Cork Publishing Company Announces the Launch of THE FORENSIC by Paul Regan, an Untold Memoir of Billionaire Howard Hughes

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updated: Sep 17, 2021 17: 47 EDT

September 17, 2021 ( –

Crude wealth appears to always non-public a melancholy facet, such because the victims of jaw-losing inequality. There would possibly well be much debate if billionaires need to even exist because politicians and policies are up for sale at costs that easiest the one p.c can in actuality afford to pay. Hardly ever ever set up we hear reviews of justice relating the richest of us of all time. On this recurring memoir, American commerce mogul, movie director and aviator Howard R. Hughes Jr. and his pugnacious licensed decent, Chester Davis, had been taken down by a gleaming and passionate licensed decent, John Bales Clark, and a diligent and talented young CPA, Paul Regan. Clark and Regan had been dedicated to restoring what was wrongfully taken from their purchasers by Hughes and Davis.  

This epic evolves into a contest fought by Clark and Regan as they unraveled an injustice perpetrated by Hughes and Davis on the shareholders of Air West, Inc. Along this race, there was a parallel discover gripping the CIA, the Division of Justice and a Soviet submarine carrying nuclear missiles. The connection between Clark and Regan’s race, the CIA, and the Soviet submarine was coincidental; on the other hand, with out that connection, their careers would possibly well perhaps no longer had been as golden as they modified into. This secret connection, and Clark and Regan’s efforts to utilize it to raise down Howard Hughes, had been informed to easiest a extremely few, till The Forensic. 

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Accessible now on Amazon, Barnes and Noble, and an excellent deal of just bookstores.

Paul Regan labored as an expert in forensic accounting-connected litigation with John Clark, till John’s dying, over a span of 40 years. Their work together took them to many states and federal jurisdictions at some stage within the US. Paul has additionally labored with tons of of more than just a few attorneys on this planet’s greatest legislation companies, as well to the SEC, the US Division of Justice, and licensed decent generals for heaps of states. His expert testimony within the very best corporate frauds within the previous 40 years has no longer easiest been presented within the US, but in England, the World Court within the Hague (against the Islamic Republic of Iran), Canada, Australia, and Guam.

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