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Covid-19 recordsdata: Blood clot threat greater after infection than vaccination

By Michael Le Page
, Clare Wilson
, Jessica Hamzelou
, Sam Wong
, Graham Lawton
, Adam Vaughan
, Conrad Quilty-Harper
and Layal Liverpool

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A woman receives the AstraZeneca Covid19 vaccine.

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Most contemporary coronavirus recordsdata as of 11am on 27 August

Gape compares threat of blood clotting complications after covid-19 infection and vaccination

The threat of blood clotting complications is some distance greater after covid-19 infection than after receiving a covid-19 vaccine, in step with research from the College of Oxford.

The ogle, printed in the British Clinical Journal, checked out extra than 29 million of us earlier 16 or older who had a first dose of the Oxford/AstraZeneca or Pfizer/BioNTech vaccine in England between December 2020 and April 2021. It spellbinding on the dangers of blood clots and thrombocytopenia, a condition sharp low ranges of platelets – cells that assist the blood clot.

Their findings counsel the threat of thrombocytopenia in any person with the coronavirus is practically nine times greater than in any individual that has had one dose of the Oxford jab. They estimated that in 10 million of us vaccinated with this jab, there could well be 107 extra circumstances of thrombocytopenia in the 28 days post-vaccination, when compared with 934 in vaccinated of us infected with the virus.

The prognosis found an affiliation between vaccination with the Pfizer jab and an increased threat of stroke, but the threat used to be extra than 10 times greater after infection with the virus. There had been an estimated 143 extra circumstances of ischaemic stroke per 10 million of us interior 28 days of the Pfizer vaccine, when compared with 1699 circumstances interior 28 days of a particular covid-19 test.

For cerebral venous sinus thrombosis, a form of blood clot in the brain, besides to other kinds of blood clot, the dangers had been also essential greater after covid-19 than after either jab.

Other coronavirus recordsdata

Round half of of all of us hospitalised with covid-19 quiet like as a minimum one continual symptom after one 365 days, in step with a ogle of 1276 sufferers from Wuhan, China. Round a third of contributors experienced shortness of breath after one 365 days. Fatigue and muscle weak spot affected about half of of contributors after 6 months, but fell to 1 in 5 after 12 months. 

Seven destinations had been added to the UK’s inexperienced checklist for plod, that job of us returning from those locations will no longer like to quarantine. The Azores, Canada, Denmark, Finland, Liechtenstein, Lithuania and Switzerland can be redesignated from 30 August. Thailand and Montenegro can be moved to the crimson checklist, that potential returning UK residents must quarantine in a hotel for 11 nights on arrival.

Lockdown can be relaxed in most of New Zealand from 1 September, prime minister Jacinda Ardern has launched, but stringent restrictions will live in Auckland and Northland. The adjustments in quite loads of the nation indicate corporations can purpose for online orders and contactless services, but public venues live closed. Nearly 350 of us had been infected in doubtlessly the most contemporary outbreak. “We are able to be seeing the starting of a plateau of circumstances, but warning is quiet required,” Ardern acknowledged.

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Old updates

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A doctor draws up the Pfizer-BioNTech COVID-19 vaccine.

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26 August

English well being suppliers planning for conceivable vaccine rollout as pupils return to colleges

The National Health Service in England is making ready for the conceivable rollout of vaccines to 12 to 15-365 days-olds from 6 September, in step with media reports. NHS trusts are being suggested they must like plans ready by 4pm on Friday, The Every day Telegraph reported.

The Division of Health has acknowledged no choices like yet been made to lengthen the vaccine programme to youthful of us, but acknowledged they “continue to problem for a unfold of scenarios”. To this level, vaccines had been supplied to of us earlier 16 and above and youngsters earlier 12 to 15 with a excessive-threat condition or a vulnerable family member. The Joint Committee on Vaccination and Immunisation (JCVI) is quiet deliberating on broadening the rollout extra. Children earlier 12 and over are already being vaccinated in the US, Canada, France and the Netherlands.

