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It has been 13 months since we have now established our indie studio Charles Games. Our starter pack incorporated 45 000 USD in our legend, one award-profitable (but three-twelve months-frail) sport Attentat 1942, a humble place of work and a solid vision about the model of games we would prefer to originate. 

Since we predict about in the energy of sharing, we want to piece with you the plan in which issues went from there. Now we have benefited tremendously from many team resources (astronomical cry out to free GameDiscoverCo and How To Market A Sport newsletters by gorgeous Simon Carless and Chris Zukowski, respectively) and we want to win back the need. By sharing our lunge, our exchange results, and our advertising and marketing’s quirks, we hope we are in a position to support all the diversified indie devs available striving to prevail.

So welcome to the first installment of a tiny sequence of exchange recaps.

To be simply, by the numbers on my own, we’re no longer there yet. We soundless wish to originate some sacrifices to continue to exist, but it no doubt’s a promising beginning. That talked about, we don’t claim any expertise and we are for sure no longer a conventional indie sport studio, so hold that in mind. Indie sport pattern is soundless a volatile endeavor, even must you are no longer making an FMV lunge about horrors of World War 2 like us.

We’re convinced that sharing data might well support diversified developers e-book their expectations. In this sequence, we can focus on about choices that helped us to continue to exist the first twelve months. How we managed to resurrect our older title, diversified our portfolio and dive a dinky bit into the approach of collecting resources for our next astronomical title. So let’s poke.

From academia to sport exchange

Before we win to the App Shops, Steams and all the exchange graphs, we must region the stage. Charles Games was as soon as officially basically based on 24th January 2020. Founders of the firm have been all lecturers from Charles College taking care of sport pattern or sport review applications. We developed a pair of tasks together, but even supposing academia is a good space for experimental pattern, doing exchange there can win a dinky bit complex.

To illustrate, as soon as we determined to win our Steam legend at the college to promote our games, we had to offer the founding documents of our firm. For a customary firm, that is no longer a fancy requirement. For us it meant that we had to ship almost 700 years frail founding documents written in Latin. You might well perhaps perhaps perhaps place confidence in the confusion this introduced on.

So we determined to pitch a bulletproof thought on the approach to assign our own firm to the college. We deliberate out the approach to win to the backside of the rights to our games and what the true possession structure would ogle like. Then our unusual restricted prison responsibility firm was as soon as born. It wasn’t as soft as that, but let’s leave it right here – as right here’s when the true exchange begins!

The epic of Attentat 1942 

As a exchange, we had to interrupt even and originate earnings. With 45 000 USD as a beginning capital, we entered the scene with one sport already launched. Attentat 1942 came out at the cease of 2017. It’s an FMV lunge sport about bravery, fancy and true reviews at some stage in World War 2, which we made with authentic historians. The sport was as soon as smartly bought. As of now, our Metacritic rating is 75, user rating 7.5, our Steam opinions Very certain and we’ve won 9 awards – Sport of the Year in Czech Republic, ended up in finals of IGF, won A MAZE, Games for Substitute and others. 

This all came about before Charles Games have been born. 

Despite being a tiny studio with a pretty tiny sport, we bought unprecedented protection at some stage in the gaming world, Czech scene and from mainstream magazines (like The Washington Post) as smartly. You might well perhaps perhaps guess that all these awards and the associated publicity would transform into mountainous peaks in gross sales. Well, no longer genuinely. When we seemed back for this article, we stumbled on out that we sold the an analogous series of copies in our first twelve months as Charles Games as we did at some stage in the first three years of Attentat’s existence.

So let’s beginning with what exchange of us just like the most – numbers. Regain this chart as a teaser for a long way extra detailed data extra underneath:

So right here’s most ceaselessly a fable of how this came to be. In January 2020, we seemed over our wishlists (5-digit number) and blended with our energy we felt the game soundless had (and soundless has) a doable to generate income. 


Resurrection of three-twelve months-frail sport

We predict about that Attentat 1942 can attract everyone with a fair true a miniature interest in historic previous and/or complex reviews. But fact to be told, competing with all the diversified games available is demanding. Despite our frequent presence in media, back then, our gross sales have been stagnant, lingering spherical true about a gross sales per day.  

Since our firm has had entirely about a financial resources first and predominant, our indispensable operate was as soon as to lift our income tremendously with out a astronomical ads budget. Listed below are our takeaways.

