CNN Anchor Grills Jake Sullivan on Biden’s Misleading Afghanistan Claims: ‘We Know That’s Now now not Loyal’

CNN anchor Brianna Keilar confronted National Safety Advertising and marketing consultant Jake Sullivan on Sunday morning over claims President Joe Biden made on Friday in regards to the Afghanistan withdrawal, wondering aloud why the president used to be “deceptive with his phrases.”

Amid the evacuation disaster in Afghanistan following the authorities’s give contrivance and the Taliban’s return to vitality, the president promised at some stage in a Friday press convention to evacuate all People from the country while defending the chaotic withdrawal from the country.

Biden, at one level, insisted that his administration has considered “no indication” that People “haven’t been able to get thru the [Kabul] airport,” adding that the U.S. made an agreement with the Taliban for safe passage. Several records shops, on the different hand, swiftly fact-checked the president’s feedback, noting that experiences contradict his assertions—and the U.S. embassy in Kabul even warned American residents in the condo that “United States authorities can now not affect particular safe passage to the Hamid Karzai World Airport.”

Within the same press convention, Biden also claimed that al Qaeda is “long previous” from Afghanistan, even supposing the United Worldwide locations Safety Council trail in June that the phobia group level-headed has a presence in practically half of the Afghanistan provinces and the Division of Protection now not too prolonged ago reported that “the Taliban persisted to retain its relationship with al Qaeda, providing safe haven for the terrorist crew in Afghanistan.”

Replaying Biden’s remarks at some stage in her interview with Sullivan on CNN’s Reveal of the Union, Keilar pressed him to teach the president’s myth.

“We know that’s now not correct,” she declared. “We know there are many conditions where that has now not been correct. And the Pentagon has acknowledged that as effectively. He also acknowledged that al Qaeda is long previous from Afghanistan. Nonetheless, clearly, from the U.N., from the Joint Chiefs, we know that will doubtless be faux. Why is he deceptive with his phrases here?”

In regards to Biden’s comment about al Qaeda, Sullivan acknowledged that the intelligence community has acknowledged they discontinue now not imagine the phobia crew “signify a possibility to the usa station of foundation.” He acknowledged Biden used to be regarding this contemporary possibility evaluation, adding that the president “clearly acknowledged” that al Qaeda might “in due course” pose a possibility to the U.S.

Keilar, in the intervening time, pushed Sullivan to answer to the foundation that People weren’t having any complications getting thru the Taliban—and he acknowledged the points in evacuating American residents, largely chalking them up to logistics.

“What the president has consistently directed his team to full, and what he has outlined, if reality be told, in that very press convention, is that if there are any points with the circulation of People thru the city, now we have dealt with those cases one after the other and resolved them, when that records is provided to us,” he acknowledged.

“There’s another scenario, though, Brianna, which your team has reported on moderately effectively, which is Individuals who then get to the airport have had a exhausting time getting inner thanks to the very mountainous crowds of folks begin air,” Sullivan concluded. “That will doubtless be a logistical scenario we’ve been engaged on over the course of the previous 72 hours. We now imagine now we have different systems of getting People into the airport. That’s what we’re executing as we talk.”

Sullivan wasn’t the finest Biden administration legit to face now not easy questions. All over an appearance on Fox News Sunday, Secretary of Reveal Antony Blinken used to be relentlessly grilled by anchor Chris Wallace on Biden’s al Qaeda assertions to boot to the president’s insistence that he hasn’t heard any criticism on the chaotic withdrawal from The USA’s world allies.

Calling Biden’s remarks “flat rotten,” Wallace then aired statements from numerous European politicians and leaders lambasting the Afghanistan withdrawal earlier than asking Blinken: “Does the president now not know what’s happening?”

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