BlockFi vs. Linus: Is the Price vs. Convenience Alternate Price It?

Ought to you’re drawn to the pretty passive profits that can reach with crypto interest accounts, BlockFi vs. Linus makes for an very honest appropriate comparability. 

Linus is a relative newcomer and BlockFi is one among the most prominent players in the interest earn 22 situation. Every firm has a somewhat about a establish of professionals and cons that charm to somewhat about a forms of customers.

BlockFi is a ancient cryptocurrency interest story provider. You deposit BTC, ETH, USDC, or other digital sources, and perform interest paid in-form. 

Linus, alternatively, very most sensible permits customers to deposit fiat (USD) and perform in fiat; it affords its customers gain entry to to crypto interest-incomes alternatives with out shopping for or keeping any crypto.

It’s price noting that crypto interest accounts are in incompatibility to financial savings accounts; they pose authentic risks a lot like no longer being FDIC insured. This review will cover the fine facts of both corporations and give you the total info it’s worthwhile to capture whether BlockFi or Linus is more healthy for you.

BlockFi vs Linus: Key Files





BlockFi Assessment

Linus Assessment (Added rapidly!)

Situation Form

Cryptocurrency Curiosity Story + Long-established Alternate

Blockchain-essentially based excessive yield financial savings story

Newbie Friendly



Cell App


In pattern

Protect shut/Deposit Formulation

ACH, Wire Transfers, Crypto Deposits

Checking story transfer or debit card

Promote/Withdrawal Formulation

External Crypto Wallet, Financial institution Story

Checking story transfer

On hand Cryptocurrencies

Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Link + Stablecoins


Firm Launch




Jersey City, NJ, USA

Brooklyn, NY, USA

Neighborhood Belief


Accrued constructing




Buyer Strengthen



Verification Required







Search recommendation from BlockFi

Search recommendation from Linus

Firm Bios: How Assemble BlockFi and Linus Compare?

BlockFi used to be launched in 2017 by Zac Prince and Flori Marquez. The firm has obtained investments from mountainous names adore SoFi, Winklevoss Capital, Pomp Investments, and ConsenSys Ventures.

BlockFi currently has spherical 225,000 customers with $15 billion sources below management. The firm obtained a $3 billion valuation when it performed its last spherical of funding, which took earn 22 situation in March 2021.

Linus is peaceful a beautiful new firm. It performed a public beta and is currently making ready for a plump open. Linus used to be based in 2019 by Matt Nemer and Matt Hamilton. Nemer beforehand worked at BTC Inc, whereas Hamilton beforehand worked at IBM.

The firm doesn’t currently beget any merchants. It’s peaceful in the pre-seed section of its state and hasn’t disclosed how many participants participated in its public beta.

Characteristic #1: Crypto Curiosity Rates: BlockFi vs. Linus APY?

We’ve to delivery this portion by announcing that Linus doesn’t offer interest in crypto. Its focal level is to give customers who don’t are seeking to clutch and withhold crypto gain entry to to crypto-essentially based interest-incomes alternatives. In its establish, Linus supplies its customers a tiered APY structure on their USD. Below, we’ve equipped BlockFi’s crypto APY and Linus’ tiered APY charges.


BlockFi uses a tiered interest-price machine for Bitcoin, by which the APY you perform is depending on how many bitcoin you store with the firm.

The firm’s latest charges are:

  • 5% APY for 0 to 0.5 BTC
  • 2% APY for 0.5 to 20 BTC
  • 0.5% APY for 20+ BTC


BlockFi uses the same tiered-essentially based device for the Ethereum APYs that it supplies. The firm’s customers are currently incomes the following interest charges on ETH:

  • 4.5% APY for 0 to 15 ETH
  • 2% APY for 15 to 1,000 ETH
  • 0.5% APY for 1,000+ ETH


BlockFi’s splendid charges are reserved for stablecoins. The firm supplies 8.6% APY on PAX, BUSD, GUSD, and USDC. It affords 9.3% APY on USDT.


BlockFi also supplies interest on about a altcoins. Shall we embrace, customers can perform 5.5% APY on their LTC and 4.5% on their LINK.