“Either you’re going to be uncovered to covid without any security otherwise you furthermore mght can be uncovered and like a vaccine. And we needs to be offering kids that vaccine so that they’ve that security before going assist into colleges,” Devi Sridhar on the College of Edinburgh suggested BBC Radio 4’s This day programme.

Whereas youthful of us are extra more likely to expertise myocarditis, a rare heart aspect set aside, after receiving some of the covid-19 vaccines, a ogle in the US launched earlier this month found that myocarditis is extra authentic after coronavirus infection than vaccination

Other coronavirus recordsdata

Japan has suspended the exercise of 1.63 million doses of Moderna’s covid-19 vaccine after reports that some vials had been mistaken with “particulate subject”. Japan and Moderna instruct the circulate is a precaution and that no security or efficacy disorders had been known. In line with a well being ministry legit, Takeda, the pharmaceutical company that is distributing the Moderna shots in Japan, first discovered of the tell on 16 August, but did now no longer notify the government except 25 August, since it wanted time to search out out which vials had been affected and where they’d been dispensed.

Trials like confirmed that a booster shot of Johnson & Johnson’s covid-19 vaccine produces a essential compose greater in antibody ranges, the company has launched. The J&J vaccine has been administered as a single dose since it used to be authorized for emergency exercise in the US in February. Trial volunteers who got a 2nd dose six to eight months after the first noticed antibody ranges rise nine times greater than 28 days after the first shot, the company acknowledged.

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Beginning attach of the virus: Scientists tasked by the World Health Organization to have a examine how the virus emerged are calling for a 2nd segment of starting attach reports to originate urgently.

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A doctor injects the Pfizer Covid 19 vaccine.

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25 August

Extra UK data counsel efficacy of two vaccines wanes over time

The protection supplied by two doses of the Pfizer/BioNTech and Oxford/AstraZeneca coronavirus vaccines starts to wane interior six months, original research suggests. The Pfizer jab used to be 88 per cent effective at combating covid-19 infection a month after the 2nd dose, but after 5 to 6 months the safety lowered to 74 per cent, in step with prognosis from the Zoe Covid ogle sharp extra than 1.2 million contributors in the UK. With the AstraZeneca vaccine, security dropped from 77 per cent one month after the 2nd dose to 67 per cent after four to 5 months. “In my belief, a cheap worst-case tell could well ogle security below 50 per cent for the aged and healthcare workers by winter,” acknowledged Tim Spector, lead scientist on the Zoe Covid Gape.

The ogle’s findings are in step with one other contemporary prognosis, which found that the Pfizer/BioNTech vaccine wanes in effectiveness by around a fifth every month after the 2nd dose, and that both vaccines are much less effective in older age groups.

One more ogle, printed as a preprint this week by The Lancet, found that two in 5 of us which like impaired immune programs like a “low or undetectable” antibody response after being double vaccinated. The researchers from the Universities of Glasgow and Birmingham acknowledged their results reinforce giving a third dose of coronavirus vaccine to of us that had no or decrease level antibody responses.

Extra coronavirus recordsdata

A US intelligence story ordered by president Joe Biden has been unable to settle whether the SARS-CoV2 virus arose naturally or escaped from a lab, in step with The Washington Put up. Intelligence companies will ogle to compose substances of the story public interior days, officers conversant in the subject suggested the newspaper.

The prime minister of Vietnam, Pham Minh Chinh, has written to the head of the World Health Organization to induce its vaccine sharing programme COVAX to prioritise Vietnam “in the fastest manner and with the wonderful volume conceivable.” After efficiently containing the virus for most of ultimate 365 days, the nation is now facing a disaster pushed by the delta variant. Easiest 2 per cent of its population is fully vaccinated. Within the previous two days, China and the US like launched they’ll donate 2 million and 1 million vaccine doses to Vietnam, respectively.

