CEO OZC Wise Chain: The world wants Blockchain however it completely must be good and provide protection to the environment

Moscow, Russia, 10 July 2021, ZEXPRWIRE“Initiatives and applications that must project a total bunch of hundreds of transactions per 2nd can not yet discover Blockchain. Present Blockchain platforms consume too critical energy, affecting the environment. OZC Wise Chain used to be born to beat the above disadvantages of Blockchain”- Mr.Alex Morozov – Co-Founder & CEO mentioned.

After bigger than a decade of establishing, Blockchain technology has confirmed the sector its prominent advantages when applied in areas comparable to: transparency, excessive security, decentralization, and so on. Then over again, Blockchain platforms at this time appreciate too many issues that must be solved, which creates a big barrier when applied in put collectively.

Present issues and alternate suggestions of OZC Wise Chain

Within the indicate time, quite rather a lot of Blockchain platforms are the utilization of consensus algorithms that appreciate many weaknesses, comparable to:

  • The means to project transactions is just too small: Bitcoin completely 7 transactions/sec, Ethereum 15 transactions/sec, Cardano 250 transactions/sec, and so on usually overload the transaction machine to boot to nearly not possible to seem at to fields that require higher transaction processing capabilities comparable to e-commerce, web marketing and marketing, and so on.
  • Unrealistic excessive transaction fees: from the difficulty of the means to project transactions being too small and the unreasonable transaction rate calculation mechanism, the transaction fees are excessive, establishing a big barrier for utility in industries with excessive transaction prices, gargantuan files and transactions processing volume, low-cost requirements.
  • The exercise of too many resources, tools, energy, and so on when put next with staunch wants is to test transactions and provide protection to the transparency, decentralization of the network. The costs incurred proper thru the operation are too critical, as much as tens of billions of greenbacks per yr, which are consumed without bringing any accurate benefits to the community and society.
  • As successfully as, the utilization of a gargantuan quantity of energy, at the side of the energy that turns into and emits CO2 gas, severely affects the environment.

OZC Wise Chain is a recent technology Blockchain platform the utilization of O-DPoS (Initiate – Delegated Proof of Stake) consensus algorithm, a consensus algorithm constructed and developed by the founding team of workers of OZC. With O-DPoS, the OZC machine will work with a central 21 Grasp Node cluster that connects to many completely different 21 Grasp Node clusters to manufacture a Grasp Node multilayer machine. These Grasp Node clusters manufacture a threaded multi-layer processing machine the same to the governance mechanism of a authorities with the next leap forward aspects:

  • Transaction processing ability of as much as 1,000,000 transactions per 2nd when reaching 10,000 energetic Grasp Node clusters.
  • Extraordinarily low transaction fees, nearly zero
  • Expend fewer resources comparable to: requires a median configuration instrument so to participate as a Grasp Node, the utilization of less electricity, and so on.
  • Environmental security is one in every of the highlights of OZC in phrases of low energy consumption, the utilization of a low enough resource to construct, characteristic and provide protection to the machine. Restrict pointless wastes generated admire newest Blockchain platforms.

OZC Founding Group

OZC used to be designed and developed by the first team of workers of larger than 30 superior engineers, experts within the discipline of blockchain who appreciate been engineers , developers in tech companies comparable to: Microsoft, IBM, Google, and so on  and the critical Blockchain platforms worldwide comparable to: Ethereum, Cardano, Tron, and so on.

OZC builds a team of workers and governance machine per a decentralized model, OZC constantly has a spread mechanism to map recent human resources to participate in operating and establishing. The central cluster of 21 Grasp Nodes is fashioned admire 21 CEOs who jointly characteristic OZC, making OZC unaffected by anybody or an organization, completely the traditional cost of OZC is the finest.

Introduce about the first CEO of OZC

Alex Morozov

Co-Founder & CEO

Mr. Alex Morozov used to be born in 1978, he graduated from Bauman University in Moscow with a level in Computer Science. He has labored as a technology building engineer for five years in Rusian Military. He can also be a senior engineer at Yandex, the largest search engine in Russia.

From 2014 to at the unique time, he has enthusiastic in research and building as an authority for IBM’s Blockchain initiatives, Telegram and quite rather a lot of Blockchain initiatives in Russia and worldwide.

With OZC, he is a pioneer in main the team of workers and community as the first of 21 CEOs to construct and characteristic OZC collectively.

Media Contact

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