Linus APY Building

  • 4.0% APY for $1.00 to $2,499.99
  • 4.25% APY for $2,500 to $9,99.99 
  • 4.50% APY for $10,000+ 

How Assemble BlockFi and Linus Make Money?


BlockFi makes its money the same manner most ancient banks attain: it supplies customers decrease interest charges on their crypto than what it will get for lending it out.

Shall we embrace, BlockFi supplies up to eight.6% APY on greenback-pegged stablecoins. But customers who want a USD mortgage from the firm must earn an interest price of 9.75%.

A user’s mortgage is backed by the market price of the crypto that they’ve deposited into their BlockFi story. On account of this reality, customers must withhold no decrease than a 50% mortgage-to-price (LTV) ratio to retain their smartly-known loans in sparkling standing.

BlockFi stablecoin interest account

BlockFi stablecoin interest story

Shall we embrace, a user who takes out a $10,000 mortgage with BlockFi desires to retain $20,000 of crypto of their story to withhold the mortgage. If the entire price of the user’s crypto drops beneath this level and so that they don’t deposit more, BlockFi will liquidate their holdings to pay support the mortgage.

Crypto is an exceptionally unstable asset class; one would most continuously are seeking to withhold an LTV of important higher than 50% to be on the steady aspect. On the other hand, cutting it too shut might perchance well also set you into a enlighten where you’re forced to liquidate your holdings all the very most sensible device thru a momentary market dip.


Linus makes its money in essentially the same manner. The firm’s customers are given a establish interest price on the money that they deposit into their accounts (above). Any extra APY that Linus can gain by providing liquidity in crypto protocols goes into its pockets.


Linus interest charges over time

Linus takes its customers’ greenback funds, converts them into USDC, after which areas these stablecoins into liquidity pools on the Ethereum community. Crypto holders can borrow from these pools by using their crypto as collateral and paying an interest price.

Providing liquidity in Ethereum natty contracts comes with authentic risks adore impermanent loss. 

Linus doesn’t present detailed info about its liquidity-providing practices or techniques to mitigate risk for its customers, but it undoubtedly hasn’t disclosed its risk management practices. 

Both BlockFi and Linus perform their interest in pretty identical techniques, but BlockFi pays higher charges and is more healthy established, so it wins on this category.

Characteristic #2: Payouts and Withdrawals

The crypto you deposit into a BlockFi story accrues interest day after day and pays interest monthly. In addition, customers gain one free crypto withdrawal and one free stablecoin withdrawal every month. Extra withdrawals incur a price.

The money you deposit into a Linus story accrues interest repeatedly and updates your story dashboard every six hours. Customers are free to withdraw their funds and the interest that they’ve earned anytime they need, with none charges.

Linus affords a bigger customer abilities on this regard.

Characteristic #3: Security

BlockFi supplies about a very honest appropriate safety aspects for its customers. The firm stores 95% of its funds in frigid storage wallets managed by its guardian firm, the Gemini Belief Firm. Gemini is SOC certified by Deloitte.

BlockFi also supplies about a safety aspects to give protection to customers from hacks. Shall we embrace, it helps 2-component authentication and permits customers to whitelist explicit cryptocurrency addresses. These whitelisted addresses turn out to be the very most sensible addresses that customers can withdraw their tokens to until they battle thru an extensive verification project so that you just can add a brand new one.

Linus, as a total, is peaceful a piece in growth and the firm’s safety provisions replicate this. Love BlockFi, the firm helps 2-component authentication.

Linus claims that its customers’ funds are backed by digital asset collateral and supported by third-birthday party insurance protection, which supposedly protects against hacks, theft, and loss of funds. Unfortunately, it doesn’t offer any detailed info on the very most sensible device it accomplishes this.

Characteristic #4: Promos and Bonuses

BlockFi and Linus both offer bonuses – BlockFi supplies a tiered bonus to new customers, and Linus supplies a referral bonus.

BlockFi Bonuses

  • $15 for deposit totalling $100 to $1,499 
  • $20 for deposit totalling $1,500 to $19,999 
  • $40 for deposit totalling $20,000 to $39,999 
  • $75 for deposit totalling $40,000 to $74,999 
  • $100 for deposit totalling $75,000 to $99,999 
  • $250 for deposit totalling $100,000+ 

Signal in with this link to claim BlockFi’s bonus.

