Chael Sonnen explains why EPO became once his most in style drug of replacement: “It’s going to give you with more persistence”

Chael Sonnen, Conor McGregor

Worn UFC fighter Chael Sonnen outlined why EPO became once his most in style drug of replacement, asserting that “it’s going to give you with more persistence.”

Sonnen became once a plentiful superstar for the UFC within the early fragment of the 2010s but his occupation went downhill after he tested constructive for performance-improving medication on three occasions, which in the end resulted in the close of his occupation within the UFC. He completed off his occupation with a stint in Bellator, and ever since retiring in 2019, Sonnen has been incredibly open about his old employ of performance-improving medication at some level of his mixed martial arts occupation.

Talking on his YouTube channel, Sonnen spoke about PEDs forward of TJ Dillashaw’s return to the Octagon this Saturday at UFC Vegas 32. Dillashaw hasn’t fought in over two years since testing constructive for EPO, the identical substance that aged biking superstar Lance Armstrong tested constructive for. Essentially based totally on Sonnen, EPO became once his favourite drug at some level of his MMA occupation because it gave him higher cardio and the skill to push tougher in training.

“EPO, of all of the performance enhancers, I will expose you, inner most experience here. I’m an knowledgeable in performance enhancers — for all of the scoot reasons — but an knowledgeable nonetheless. EPO, with out ask, is my favourite,” Chael Sonnen said (h/t “I felt I’ve taken all the pieces. I’ve long past into GNC’s or smartly being stores and tried all the pieces on the shelf on the off chance that one thing would work — and it doesn’t. They’re all junk. None of that stuff wherever on these shelves works. Nonetheless the identical is honest with performance enhancements, you’re now not going to accumulate a bump on all of them.

“(EPO) straight away affects your cardiovascular output. It’s now not going to compose you bigger, it’s now not going to compose you leaner, it’s now not going to compose you stronger. It’s going to give you with more persistence A man that takes EPO, in particular in training, can now correct prepare longer,” Sonnen said. “He can hit the earn that again and again more. He can soar that rope again and again more.”

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