Conception: O’Malley won’t rob a fight with the UFC

Sean O’Malley’s conception, while sound sufficient in theory, also appears very liable to explode in his face. Why? Simply put, the UFC doesn’t lose. And it especially doesn’t lose to a fighter who thinks they uncovered a vogue to net over on the promotion.

Talking to the No Jumper podcast, O’Malley published his pondering in the back of accepting fights from the UFC matchmakers.

“Next fight, a kind of oldsters desire me to fight someone ranked,” O’Malley acknowledged. “They wished me to fight someone ranked last fight. I became speculated to fight Louis Smolka. For me, I absorb a contract to fight a clear quantity of fights, and I’m gonna net paid a clear quantity of money whether I fight Louis Smolka, the dude I became speculated to fight, or I fight Petr Yan, the No. 1 bantamweight in the UFC. I net paid the an identical. I’m gonna fight this dude (who’s lower). And I’m going to fight this dude on a Conor McGregor pay-per-explore.”

I’ll admit, it’s no longer a indecent, or unreasonable thought—after all no longer on paper. But it’s complicated to note it working out one day. In actual fact, O’Malley’s time desk scheme already appears to be failing.

When O’Malley reportedly grew to change into down a possible fight at UFC 268 in Unique York, he acknowledged UFC matchmaker Sean Shelby tore into him.

“Sean Shelby became precise indulge in, enraged and indulge in, ‘Dazzling. Stride hang out with (Rapper) 6ix9ine’. Take care of, precise acting indulge in a fking instrument, dude. So, I don’t know if I ought to’ve acknowledged that or no longer. But it’s indulge in, dude, reach on. What manufacture you manufacture?”

If O’Malley’s relationship with the UFC and its matchmakers is turning into dicey, it would perhaps well perhaps net loads uglier one day. The UFC would perhaps well perhaps need plans to promote him as a megastar athlete, nonetheless those plans can commerce faster than O’Malley can net one other questionable tattoo. The excellent field of the UFC brass is promoting the three letters, U-F-C, no longer any particular individual fighter. The UFC has confirmed it will no longer hesitate to stride over its champions. If O’Malley – an un-ranked bantamweight – thinks he can’t take some Toyo tires at some level of his bottom, he’s unsuitable.

As to how they would perhaps well perhaps simply lope about making the MMA Lab skills remorse revealing his sport conception?

First, the promotion can simply supply him fights against ranked opponents. Certain, O’Malley can flip down those fights, nonetheless every time he does so, his money stays the an identical and his contract extends.

2nd, the UFC can supply him fights in areas he doesn’t desire to compete in, indulge in Unique York or other spots which would perhaps well perhaps be a ways-off or absorb depraved taxes—two reasons O’Malley acknowledged he doesn’t desire to fight in Unique York. Once more, he’s free to flip down those fights and all any other time, every time he does so, his contract extends.

Third, the UFC can supply him fights on “indecent” playing cards. If O’Malley expects to land on high-profile occasions or pay-per-explore playing cards, the UFC can precise supply him a field on a Battle Evening card that might plan a low viewership. And once extra (you guessed it) O’Malley is free to flip down those fights. And yes, every time he does so, extra time gets added to his contract.

Now let’s verbalize the UFC thinks, fine, “we’ll guide O’Malley against unranked skills.” What very successfully would perhaps well perhaps occur when he sits down and peaks at his next deal? Shock, the dollar quantity is the an identical as every other heart of the road UFC competitor and no longer even in the zip code of what O’Malley would perhaps well perhaps anticipate.

O’Malley thinks he’s dazzling, nonetheless what he can no longer stare by his rainbow tresses is the UFC is cuter, extra cutthroat, much less forgiving, and desires him a ways no longer as much as he needs the UFC. O’Malley would perhaps well perhaps judge he’s won this one tiny fight, nonetheless the UFC won’t lose the war. O’Malley will be precise one other casualty on the UFC battleground. Perhaps his title can even net added to the tombstone UFC president Dana White held up every time he “vanquished” a perceived promotional foe.

The UFC doesn’t forgive, neglect or spend kindly to searching foolish. Sean O’Malley needs to take below consideration this stuff the subsequent time Sean Shelby calls him with a fight supply.

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