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Crowds on the 2021 Boardmasters pageant.

Jonathan Ward / Alamy

24 August

Hundreds of of us test certain after attending song and surfing pageant

Almost 5000 coronavirus circumstances are suspected to be linked to Boardmasters, a song and surfing pageant that took area earlier this month in Cornwall, UK. Health officers acknowledged 4700 of us that tested certain for the virus confirmed they’d attended the pageant or had connections to it. The circumstances are unfold all around the nation but around 800 dwell in Cornwall, a Cornwall Council legit acknowledged.

Boardmasters used to be held between 11 and 15 August in the Newquay attach. The covid-19 policy on its web online page acknowledged all set aside-holders earlier 11 and over could well be asked to account for their covid-19 area by the NHS Covid Plug app before entering. This meant attendees had to manufacture proof of a detrimental lateral run test taken interior 24 hours of arrival on the pageant gates, proof of being vaccinated with both doses (with the 2nd got as a minimum 14 days before the pageant), or proof of a prior infection confirmed by a PCR test as a minimum 10 days and as much as 180 days earlier.

Of us that camped on the pageant had to capture a 2nd lateral run test all around the occasion on 13 August and log their ends in the NHS Covid Plug app. Face masks had been now no longer compulsory but had been encouraged.

Other coronavirus recordsdata

The Pfizer/BioNTech vaccine has turn into the first covid-19 jab to safe plump approval from the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA). The vaccine has been in exercise since December 2020, when the FDA granted it emergency exercise authorisation for folks earlier 16 and over. It has already been administered to extra than 204 million of us in the US. President Joe Biden acknowledged he hoped the resolution would assist of us who like now no longer been vaccinated to come assist ahead for his or her shots. So much of important employers, including the Pentagon, replied by announcing original requirements for his or her workers to be vaccinated.

The need of sufferers with covid-19 in well being heart in England has hit 6000 for the first time in extra than 5 months. The settle, which is a snapshot of sufferers as of 8am on 23 August, is up 11 per cent on the earlier week. Patient ranges like now no longer been this excessive since 14 March, in step with data printed by NHS England. An moderate of 100 deaths per day from covid-19 had been recorded in the UK over the previous week, one other settle final seen in March.

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A man uses a lancet to slash the tip of his finger.

AFP by blueprint of Getty Images

23 August

Antibody trying out programme to procure data on immune responses and vaccine effectiveness

The UK is launching an antibody trying out programme for folks which like shriveled the coronavirus. The programme, which plans to provide tests to thousands of adults per day, aims to augment our working out of how essential security antibodies give us following covid-19 infection and vaccination.

Antibodies are proteins produced by the physique to protect in opposition to viruses and other invading microbes. Antibody trying out can give a signal of how powerful any person’s immune response is, but they devise out now no longer definitively demonstrate whether any person is loyal in opposition to infection.

From Tuesday, any person over 18 from any of the four UK countries can decide in to the programme when taking a PCR test. Of of us who toddle on to examine certain for coronavirus, as much as 8000 can be despatched two finger slash antibody tests to cease at dwelling and send assist for prognosis. The predominant needs to be taken as rapidly as conceivable after the certain consequence, and the 2nd needs to be taken 28 days later.

The UK Health Safety Company, which is working the programme, will exercise the results to video display ranges of antibodies in certain circumstances all around the UK. The Division of Health and Social Care says it can be the first time antibody tests had been made on hand to the fundamental public, and the intention could well also provide insights into whether some of us lift out now no longer construct an immune response. The info can be veteran to account for the government’s ongoing come to the pandemic and give extra perception into the effectiveness of vaccines in opposition to original variants.

