Console Enact Now not Tune

A proposed unified same outdated for opting out of telemetry for TUI/console apps.

Gatsby has GATSBY_TELEMETRY_DISABLED. Homebrew has HOMEBREW_NO_ANALYTICS. Syncthing has STNOUPGRADE, a config file setting for disabling wreck reporting, and a GUI instant for utilization reporting. Google Cloud SDK CLI instruments has gcloud config location disable_usage_reporting lawful. .NET Core has DOTNET_CLI_TELEMETRY_OPTOUT. Netlify’s CLI has netlify --telemetry-disable. The AWS Serverless Utility Model CLI has SAM_CLI_TELEMETRY=0. The Microsoft Azure CLI has AZURE_CORE_COLLECT_TELEMETRY=0. You get the premise.

Right here is a proposal for a single, same outdated ambiance variable that it appears that and unambiguously expresses LACK OF CONSENT by a particular person of that instrument to any of the next:

  • advert monitoring
  • utilization reporting, nameless or not
  • automatic update phone-home
  • wreck reporting
  • non-basically the most necessary-to-performance requests of any form to the creator of the instrument or loads of monitoring services and products

We right desire native instrument, and by providing it to us you is at chance of be not entitled to our utilization, our crashes, or our IP addresses.

Take into accout: within the lawful fingers, an IP tackle is a bodily space. Whereas you happen to would not get your users’ GPS coordinates towards their needs, you mustn’t be collecting their IP addresses towards their needs!

Authors, stay the ethical factor and admire the next ambiance variable to your instrument and your restricted rights to the laptop systems of your users:

PRs welcome: GitHub.

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