Lesson 1: Even tiny issues might well support

The main and the most much less dear thing to enact was as soon as to edit our advertising and marketing affords – Steam web page and web tell. There are two parts to Attentat 1942’s unfamiliar visual model. We consume are residing video photos so we have now plenty of affords with our charismatic actors, but our interactive comics are hand drawn by unprecedented Czech graphic artists. In the previous, we crafted our identity spherical droll parts as we notion these hand-drawn affords can be extra exquisite for gamers and that they’ll ogle extra like conventional games they play. 

But in the Charles Games generation we determined to give our advertising and marketing a makeover and switch to particular video identity. No matter the entirety, most of your time in Attentat 1942 is spent talking to witnesses.

We also sophisticated our Steam tags a pair of conditions. The profitable region of tags (in spite of the entirety for us) appears to be like to be one which is no longer openly particular (except your sport is associated genuinely to a tiny arena of interest that has a astronomical buying energy) but also no longer too customary so that you fall into beside the purpose searches and suggestions.

And the leisure thing in Attentat 1942’s presentation that we altered in elaborate to support our discoverability was as soon as to advertise our awards and media protection extra. Previously, even supposing we have been bowled over and tremendous contented for every reward our sport bought, we notion (perhaps in a most ceaselessly Czech spirit) that bragging too powerful is unhealthy. That was as soon as a mistake. Even supposing it might well perhaps ogle smug in the beginning explore, itemizing your awards, opinions and certain feedback legitimizes your sport. Letting somebody else and depended on focus on about your sport’s strengths is significant. Appropriate now, we’re bearing in mind of even making an accolades trailer, inspired by the unprecedented work of of us over at Ninja Principle. 

After polishing issues up like that, we saw an lift in the series of copies sold on a typical basis almost at as soon as. And a dinky bit hint: Are attempting to ogle on your presentation during the optic of somebody who doesn’t know you in any admire. Likes (though precious!) from diversified devs and of us that already know you aren’t the entirety. No matter the entirety, natural Steam searches originate up a astronomical a part of our sale conversions.

Lesson 2: Better investments should be calculated

Originally we needed to free up our second sport Svoboda 1945: Liberation in 2020. But even supposing we have been willing to focal point all our consideration to a brand fresh title, we determined to originate a “tiny” detour – to rebuild Attentat 1942 from scratch, switching from Adobe Flash to Team spirit. In the sunshine of Flash’s recent loss of life, searching back a right name. 

But how powerful effort and your time can you make investments into your epic-pushed sport three years after its free up so that it is soundless value it? Before you desire out to brush aside this step as nonsense and a damage of cash, hear us out.

Practically 8 years ago when the likelihood to poke with Flash was as soon as made at some stage in our vertical slash pattern, it was as soon as age-applicable. We built our customized engine packed with plenty of good functions and Flash was as soon as very versatile. Well, no longer so powerful in 2020. Attributable to dying strengthen and technical restrictions of Flash porting to iOS now no longer that it is seemingly you’ll place confidence in for us. And the prolonged bustle didn’t ogle colorful.

You might well perhaps perhaps perhaps read extra about the porting course of in our earlier devblog. Since then, we built plenty of tools (a toolkit now called Charles Engine FMV) designed to win games identical to Attentat in the most straightforward and efficient plan. These tools have been superb for our next sport Svoboda 1945: Liberation as smartly. Aside from iOS customers, the consume of Team spirit also opened the door for future ports to diversified platforms as smartly as improved graphics and efficiency. In the sunshine of all that, the initial investment wasn’t that wide. 

The fresh tech also enabled us to withhold the project alive for longer. Just lately, we updated it for 4K in each place and are bearing in mind about adding controller strengthen. And resulting from Team spirit, our programmers are now porting the game to Nintendo Change. Advertising and marketing and marketing-wise, it’s cool to have a sport that is most ceaselessly updated, polished and no longer gathering grime. Avid gamers spy and revel in that.

We timed the free up of this exchange to the Spring 2020 and blended it with a Steam visibility spherical and a personalized sale. Coupled with the advertising and marketing refinements from lesson 1, the results exceeded our expectations. 

