Can Mass Typical Brigham Diversify Its Community of Innovators?

November 16, 2021

In November 2019, Mass Typical Brigham (MGB) was the biggest recipient of National Institutes of Smartly being funding in the field. The Innovation Workplace, led by Chief Innovation Officer Chris Coburn, sought to capitalize on that funding – with the goal of commercializing study accomplished on the properly being facility to generate earnings and inspire patient care. But CEO Anne Klibanski and other key stakeholders had a necessary anxiousness: though females comprised roughly 40 p.c of the medical researchers and physicians at MGB, the proportion of females participating in innovation actions lagged leisurely.

Harvard Industry College affiliate professor Katie Coffman, Coburn, and MGB’s managing director of administration and technique Diana Schwartzstein discuss how they labored to title the most predominant sources of the disparities and obtain the good technique to construct better and diversify MGB’s community of innovators in the case, “Inclusive Innovation at Mass Typical Brigham.”

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