Other coronavirus recordsdata

UK well being minister Sajid Javid has promised to crack down on “cowboy” behaviour by corporations who capture just correct thing about holidaymakers with deceptive costs for coronavirus trying out kits. Javid highlighted 82 non-public plod trying out companies, who compose up around 18 per cent of those on the government web online page, who can be issued with a two-strike warning and could well maybe be struck off the legit checklist. A recent Division of Health and Social Care overview found they had been showing decrease costs on the online page than of us would like to pay in fact when they safe to the checkout. 

Taiwan has begun rolling out a homegrown vaccine with scientific trials yet to be carried out and no data on hand on the vaccine’s efficacy. Taiwan’s president Tsai Ing-wen used to be amongst the first to bring together the vaccine developed by Medigen. The government has ordered an initial 5 million doses. To this level around 40 per cent of Taiwan’s population has got as a minimum one dose of either Pfizer or Moderna vaccines.

New Zealand has prolonged its lockdown, with restrictions set to live all around the nation except Friday and in Auckland except as a minimum 31 August. Thirty-5 original circumstances had been recorded these days, bringing the need of most contemporary infections to 107. 

illustration of monoclonal antibodies

A monoclonal antibody (mAb or moAb) is an antibody made by cloning a special white blood cell.


20 August

Ronapreve, the first drug designed particularly to address covid-19, gets approval

The UK has authorized the first remedy to exercise synthetic antibodies to stop and fight the coronavirus. In line with The Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Company (MHRA), the drug can be veteran to stop covid-19 infection, treat acute symptoms of the illness and minimize the probability of being admitted to well being heart resulting from the virus. Sajid Javid, UK Health Secretary, acknowledged that he hoped it would be rolled out to sufferers rapidly.

Trials of the drug, known as Ronapreve, took area before popular vaccination and before the emergence of virus variants. The drug, previously identified as REGN-Cov2, used to be given to ragged US president Donald Trump when he used to be admitted to well being heart with covid-19 final 365 days.

Ronapreve, developed by pharmaceutical companies Regeneron and Roche, is given either by injection or infusion and acts on the lining of the respiratory machine, where it binds tightly to the virus and prevents it from gaining access to the cells, the MHRA acknowledged. It includes monoclonal antibodies, proteins produced in the lab that mimic antibodies found in the immune machine.

Other coronavirus recordsdata

One more antibody drug developed by AstraZeneca diminished the threat of rising symptomatic covid-19 by 77 per cent in scientific trials, the company has launched.

Javid has acknowledged he is assured a coronavirus booster campaign can originate next month all around the UK, nonetheless the government is waiting on final advice from the Joint Committee on Vaccination and Immunisation, before giving extra tiny print. The JCVI met on Thursday and had been anticipated to focus on the aptitude for boosters for doubtlessly the most vulnerable. Nonetheless officers suggested the PA recordsdata company that boosters had now no longer been talked about on the meeting, even supposing they wouldn’t confirm what used to be spoken about.

Lockdown has been prolonged in Sydney, Australia, except the cease of September and a nightly curfew can be launched from 23 August in the 12 worst-affected council areas, covering 2 million residents.

Most contemporary on coronavirus from New Scientist

Investigate cross-take a look at of the virus: Researchers like managed to lift shut 3D photos of human airway cells infected by SARS-CoV-2 utilizing a unprecedented limited approach.

man receiving covid vaccination

A man receives a covid-19 vaccination in Los Angeles, California.

Christina Home/Los Angeles Times/Shutterstock

19 August

Third doses of covid-19 vaccines can be rolled out to fight delta variant surge in US

The US will originate making booster vaccines on hand on 20 September, well being officers like launched. The shots can be supplied to of us that had their 2nd dose eight months earlier, on the beginning specializing in healthcare workers, nursing dwelling residents and older of us, who had been amongst the first to be vaccinated.

“It’s doubtlessly the most engrossing potential to supply protection to ourselves from original variants that will arise,” president Joe Biden suggested newshounds on the White Home on Wednesday. “This could occasionally compose you safer and for longer. This could occasionally assist cease this pandemic sooner.” 

