Defying All Odds: How Double J Productions Produced an Oscar and BAFTA Qualifying Movie At some level of the Pandemic

There might per chance be now now not any question that the COVID-19 pandemic disrupted varied industries, and halting cause-driven projects attributable to lockdowns and shutdowns all by contrivance of the globe. The movie and tv commerce was one of many hardest hit, as most motion photographs and presentations might perhaps well now not delivery or attain filming. The commerce suffered mountainous losses and even the motion photographs that did get executed weren’t watched attributable to theatres being closed.  In flip, many studios shut down and laid off employees as there were vastly fewer projects and fewer jobs for actors, actresses, and within the lend a hand of-the-scenes roles. That mentioned, one UK-basically based fully mostly neutral production company defied all odds to make a short movie with a highly effective message. 

Double J Productions, is proud to say that their short movie Physique has been authorized into the LA International Movie Festival, to qualify for both the Oscars and BAFTA. Fueled by a keenness for developing say material that opens viewer’s eyes to a differ of stories and disorders, Double J Productions is breathing contemporary existence into clear and inclined filmmaking. 

Primarily based by Jennifer James, Double J Productions prides on concentrating on stories and ideas that many filmmakers absorb misplaced sight of. Physique is a short movie supporting mental health and pressures young dancers absorb spherical physique image, which might per chance lead to ingesting disorders.

Inventive, inclined, and unabashed, Double J Productions is making an are attempting to attack an untapped market of leisure, movie, and tv programming to shine a lightweight on trusty disorders that viewers resonate with.

Double J Productions challenges the confines of passe movie to provide possibilities with excessive-quality session companies, empowering them to formalize ingenious ideas and flip them correct into a visual masterpiece. At this time engaged on a movie Day Dreamer and a tv series Woke up Minds, this up-and-coming production company is impulsively making its set aside on the commerce to revolutionize fresh filmmaking.

Thru proof of theory, dedication to the craft, and unwavering commitment to showcasing trusty stories; Double J Production’s cause-driven imaginative and prescient has reach to fruition. 

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About Double J Productions

Double J Productions is an neutral movie and tv production company basically based fully mostly within the UK. Primarily based by Jennifer James at the height of the 2020 pandemic, Double J Productions is centered on writing, developing, and producing ideas from the script to the screen that plan a lasting impact. Jennifer began using her experience using her reviews of movie at University and her experience as an actress to help fuel her passion forward of launching Double J Productions. Obvious to defy all odds all by contrivance of the COVID-19 pandemic, Double J Productions successfully produced Physique, the short movie which has since been authorized into the LA International Movie Festival, to qualify for both the Oscars and BAFTA. Double J Productions is on a mission to thrive on imagination, creativity, and to raise meaningful stories to the screen whereas allowing viewers to possess open air the box with a contemporary standpoint. Working in London and the US, Double J Productions is empowering their possibilities to formalize ingenious ideas and flip them correct into a script or even raise it to the screen.

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