Colossal Skyrim Mod Comes Support From The Dull

Illustration for article titled Big iSkyrim /iMod Comes Back From The Dead

Screenshot: Wyrmstooth

Wyrmstooth, a massively unusual mod for Skyrim, used to be taken down in 2016 when its creator removed all traces of it from sites love Nexus Mods. This month, it returns!

As PC Gamer listing, the mod is now aid, having been uploaded by its fashioned creator Jonx0r. And it returns with a brand new trailer, that as smartly as to exhibiting off the stuff you’ll accept in Wyrmstooth (love a brand new sing and a mountainous new quest) also uses a text-to-speech AI (Tacotron 2) to simulate the sound of proper Skyrim divulge actors for the trailer’s narration, which is very spectacular:

You may perchance per chance perchance per chance perchance download Wyrmstooth here.

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