Dark Fantasy: Wukong’s recent trailer has an chronicle wrestle with a snowy dragon

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Plus an ape duel that is giving me Sekiro flashbacks

It’s been a few months since we closing seen any newness for the upcoming soulslike Dark Fantasy: Wukong, nonetheless it is taking a spy as appealing as ever in a recent gameplay trailer that dropped this day. This recent Nvidia DLSS footage is designed to blow their get horns the total appealing visuals in Unreal Engine 5, and it does a unbelievable job. Utilize a look below to be taken through dramatic boss fights on snowy mountains, a scenic flight through rocky outcroppings, and make a selection a look of a sparky dragon I would rating to spy at nonetheless by no attain meet.

Dark Fantasy: Wukong is an action-RPG in accordance with the Chinese language chronicle modern Lunge To The West, and follows Solar Wukong the monkey king as he travels during the area and picks fights with issues great increased than him. The first wrestle he gets into right here is with yet every other simian who has a truly immense sword. I’m getting gentle Sekiro Guardian Ape flashbacks, nonetheless this guy looks moderately less punishing.

Following that wrestle, our predominant character is approached by what looks to be a man’s head on an owl’s physique. I’m no longer keen on him, nonetheless I am keen on the flying sequence handsome after where it looks we have now been modified into correct into a bat and discontinue up soaring on the back of him through picturesque rocky crevasses.

This at as soon as leads correct into a wrestle with an electrified dragon. It’s handsome massive. A unbelievable dragon. Every scene is handsome so fine and attention-grabbing – granted that is footage particularly designed to blow their get horns the prettiness, nonetheless it totally succeeds.

Weirdly, I do not know that I in reality make a selection to play it. I didn’t have a monumental time with Sekiro, and Dark Fantasy: Wukong has a identical vibe. On the identical time, I build no longer wanna cross over out! It looks so appealing! Perhaps if the devs would maybe maybe place in a mode that makes the total enemies as derpy as this tiger, that would possibly maybe work for me:

One other teaser, chronicling the funnier facets in some unspecified time in the future of game fashion.

Utilizing talents to flip a tiger correct into a kitten pic.twitter.com/TMT0rsHAIo

— Daniel Ahmad (@ZhugeEX) August 19, 2021

(I imply having a spy through industry analyst Daniel Ahmad’s Twitter thread, he has a few extra bloopers worship that one from the devs.)

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