Darius Rucker’s new album will in finding how ‘life’s changed’ amid heartbreak

Darius Rucker is popping heartbreak into hits.

The Hootie & the Blowfish singer is gearing up for the launch of his seventh solo album – his first since 2017’s “When Modified into the Closing Time” – and printed in a brand new interview with Page Six that the songs are “quite deep.”

“All of the surprising we had been in the heart of the [coronavirus] pandemic. It used to be correct a mode of time to write down songs,” Rucker, 55, defined, when asked why now used to be the coolest time to derive assist to the music.

“With that occurring on the planet and with the entirety that’s occurring with my life, there used to be correct a mode of stuff to write down about,” he endured. “So I view it used to be time to position some new music out.”

Rucker announced via Instagram in July 2020 that he and partner Beth Leonard had been splitting after 20 years of marriage and two childhood collectively: daughter Daniella, 20, and son Jack, 16. He temporarily moved on with comic Kate Quigley, nonetheless the two own since known because it quits.

“With my children rising up, my life’s changed in the final year and a half of or so,” defined Rucker, who is additionally dad to daughter Carolyn, 25, from his previous relationship with Elizabeth Ann Phillips. “I continually write about stuff I know and what’s came about to me, so it’s a mode of that stuff in there.”

He added, “There’s a pair of songs which would be quite accessible, which would be quite proper, quite inclined, quite deep, me asserting exactly how I feel … so there’s indubitably going to be a mode of me going via my life in music.”

Darius Rucker and wife Beth pose on the red carpet in happier times
Rucker announced in July 2020 that he and his partner made the choice to “consciously uncouple.”

Rucker told Page Six that fans can ask of the album in February 2022, to accompany his upcoming “Darius Rucker Are residing” tour. On the time of our interview, he had but to title it, nonetheless acknowledged he already has “a mode of” common tracks.

“There’s a music known as ’By no methodology Been Over’ I wrote with John Osborne, from Brothers Osborne. It’s correct, whenever I hear it, it will get me,” the Charleston, S.C, native teased. “It’s correct a form of songs the put we in actuality sat down and wrote how I felt.”

Later in the interview, Rucker additionally reflected on what it used to be devour starting Hootie & the Blowfish while attending the University of South Carolina assist in the ’80s. He told Page Six there used to be a time when the band contemplated calling it quits.

“There used to be a extremely famed day in our lives, I mean, no one actually is conscious of about it, nonetheless for me, Designate [Bryan] and Dean [Felber] it used to be a colossal day. Our first drummer had stop, and we had been sitting with some chums on Designate’s porch, drinking beers and speaking,” Rucker remembered. “We started speaking about what we had been gonna produce. For me, that used to be the day we had been both going to compose it or we had been gonna die making an are attempting.”

Darius Rucker performing with Hootie & the Blowfish
Rucker told Page Six that Hootie & the Blowfish will likely return on tour “in the shut to future.”
Well-known person Tribune via Getty Photography

Six albums later, along with their Diamond-certified debut “Cracked Rear Assume,” Rucker is pleased the band made the coolest choice that day. As for whether one more new Hootie & the Blowfish album is in the works, following 2019’s “Frightening Circle”?

“We haven’t talked about it but, nonetheless I’m definite we’re going to tour all but again, and produce an album sometime in the new year or sometime sooner or later,” Rucker shared. “We ain’t that younger, so I’m definite it’s going to be shut to future!”

He added, “We correct toured in 2019 and we don’t must lunge out yearly or anything else, so that is also a pair years before we produce it, nonetheless we’ll produce all of it but again.”

The three-time GRAMMY winner is light a diehard fan of South Carolina’s college athletics program, specifically the Gamecocks soccer physique of workers, and is a staunch supporter of the Miami Dolphins. He famously gave the NFL physique of workers a shoutout in Hootie & the Blowfish’s 1995 hit “Supreme Wanna Be With You,” whereby he sang, “Usually you’re crazy, then you definately wonder why. I’m the form of baby ’space off the Dolphins compose me bawl.”

Darius Rucker models a Miami Dolphins jacket from his new collection with Fanatics.
Rucker sports a Miami Dolphins jacket, actually one of the many items from his new assortment with Fanatics.

Rucker is now infusing his devour of soccer with vogue, partnering with Fanatics and NFL on a brand new attire line. The NFL x Darius Rucker Assortment by Fanatics parts 17 kinds as segment of the new assortment, along with merchandise for all 32 NFL groups.

“They known as and asked if I was and I indubitably used to be, since the NFL methodology so noteworthy to me,” Rucker defined. “It’s actually one of my common issues on the planet, so to be teaming up with them and Fanatics to reach assist up with this used to be a dream reach proper, actually.”

Rucker added that the assortment parts “something for everybody,” along with his famed chums.

“I’m very neutral correct chums with Jimbo Covert and he neutral neutral nowadays bought his [Pro Football Hall of Fame] ring in Chicago,” Rucker shared. “I went to that ceremony, and he used to be the principle man I purchased to present about a of my dresses to, so that used to be quite awesome.”

Rucker’s shirts, outerwear, sweats and more are accessible now at fanatics.com/darius

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