Chronicle level to February Fortnite Crew subscription pack

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Chronicle Video games have launched the February Fortnite Crew pack, that comprises the fresh pores and skin Vi. Right here’s the whole lot it is top to learn about the pack.


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Fortnite February Crew skin

Chronicle Video games have introduced the fresh February Fortnite Crew Pack. Right here’s how you’ll discover the pores and skin, pickaxe, back bling, and more.

Need to you were taking note of the Fortnite Twitter account over the weekend, you likely seen some fresh habits. The profile image modified and the account began issuing a series of tweets, reading like a rapid story.

Be pleased any Fortnite plotlines, the tweets were imprecise. They didn’t pronounce us significant but made us aware that the Waft skins were likely a fragment of one more faction on the island.

When the tweet-storm ended, it modified into clear that Chronicle were teasing the following Crew pores and skin pack. On Monday, they confirmed as significant.

Tips on how to discover the fresh February Fortnite Crew pores and skin

This continuously is the third month of the Fortnite Crew subscription. Present participants received’t decide to total anything to re-up their pores and skin. All they decide to total is log into Fortnite on February 1 and receive their rewards.

Need to you’re no longer a member and decide to register, you’ll be triggered whereas you happen to log in. The price of a monthly membership is $11.99. This also can unbiased grant you the Fight Walk, 1,000 V-Bucks, and the fresh Vi pores and skin pack must you register in February. Need to you register before the fresh month, you’ll amassed be ready to eradicate the Inexperienced Arrow pores and skin pack.

February’s pack will encompass:

  • Vi pores and skin with two variants
  • Waft Shift wrap
  • Foxbow back bling
  • Zigzag Claw pickaxe
  • a fresh loading veil
Fortnite February Crew pack

You furthermore mght can murder the membership at any time by following the steps outlined here. Need to you were keen on the previous Crew packs and don’t like this one, cancelling the subscription is easy.

Will you be grabbing Vi and the February Fortnite Crew Pack or will you murder your subscription? Will this be your first Fortnite Crew take? Say us on Twitter @FortniteINTEL.


Don’t just like the monthly offering for the Fortnite Crew subscription pack? Right here’s how one can murder before you receive a fee.


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January 25, 2021

Monthly Crew Pack leaked image

The Fortnite Crew subscription is the stylish fresh formulation to discover fresh monthly cosmetics and the Fight Walk for one low label. Need to you don’t just like the monthly offering, here’s how one can with out agonize murder your subscription.

For all of their faults, Chronicle Video games is some of the most principal participant-pleasant builders when it involves microtransactions. They modified the meta of gaming monetization with the Fight Walk model, pushing assorted builders faraway from the loot box system that modified into as soon as stylish at the time.

In 2021, Chronicle introduced a fresh monetization system: the Fortnite Crew subscription. In January, with a fresh Fight Walk, the $11.99 label put supplied an wonderful deal for the Fight Walk, a pores and skin pack, and 1,000 V-Bucks.

The subsequent couple of months supplied fresh pores and skin packs, but the Fight Walk offering didn’t level to as elegant of a label for folk who already owned it. Need to you don’t just like the fresh pores and skin pack, it doubtlessly wasn’t definitely price the price.

Thankfully, Chronicle makes it easy to murder your subscription. Right here’s what it is top to total.

Tips on how to murder your Fortnite Crew subscription

As we said, Chronicle is an awfully customer-pleasant developer. They develop canceling the Crew subscription as easy as conceivable. You don’t decide to whisk to their online page or even whisk away the game; it’s all factual here.

Put collectively these steps to murder your Fortnite Crew subscription:

  • Navigate to the Merchandise Store tab
  • Scroll correct down to the Crew fragment
  • Click on Cancellation Info
  • Click on Leave Fortnite Crew

Correct like that, you’ll be out of the Crew subscription and received’t be charged when the fresh month begins. You furthermore mght can always rejoin at any time by going back to the Merchandise Store and signing up.

Most assorted video games would likely force you to whisk to the get page and enter your well-known points before canceling – making it more complex and more uncomplicated for gamers to put out of your mind. As regular, Chronicle don’t exercise these predatory systems.

