Classic Banana Pudding

With do-it-yourself vanilla pudding, sweetened condensed milk (basically the most well-known ingredient no one talks about), and mascarpone, this truly is the best (and best) banana pudding recipe. Many recipes demand the use of instantaneous pudding combine, however making it from scratch adds about 5 minutes and a creaminess and complexity you won’t safe from the boxed stuff.

It’s doubtless you’ll obtain sweetened condensed milk would construct for a cloyingly candy banana pudding, however nervousness now now not! The pudding is barely sweetened and the mascarpone adds a refined tang and limited acidity. I love the velvety richness mascarpone imparts, however whenever you are crew cream cheese (any other banana pudding secret ingredient), lunge for it. And skipping the mascarpone or cream cheese all collectively works too.

Nilla Wafers are damaged-down—and not doubtless—however there’s any other world-infamous(ish) recipe accessible that calls for Pepperidge Farm Chessmen Butter Cookies, so substituting with these is an possibility whenever you’re having a test to shake things up.

Indirectly, make high-tail to notion ahead, because the vanilla pudding needs to be chilled for an hour sooner than you assemble the total shebang and the done dish needs to relax for roughly 6 hours sooner than serving. (Maintain-ahead-dessert lovers, this one’s for you!) Pro tip: If you’re making ahead for a body of workers, purchase suppose of doubling the recipe. Leftovers defend correct swish within the fridge for as much as 3 days. The bananas will brown comparatively and the pudding might well loosen, however the flavors and textures rarely endure, and with a dessert this correct, you won’t even search. —Jessie Sheehan

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