Contemporary Yorker Finds the Bonkers ‘Spare Bedroom’ Unhurried Her Lavatory

A Contemporary Yorker has joked she virtually has a “spare bedroom” behind her toilet after revealing her bonkers condominium structure.

While most of us want a expansive toilet, one lady printed her fixtures meant her toilet used to be virtually within the heart of the room, leaving an awkwardly big place behind it.

The tenant, named Prosperitea, shared a clip to her TikTok page, as she gave of us a tour of her house.

“Issues in my NYC [New York city] condominium that upright receive sense. The overall spare bedroom behind my toilet,” she talked about filming the place.

Photos unearths a reasonably fashionable toilet with marble tiles, but whereas the john is subsequent to the sink there’s an limitless cubby gap behind it.

Prosperitea joked: “Renting the place behind my toilet for $1300/mo wifi incorporated.”

She motion photos herself walking across the john to face behind it, demonstrating upright how expansive the recess is. In space of let it’s ineffective place, she tried to present it reason and added some storage, confirming she equipped a shelving ladder from Ikea.

And Prosperitea added she had tried to utilize the condominium for her cats, with out a success. “I in truth had the litter field back there but my cats hated it,” she added.

The structure has been mocked online, as a huge series of of us advised what she might per chance well receive with the additional place.

Danielle Cardona admitted: “Hahahahaha omg I’ve lived in NYC my whole existence essentially and right here is indubitably a brand fresh one for me.”

Heather Robertson Bello identified: “No longer lower than it’s some distance uncomplicated to good across the john.”

Marc idea: “That is literally an space of enterprise nook.”

Tayallday reckoned: “Storage is storage.”

Despite the indisputable fact that MysticBrokeGoth commented: “You know that just isn’t awful, I point out who talked about lavatories ought to quiet be staunch up in opposition to the wall?”

And Anna-Marie Durham advised: “That you might per chance well add a folding cloak staunch behind to present the texture of a wall… upright a idea.”

Ollie The Corgi talked about: “Time to receive a closet.”

Ohmy.Serendipity shared her thoughts, writing: “You’d like a bookshelf there. That is the excellent space to retract your library!”

Omit requested: “I lived in NY my whole existence and never seen this ahead of, how?!”

While Aileen added: “That is a garage behind the john.”

And referencing one of the most niche solutions of us advised, Prosperitea answered: “Thanks to your total solutions of massages whereas pooping. I will positively elevate up that idea to my roommates and ogle if anyone is fervent.”

Newsweek reached out to Prosperitea for commentary.

Stock image of a toilet.
Stock picture of a toilet. A Contemporary Yorker has shared her bonkers condominium structure which has seen a whole “spare room” behind the john.
Peter Dazeley/Getty Pictures

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