Will you be holding your Fortnite Crew subscription this month or will you be canceling? Say us on Twitter @FortniteINTEL.

Merchandise Store

Chronicle Video games are offering gamers a free refund of the T-800 Terminator pores and skin. Right here’s systems to eradicate yours.


1 hour within the past


January 25, 2021

Currently, Fortnite brought Terminator to the game because the latest bounty hunter crossover. They’ve introduced that gamers can return the pores and skin with out the utilization of a refund token. Right here’s how.

Fans of Terminator and Fortnite were extremely jubilant to seem that the 2 were coming collectively splendid week, with the announcement of the Future War bundle. This pores and skin bundle incorporated the Sarah Connor and T-800 skins along with two pickaxes and a Terminator-themed emote.

In accordance to the legit announcement blog, nonetheless, Chronicle Video games made it sound just like the Cyberdyne Salute emote would be built into the T-800 pores and skin. When it hit the shop, gamers saw that this wasn’t the case.

It sounds as if, an even preference of gamers bought the T-800 pores and skin with out realizing that the emote wasn’t built-in – a minimal of, enough for Chronicle to acknowledge to participant complaints.

After the pores and skin modified into as soon as launched, Chronicle introduced that they’d provide gamers a free refund of the pores and skin with out the utilization of a refund token. Which skill you may as well discover a refund for the Terminator pores and skin must you’ve already feeble your three refunds. These must initiate turning into available this week.

We corrected an error on https://t.co/xlIk0X9a5H that the T-800 Outfit incorporated a built-in Emote. Need to you’d like a refund, you’ll be ready to develop one the utilization of the in-game hump (no refund token wished) initiating subsequent week. Be searching for an in-game notification subsequent week. pic.twitter.com/HjTrpbU0jf

— Fortnite Explain (@FortniteStatus) January 22, 2021

Free refunds for the T-800 pores and skin amassed aren’t available at the time of writing. When they’re, you’ll be ready to eradicate a refund by going to Settings > Memoir and Privacy. “Put up a Put a query to” continuously is the third risk.

As you may as well look from the screenshot, we’ve already feeble our three refunds. When the T-800 refund becomes available, the risk must turn blue and provide us a refund for this declare pores and skin.

The T-800 pores and skin cost 1,500 V-Bucks by itself, so that you may as well query this to be the refund label. This may perhaps per chance be attention-grabbing if gamers who bought the bundle for more cost effective than the standalone pores and skin will amassed receive the 1,500.

Procure you want the Terminator pores and skin pack or were you dissatisfied that we didn’t look Arnold? Say us on Twitter @FortniteINTEL.


One Fortnite Season 5 Week 8 field requires gamers to pronounce a truck to Sunflower’s Farm. Right here is the space so the put to whisk.


4 days within the past


January 21, 2021

The Fortnite Season 5 Week 8 challenges require you to pronounce a truck to Sunflower’s Farm. You furthermore mght can unbiased no longer know exactly the put this field has you going, so we’re here to abet.

The challenges for Season 5 Week 8 are somewhat easy whereas you happen to study them from those of outdated weeks. Most of them will more than likely be ready to be executed via regular gameplay, which is commonly real info.

One declare field requires you to know the put to whisk: pronounce a truck to Sunflower’s Farm. Sunflower is an NPC that provides Cabbages for gold and a couple of random quests.

You furthermore mght can discover Sunflower and her farm to the north of The Orchard. Right here is the 2nd stage of a quest that begins at The Orchard, so that you received’t decide to lumber very far. Right here it is miles, marked on a contrivance.

All it is top to total is eradicate a truck from some of the surrounding areas and power it to the farm. Watch out must you’re coming from the north, as IO Guards spawn on the hill above the farm.

The predominant fragment of this quest requires you to slay form containers at The Orchard, which is handiest a couple of steps faraway from Sunflower’s farm. Unfortunately, it doesn’t look like this would be executed in a single match.

After this one, the relaxation of the challenges must be easy to total. They’re price doing too, as you’ll decide to surpass level 200 to release the total enlightened skins in Season 5. Apt excellent fortune!

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