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Celestron Astro Fi 130 telescope: Full review

Our Verdict

The Celestron Astro Fi 130 is a elegant mixture of novel telescope technology and lawful optical prowess at a stamp that might perhaps perhaps objective now no longer smash the bank. A telescope that’s lawful for those eager to procure their first steps into astronomy but are doubtful of the put to begin, this reflector serves as a digital manual to the night time sky. The equipped eyepieces are of low quality and the battery lets the telescope down, but every might perhaps perhaps objective also be rectified with upgrades.


  • Perfect for low budgets
  • Huge entry-stage telescope
  • Vixen dovetail for mount changes
  • Transportable
  • Computer recommends targets
  • Finds targets at touch of button


  • Eyepieces restrict observations
  • Focuser of low quality
  • Battery drains mercurial
  • Useless with out app

The Celestron Astro Fi 130 belongs to a line up of instruments that are fairly novel within the marketplace. Perfect for inexperienced persons captivated with touring the night time sky but are doubtful of the put to begin, the Astro Fi sequence makes employ of doubtlessly the most novel Wi-Fi technology that permits users to manipulate the in-built computer with their smartphone or tablet the utilization of the free Celestron SkyPortal. 

The Astro Fi 130 employs a really “hands-free” ride with out the necessity for a hand occupy watch over — something that’s certain to pride users and impact navigation the entire more fun. Some might perhaps perhaps objective omit the touchpad that’s equipped with most computerized telescopes, but we’ve to converse that the Astro Fi doesn’t suffer with out it. 

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Celestron Astro Fi 130 key specs

Optical assassinate: Newtonian reflector

Aperture: 5.19″ (130 mm)

Focal length: 25.59″ (650 mm)

Focal ratio: f/5

Eyepiece 1 focal length: 25 mm (26x)

Eyepiece 2 focal length: 10 mm (65x)

Total equipment weight: 18 lbs. (8.16 kg)

Mount form: Computerized altitude-azimuth single fork 

Celestron Astro Fi 130: Originate

  • Very sturdy accomplish with effectively constructed tube and tripod 
  • Transportable and gentle-weight for on-the-dawdle observations
  • Makes employ of a lawful parabolic predominant replicate    

The Astro Fi 130 is made with kids of 13 years of age or older in suggestions and we’re tickled to check that — once entirely assembled — it affords a ultimate quantity of portability. The overall accomplish is ultimate for the worth and for a telescope of its form: the tube is of lawful construction, while the aluminum tripod is sturdy and does the job, supporting the entire setup with out ache as a complete. This Newtonian reflector — comparable to the more than just a few devices within the sequence — is equipped with Kellner 10mm and 25mm eyepieces, providing magnifications of 65x and 26x respectively — and a red dot finder. 

The eyepieces are ample to get a beginner started in astronomy, but with the Astro Fi 130 being a “snappy” telescope, we suggest procuring some mid-vary Plössl eyepieces to make certain that that the instrument is entirely outfitted for a vary of targets — whether you procure staring at solar draw objects or deep-sky gems comparable to nebulas and galaxies. Speedy telescopes bask in this one contain short focal lengths that provide wider views of the night time sky, providing you with a lower magnification for any given eyepiece over “slower” instruments. The optical draw employs a predominant replicate with a parabolic shape.

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Celestron SkyPortal app for Celestron Astro Fi 130

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Celestron Astro Fi 130: Rupture of day and performance 

  • Makes employ of SkyAlign technology for straight forward alignment
  • Huge for lunar and planetary staring at, but some views are fuzzy
  • Battery drains mercurial in cool prerequisites

The very certain, darkish skies of November offered a chic sequence of night time-sky targets to check the Astro Fi 130’s mettle. The 2d planet from the sun, Venus, shone at a brilliant magnitude of -5.1 and had reached ideal elongation east, making it a elegant target alongside Mars, which was once easy to put with the reflector’s 5.19-recede aperture at a subtler +0.5 magnitude. 

