Combating amongst penal complex gangs in Ecuador kills 18, dozens damage

QUITO, Ecuador (AP) — Rival gangs of inmates fought in two prisons in Ecuador, killing on the least 18 folks and injuring dozens, authorities said Thursday.

Violence broke out on Wednesday in the predominant penal complex in the metropolis of Guayaquil as nicely because the Latacunga penal complex in central Ecuador, in response to penal complex authorities.

Nine police officers and 35 prisoners possess been injured in the combating. Police possess regained to find watch over of the prisons.

Police said on Twitter that there had been an collect away are attempting on the Latacunga penal complex, however that 45 prisoners possess been recaptured.

In June, a fight between gangs in a penal complex in Ecuador killed two folks and injured 11. In February, combating in Ecuadorian prisons killed about 80 prisoners.

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