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City of Hope advances most cancers care with hybrid telehealth and in-person visits

City of Hope, essentially based fully advance Los Angeles, is a analysis and treatment group for most cancers, diabetes and varied existence-threatening ailments. In 2018, it made strategic moves to extra without relate meet the needs of its patients and communities by investing in telehealth.

Half of that strategic route modified into as soon as working with technology corporations to be particular City of Hope leveraged telehealth in a excessive-quality, affected person-centric device, while easing the burden of shuttle instances for patients present process treatment. With every focus on with, the group’s team evaluates whether or no longer patients are most effective served by both a virtual or an in-person appointment.


Then COVID-19 emerged. Rapid, City of Hope crucial to mercurial scale its telehealth infrastructure to fulfill the needs of patients. In doing so, its work with telemedicine technology and products and companies provider Amwell helped the healthcare provider group reimagine the provision of oncology products and companies.

“To illustrate, when a doctor delivers a most cancers diagnosis to a affected person, it in general is plenty much less difficult to produce so when the affected person is at home, in a predicament that feels happy, surrounded by family,” principal Dr. Paul Fu, chief clinical info officer at City of Hope.

“At a time when the American Cancer Society estimates 87% of most cancers patients and survivors had their care disrupted attributable to the coronavirus, City of Hope offered uninterrupted most cancers care and used telehealth when applicable to spend into consideration patients, arrange facet outcomes of treatment, review labs and scans, resolution questions, and offer reassurance to patients and their families.”

Even when patients came in person, City of Hope used telehealth to include family and varied individuals of a affected person’s care team seamlessly in the visits. Or no longer it’s an ability that has enabled the group to extra without relate and conveniently surround patients with specialized most cancers care and safe rid of pointless shuttle.

“Transferring forward, City of Hope envisions expanding our use of telehealth to include products and companies corresponding to telegenetic consultations, a long way-off chemotherapy toughen, a long way-off monitoring the use of wearables, expedited condition triage and palliative care,” Fu acknowledged.

“By fully addressing every affected person’s needs, we’re making a deep impact on customized affected person care and pleasure.”


Sooner than working with Amwell, City of Hope delivered telehealth products and companies, however the technology it used modified into as soon as no longer integrated with varied methods, leaving room for an improved care trot for patients and services.

“We started with Amwell by launching our affected person app to enable virtual connections between our patients and their services,” Fu defined. “Since launching our app, we now were ready to mercurial scale up our telehealth program both in phrases of patients and services the use of it and in phrases of use instances and modalities.

“We’ve moreover been ready to integrate the platform with varied methods we devour now in predicament to toughen the affected person abilities,” he continued. “These were key parts – scalability and integration capabilities – that we sought for in choosing our telehealth provider as we knew we would are fascinating to grow this system.”


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Having a properly-integrated telehealth platform enabled City of Hope to fabricate constant workflows spherical telehealth that supported an enhanced affected person abilities. Further, an integrated platform permits the group to study telehealth visits for the length of the same quality enchancment framework that it makes use of for in-person visits.

“We integrated the Amwell platform with our Epic EHR to accomplish a extra seamless abilities for patients and our provider teams,” Fu principal. “Now, physicians can merely click a video icon in Epic to safe to the telehealth cover and commence their session.

“Sooner than every focus on with, nurses or clinical assistants provoke the session, talking with patients to rep the guidelines crucial to expose the session. When an interpreter is crucial, the platform makes it easy to incorporate these products and companies throughout a live session with the clicking of a button.”

City of Hope moreover makes use of the Doximity Dialer to facilitate affected person phone calls straight from the Epic Haiku cellular app with a caller ID registered to City of Hope. This supplies patients a more in-depth feeling of belief from the commence of the choice, appealing that the telehealth name is a decent provider coming from their healthcare institution.

“One other crucial technology characteristic is the flexibility to without relate bring varied individuals of the care team into the video bump into,” Fu acknowledged. “Or no longer it’s no longer unheard of for our patients to devour a person they’re fascinating to be focused on the discussion, corresponding to a family member or varied caregiver – even interpreters will also be added to visits. This characteristic, which permits the sharing of monitors, a great deal enhances pleasure among our patients.

“Then as soon as more, what genuinely makes our telehealth provider unheard of is the network of products and companies the affected person receives by the use of telehealth,” he continued. “City of Hope supplies concierge-handle specialized healthcare products and companies that relieve patients navigate their care trot and attain answers to questions about treatment management, different treatments that will perhaps possibly decrease facet outcomes and extra.”

The group moreover connects patients with supportive care products and companies that herald-person toughen when crucial, corresponding to when patients face mobility complications or when tiny one existence specialists can work with the formative years of grownup patients or the siblings of pediatric patients.


“We checked out a complete lot of more than a few success metrics and largely chose to focal point on target of measures, including how likely patients are to recommend our telehealth products and companies,” Fu acknowledged. “We moreover checked out the quantity of a hit completions to create obvious our course of and the use of the technology modified into as soon as easy for patients, as properly as pleasure with the use of telehealth products and companies.

“We’re now starting to survey at properly being outcomes finished by the use of telehealth,” he added. “Early info prove that similar to many organizations, most cancers screening procedures dropped throughout the pandemic, but we seen that the decrease modified into as soon as uneven across specialties.”

To measure clinical outcomes, City of Hope is tracking its patients as properly as referrals into its machine who had delayed screening. Essentially based on the guidelines it receives, City of Hope frequently refines and improves its virtual care products and companies to fulfill patients’ needs, Fu acknowledged.


“When launching or expanding a telehealth program, create obvious patients are saved on the guts,” Fu instructed. “Telehealth products and companies need to be deployed in this form of device that they trigger the least quantity of stress for patients, critically of us which is also dealing with advanced conditions.

“This is also finished by mapping out the affected person trot for both virtual and in-person care and wanting out for opportunities to red meat up care coordination and management, the standard of care that patients win, and extra.”

Even throughout the madness of the first months of COVID-19, City of Hope’s affected person-centric ability to most cancers care, including use of telemedicine, bolstered its ability to optimize affected person outcomes, toughen the affected person abilities and provide uninterrupted most cancers care, Fu added.

“Our telemedicine use is sweet and not using a doubt one of the ways City of Hope has expanded our attain past patients in the Los Angeles home,” he concluded.

“We attain most cancers patients spherical the globe, including these taking segment in clinical trials. In an era of digitally augmented affected person care, a actual focal point on meeting a affected person’s holistic care needs will change into a competitive differentiator for healthcare services.”

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