Crimson Sox Chronicle Ted Williams to Be Venerated with 9 NFT Cards

Ted Williams of Boston Red Sox in action in 1941. (AP Photo)

Associated Press

The daughter of MLB Hall of Famer Ted Williams is authorizing the auction of 9 digital trading cards that honor the Boston Crimson Sox story.

Claudia Williams suggested the Associated Press’ Jimmy Golen she reached out to Brazilian illustrator Andre Maciel about setting up the fabricate of the non-fungible tokens.

“My existence’s purpose is to catch my dad as linked and inspirational as ever,” she said. “I desire to leave his legacy late when his final surviving minute one is gone.”

The digital cards will be numbered from 1-9. The final card will be one-of-a-kind, and its sale will consist of an autographed bat, autographed photography and the different to reside at a dwelling in Vermont the catch Williams lived.

Williams is widely regarded as one of many most life like likely hitters in baseball historical past. He retired with a .344 profession batting realistic and turned into the final participant to total a tubby season with a .400 realistic, reaching .406 in 1941.

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