The Astro Fi makes employ of SkyAlign technology for straight forward alignment. Aligning your instrument earlier than you begin up observations is crucial, since it unearths your orientation relative to the night time sky to the telescope’s draw. With this data, the Astro Fi is then in a put to slew to your required night time sky target. 

Marrying up our smartphone with the telescope’s Wi-Fi was once, as expected, fairly intuitive. The Celestron SkyAlign technology made aligning the telescope painless as we selected three brilliant stars to support with the plot. The implausible thing in regards to the setup is that you have not got to grab something else in regards to the night time sky to ride it, but it does additionally attend as a instrument in studying your scheme all the scheme in which throughout the heavens — we suggest that you procure in to boot-known data in regards to the objects you is seemingly to be viewing as seemingly, especially within the event you or your household are captivated with a extreme stargazing passion. Whenever you is seemingly to be doubtful of what to search in your first night time, then the Celestron SkyPortal app recommends objects for you — a feature that might be severely essential to beginner astronomers. Nevertheless, it’s worth noting that, while SkyPortal boasts a catalog of hundreds of hundreds of targets, the Astro Fi 130 would no longer contain the optical capabilities to rob out all of them.

On evenings that are especially cool, battery energy might perhaps perhaps objective also be drained mercurial and “motorized” telescopes can war — that’s something we stumbled on with the Astro Fi 130 under severely frigid prerequisites. We propose procuring a 12V rechargeable battery, especially since there is now no longer if fact be told any various possibility: the Astro Fi is unable to feature with out the app; manually slewing the telescope is now no longer seemingly and it must contain a provide of energy in show to feature entirely. Sadly this renders the telescope ineffective ought to the Wi-Fi facility cease to feature at any given time. Nevertheless, no subject the flaw, we’re tickled to check that the tube itself might perhaps perhaps objective also be added to one more mount, offered it makes employ of a Vixen dovetail attachment, within the event you procure to swap between handbook and computerized slewing of the instrument. 

Celestron Astro Fi 130 WiFi

(Image credit ranking: Celestron)

Views of the moon are lawful throughout the Astro Fi but were now no longer vastly crisp. For a beginner telescope though, this is no longer always too well-known of a enviornment for the explanation that optics offered ample magnification of the cratered terrain. We observed our pure satellite in its waning gibbous piece, the put the terminator gave enthralling sights of a sequence of craters and rilles, performed up by the daytime hitting the rugged lunar ground. 

No subject gentle pollution from the moon, the Astro Fi was once calm in a put to rob out nearby Venus and Mars with ease. Views of the planets were as expected given the optical vary — dinky but rather blurry within the field of search. Slowly turning the focuser, we were in a put to raise a slightly of clarity to our search; Mars’ salmon pink disk in instruct confirmed up effectively, with a Martian pole cap discernible in our field of search.

The focuser is no longer always manufactured for beautiful-tuning, and we were left with views that jumped between staring at extremes — something to contain in suggestions when getting the fully sights of your chosen target. As soon as suggested, the Astro Fi took us to the constellation of Andromeda the put we observed its galaxy Messier 31, known rather more merely because the Andromeda Galaxy — a nice sight that correct bought higher and higher and considered as a faint smudge with a beautiful bulge at the heart.

Celestron Astro Fi 130: Verdict

At an exceptionally low stamp, the Astro Fi is a lawful telescope that boasts slicing-edge technology and a lawful quantity of give a boost to for those correct starting up out within the fervour of astronomy. The telescope is transportable, which makes it lawful as a “exclaim and dawdle” scope, but we suggest taking a legit 12V energy provide with you given the battery’s tendency to lose rate in cool prerequisites. 

Geared up with eyepieces, a red dot finder and a sturdy tripod, all the pieces you need in your staring at sessions are included within the equipment, alternatively, we suggest upgrading several of the accessories to get optimum outcomes from the telescope’s optical draw. Picture voltaic draw views might perhaps perhaps objective also be rather blurred within the event you push previous the telescope’s capabilities, but — total — we’re impressed with the staring at prowess of the Astro Fi 130.

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