We also started constructing narratives in our advertising and marketing. So moderately than Definitive edition, we called it the Remembrance Update to design consideration to the historic vibe of our sport. In space of customary gross sales, we enact “Historical previous in Point of interest” gross sales and alike. Every a part of your sport’s utter is significant! What it is seemingly you’ll spy from the next table is that customized gross sales are powerful extra crucial to our revenues than frequent Steam gross sales. With the exception of Autumn Sale (33% reduce value) and the first Customized sale in March, our discounts have been continuously region between 50-54 %. The mountainous spike came about resulting from the initiative of Czech Games Developer Affiliation organizing a Czech and Slovak Games week on Steam, which tremendously helped our gross sales

In every dialogue, there was as soon as continuously somebody asking us whether the game can be on hand on Linux. With Flash, that was as soon as no longer that it is seemingly you’ll place confidence in. But since we switched to Team spirit, we have been willing to purchase a explore at it. A number of weeks after the Remembrance exchange, we followed the campaign with our Linux port. We sent spy to associated media and forums and again, supported the match with a sale, this time on Humble Retailer.

To be simply, the difficulty to port our sport natively to Linux was as soon as no longer so astronomical and the team was as soon as very supportive. The extent of enthusiasm you win from devoted Linux gamers is overwhelming, with gamers buying as an illustration two copies straight away true to permit them to bolster your efforts in taking Linux as a platform critically.

Right here’s a breakdown of which desktop platforms Attentat 1942 is bustle on Steam and Humble (DRM free). It is miles needed to point out that our gross sales on Humble Retailer are approx. 20x smaller than on Steam.

We made the money back moderately rapid and now the resources invested into the Team spirit switch have been slowly paying off. And that was as soon as at a level where we haven’t even started engaged on our cell ports.

Attributable to this fact, next lesson!

Lesson 3 – Lengthy tail wants work, but is value it for balance

Our sport has for sure a prolonged tail. In 2020 we have now sold extra copies of our sport than any twelve months before blended. Attentat 1942 is it appears to be like form of a slack-burner, no longer a sport that can win all the hype and servers will fracture. But with some strengthen and updates, it is soundless reaching very cheap results. Its theory and structure is unfamiliar, so we guess that we are going to be in a plot to pay off all the extra investments into the game in revenues, and up to now it is working.

The sport hasn’t sold hundreds of hundreds of copies (yet?). Sales are totaling smartly above hundreds on all platforms. Caring for our sport helped us to reach 5-digit USD revenues three years after the free up on Steam on my own.  It presents us with an on a typical basis circulate of cash that is no longer fluctuating wildly. And since indie gaming is no longer the most a long way off from exchange fields, we are grateful.  

We desire that one of many explanation why fresh gamers withhold on discovering us is the indisputable fact that we soundless have plenty of wishlists. About a of these of us are activated by every sale. So even supposing the game has been in about a gross sales at extra than 50% off, we soundless have a 5-digit series of wishlisted. In truth, we are four conditions extra profitable concerning the series of recent wishlists this twelve months than at some stage in the earlier one. Nevertheless, we are in a plot to remodel most real looking seemingly one quarter of them to purchases. We can be joyful to listen to any pointers or recommendation on the approach to work with them diversified than extend our discounts.  

We can be joyful when it is seemingly you’ll even have any insights to piece!

So our exchange is much less about immediate income. Extra gamers imply extra opinions, extra that it is seemingly you’ll place confidence in observe-of-mouth/social media mentions and extra wishlist for our upcoming games.

In converse that’s a wrap for part 1

Our studio is obviously very tiny. It was as soon as created by three founders who’re at the second being form of a jacks of all trades in all tasks investing mostly their own time. But Charles Games might well no longer operate with out the leisure of our proficient team. Now we have one fleshy-time programmer and one part-time programmer, one part-time marketer/developer and two part-time graphics. The consume of simple math, it’s obvious that one sport, the scale of Attentat 1942 can no longer originate clear the soundness and security for all our developers. 

So In elaborate for you to clutch how we diversified our portfolio and incomes to continue to exist the first twelve months, stay up for our next installment coming in the next weeks. We can deal with cell ports and diversified ways we build exchange balance. 

At the same time as you don’t wanna leave out it, withhold in mind following us both on Twitter, DiscordTikTok, Instagram or Facebook!

Co-written by co-founder and Chief Product Officer of Charles Games Lukas Kolek, advertising and marketing man Ondrej Trhon with proofreading by our programmer and Charles Engine FMV creator Ondrej Paska.


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