Billie Eilish Protests Texas Abortion Regulation at Austin Metropolis Limits 2021: ‘My Body, My F—ing Desire’

“But then I remembered that it be you guys that are the f—ing victims, and you deserve all the pieces on this planet. And we desire to enlighten them to shut the f— up,” she urged the crew, reportedly placing up her center finger.

“My body, my f—ing preference!” Eilish, who infamous her first arena show in over a year ethical a couple weeks ago, shouted. She urged the ACL crowd to hitch her.

Eilish gave the affect very chuffed to bear performed at Austin Metropolis Limits in the end: “final night become once f—ing crazy. one in all my favorites,” she commented on Instagram, the assign aside she posted a sequence of photos from her region on Sunday.

Barbra Streisand, P!nk and St. Vincent are among different artists who bear criticized the brand new Texas law.

“Have we gone backwards in time?” Streisand requested. “Is no longer truly it attention-grabbing how placing on a conceal is ‘violating their body’ nonetheless abortion rights is no longer?”

Look Eilish discuss out towards Texas’ abortion law within the clip below.

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