Conspiracy Theories Swirl After Democrat Phil Murphy Reelected New Jersey Governor—But There’s No Proof Of Trendy Fraud


Following the narrow reelection victory of New Jersey Gov. Phil Murphy (D), conspiracy theories about voter fraud began to wing in lots of online comely-soar circles, despite an election night many political commentators acknowledged was as soon as the finest for the GOP in years after sweeping Virginia’s top areas of work, persevering with a fashion of baseless fraud claims made by Republicans following extinct President Donald Trump’s fully legit loss within the 2020 presidential election.

New Jersey Gov. Phil Murphy (D) speaks to supporters true thru an election victory party in Asbury … [+] Park, New Jersey, early on Wednesday.

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Key Info

The most standard conspiracy theory centers around a carefully edited, secretly recorded video from the far-comely neighborhood Conducting Veritas—an group notorious for publishing misleading videos.

The jump-cut back-jittery clip of no longer up to 1 minute claims to cowl a poll employee in Essex County illegally providing a pollto a noncitizen who isn’t registered to vote, though the employee notes that the pollmay perhaps well no longer count.

Easy, some comely-soar figures seized on the selectively edited video as proof of fraud or election crimes taking situation within the instruct, along with, predictably, Donald Trump Jr., who tweeted Thursday morning: “Nothing to glimpse right here other folks, comely a blatant crime being committed!”

The Essex County Board of Elections did no longer answer to a put a question to for comment from Forbes.

Totally different conspiracy theories desirous about Republican challenger Jack Ciattarelli losing his lead over incumbent Democrat Phil Murphy in parts of the instruct hours after the polls closed, which some acknowledged amounted to “magic votes” for Democrats.

In fact, mighty of the famed vote that was as soon as counted lengthy after the polls closed was as soon as from mail-in ballots in carefully Democratic parts of the instruct, which worked to abet Murphy.

What To Inspect For

Ciattarelli has no longer yet conceded the speed, though he has no longer made any claims of fraud.

Grisly Truth

Ciattarelli largely distanced himself from Trump and has acknowledged that President Joe Biden obtained the 2020 election. Trump did no longer endorse Ciattarelli within the gubernatorial speed.

Key Background

The New Jersey governor’s speed wasn’t anticipated to be an awfully shut contest, with Murphy conserving high approval rankings and polling well leading up to the election. The last RealClearPolitics polling moderate sooner than Election Day had Murphy with a 7.8-percentage-point lead, nevertheless the right kind result was as soon as mighty closer. Murphy has been declared the winner, nevertheless with 92% of the vote reported as of Thursday morning, his lead over Ciattarelli was as soon as handiest by 1.6 percentage parts—removed from the resounding victory Democrats were hoping for. News for the Democrats was as soon as mighty worse farther south, though, with Trump-instructed Republican Glenn Youngkin defeating Democrat Terry McAuliffe to grab the Virginia governorship. Republicans also obtained the lieutenant governor and attorney customary races within the instruct. Sooner than Tuesday’s results, the GOP hadn’t obtained a statewide speed in Virginia since 2009.


In an announcement on Monday, Trump claimed the handiest plot for Youngkin to grab would be by “flooding the polls with folk that mediate in The usa First,” since he claimed his supporters needed to “grab bigger than the margin of fraud.” Youngkin notably did no longer invite Trump to Virginia to rally on his behalf.

Additional Finding out

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