Linus Bonuses

From April to June 2021, all Linus customers can perform a $20 bonus for making referrals. For customers to receive this bonus, the referee must gain a deposit totaling $100 or more with a link adore this– Signal in for Linus.

Characteristic #5: Ease of Employ

Both BlockFi and Linus are truly uncomplicated to use. Every carrier lets you deposit to your story with fiat from any other checking story or a debit card. 

Even as you happen to deposit fiat into your BlockFi story, it’ll robotically convert into GUSD and delivery incomes an interest price of 8.6% APY.

BlockFi has a cell app whereas Linus doesn’t, so it might perchance well well also very effectively be a bigger resolution for folks that capture to position up their funds on the poke. 

But, with Linus, you don’t must contend with fiat-to-crypto conversions or defend any crypto at all. On account of that, it’s likely a much less complex different for folks which might perchance well be new to crypto.

Linus wins on the benefit front– half the work, but also half the charges. 

Standout Parts

BlockFi plans to open an interest-incomes cryptocurrency credit ranking card in the reach future. It’ll enable customers to perform 1.5% interest, paid in Bitcoin, on every defend they gain.

Linus is peaceful very barebones since it hasn’t formally been launched to the public yet. On the other hand, one might perchance well also put in mind the carrier itself a standout since Linus is one among the few corporations that affords customers gain entry to to crypto-backed yield alternatives with out owning any crypto.

The Court docket of Public Opinion: BlockFi vs. Linus Reddit

Most Redditors discussing crypto interest accounts have a tendency to adore BlockFi, and there might be minimal dialog about Linus. 

These that attain have a tendency to criticize the firm, as self-assumed skilled merchants, bash the Linus 4.5% APY, claiming they’ll gain more APY by providing their very hang liquidity on Ethereum whereas peaceful taking roughly an same quantity of risk.

On the other hand, these threads are likely created by skilled cryptocurrency fans with dabblings in DeFi merchandise. Linus isn’t made for that rotten of customers. In its establish, it’s intended for folks who’re seeking to gain higher APY on their fiat no longer straight by having access to DeFi and cryptocurrency incomes merchandise with out having to determine the vogue to achieve all the pieces themselves.

Buyer Strengthen

You potentially might perchance gain solutions to usual questions about BlockFi by visiting the firm’s FAQ page. BlockFi also has an AI-powered chatbot and reside mobile phone increase from 9: 30 AM – 5 PM ET Monday thru Friday.

Linus has an online FAQ page as effectively. The firm also has a web-based chat option on its web place and electronic mail increase accessible at [email protected].

Can You Belief BlockFi and Linus?

BlockFi is backed by about a of the splendid names in the cryptocurrency industry. In addition, it has earned stamps of acclaim for its safety practices from both Deloitte and the Current York Division of Financial Products and companies.

Linus also looks trustworthy, but we would adore more itsy-bitsy print on the very most sensible device it protects its customers’ funds from hacks, theft, and loss of funds with third-birthday party insurance. 

Linus is a more moderen firm and has yet to construct its reputation yet, which is comprehensible brooding about the plump version of its carrier hasn’t launched.

Linus did total a public beta program with out receiving any complaints about being a scam or shedding customers’ funds. Thus, the early outcomes are optimistic, but cautious customers might perchance well also merely are seeking to give the firm more time to establish itself old to entrusting it with its funds.

BlockFi vs. Linus: Which is the Larger Crypto Curiosity Story?

BlockFi is the upper crypto interest story whereas you’re having a gaze to perform interest on new cash adore BTC, ETH, and LTC since Linus doesn’t offer these products and companies.

The best staunch level of comparability for BlockFi vs. Linus is for folks which might perchance well be seeking to perform higher interest on their USD funds. Linus affords a more uncomplicated abilities for this, but BlockFi peaceful has it beat– it robotically converts USD into GUSD, which earns 8.6%. 

Linus very most sensible supplies 4.5% APY on USD

BlockFi has a cell app whereas Linus doesn’t.

On the other hand, Linus might perchance well also merely peaceful be the upper option for these customers that don’t need the concerns of owning any cryptocurrency and honest appropriate are seeking to deposit USD and receives a price in USD.

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