Alternatively, the World Health Organization has entreated rich countries and vaccine manufacturers to prioritise distributing vaccines to low- and center-earnings countries before pushing ahead with third doses at dwelling. 

Biden also launched that his administration would compose vaccination of workers a condition for nursing properties to bring together Medicare and Medicaid funding.

Other coronavirus recordsdata

The UK’s Joint Committee on Vaccination and Immunisation (JCVI) is meeting these days to focus on a doable booster campaign and which of us could well “in actuality need” a third dose of a coronavirus vaccine, a government scientific adviser acknowledged.

Adam Finn, a member of the JCVI, suggested BBC Radio 4’s This day programme: “I feel there’s adequate evidence, and I feel we’ll be imminently deciding, that there can be some of us that will desire a third dose, particularly of us that all of us know are now no longer doable to be well loyal by those first two doses. Nonetheless I feel we lift out need extra evidence before we can compose a company resolution on a substantial wider booster programme.”

Finn also suggested BBC Breakfast: “I feel it’s much less certain in fact whether a third dose in a extra fundamental potential, for form of all of us above a particular age, is de facto going to compose very essential difference.”

Most contemporary on coronavirus from New Scientist

Vaccine evidence: A UK ogle has found that security from the Pfizer/BioNTech and Oxford/AstraZeneca vaccines wanes over time. Both vaccines provide exquisite security in opposition to symptomatic infections by the delta coronavirus variant, but are around 15 per cent much less effective in opposition to delta than in opposition to the alpha variant. The findings also indicate that vaccinated of us that lift out safe infected can be precise as infectious as unvaccinated of us.

The air run tell: Maximising airflow in public areas is important to decrease covid-19 transmission, but questions live about what technology to exercise and the blueprint in which effective it needs to be. 

New Scientist Default Image

Taranaki Avenue in Wellington, New Zealand, all around the first day of a nationwide lockdown.

Hagen Hopkins/Getty Images

18 August

Ten circumstances confirmed in outbreak of delta variant in Auckland

New Zealand has begun a nationwide lockdown in a expose to include the delta variant of the coronavirus. To this level 10 circumstances had been confirmed in the outbreak, but modelling suggests the numbers could well rise to between 50 and 100. “From the expertise of what we’ve seen in one other nation, we’re completely awaiting extra circumstances,” prime minister Jacinda Ardern acknowledged. The extent 4 alert, the best possible level, job of us rather than important workers can most effective depart dwelling for groceries, healthcare, covid-19 tests and exercise. The lockdown will quilt the general nation for as a minimum three days, and live in area in Auckland for per week. New Zealand had been free of local covid-19 infections since February, and most effective 21 per cent of the general population has been fully vaccinated.

Other coronavirus recordsdata

The governor of Texas, Greg Abbott, has tested certain for covid-19, his place of work has launched. Abbott is fully vaccinated and now no longer showing any symptoms, and he is receiving a monoclonal antibody remedy, in step with a assertion. Abbott has restricted the extent to which local authorities in Texas can mandate covid-19 vaccination and the carrying of face masks. On Monday, he attended a Republican occasion occasion with a crowd of hundreds of. Texas is currently a hotspot in a covid-19 surge taking area in the southern US, pushed by the delta variant. The day prior to this the US recorded extra than 1000 covid-19 deaths for the first time since March, in step with a Reuters tally.

Vaccine offers are urgently wanted in southeast Asia, the Purple Imperfect has warned. The area has recorded 38,522 deaths in the previous two weeks, almost twice as many as North The USA. Indonesia is unquestionably one of many worst-affected countries, with a median of 1466 deaths a day all around the final week. “We worry that as the virus spreads from cities to regional and rural areas that many extra lives can be lost amongst the unvaccinated,” acknowledged Alexander Matheou, Asia Pacific Director of the World Federation of Purple Imperfect and Purple Crescent Societies in a assertion.

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