metropolis; she even acknowledged she is starting up to really feel crimson-pilled.

A girl who has shopped the handbag department at NM for a truly long time informed me a gross sales affiliate had to walk potentialities to the relief– in expose to defend them safe from the smashed glass from handbag existing cases.

— Dion Lim (@DionLimTV) July 6, 2021

But , social justice and stuff!

But hello they’re all wearing masks. Security first, California!

— Lili von Shtupp (@LvS_Redux) July 6, 2021

Wake the fck up, americans. Here is going down on a every day foundation because our unfavorable native stage politicians and DAs are now not prosecuting these asshats.

They are the use of the doc whistle of “racism” to give a pass to these who are breaking the rattling legislation. Salvage them out of place of industrial STAT.

— 🥃☠️Emersen”Freedom is everything🙌🏼🇺🇸” Lee☠️🥃 (@EmersenLee) July 6, 2021

Sorry, but we won’t peek this grift anytime soon. There’s astronomical money in the flow telling young Gloomy Americans that The usa is defective and that white americans are their enemy on legend of social justice and stuff.

What a elegant metropolis.

— Pradheep J. Shanker (@Neoavatara) July 6, 2021

Clearly the work of white supremacists.

— RBe (@RBPundit) July 6, 2021


When cities fancy San Francisco end up going by plan of the penalties for becoming vessels for the Spirit of the Age…

— Steve Deace (@SteveDeaceShow) July 6, 2021

Correct one other day in the metropolis by the bay

— Jon Najarian (@jonnajarian) July 6, 2021

Sadly, all too appropriate.


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