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Dell Patched a Serious Driver Flaw from 2009 Affecting Hundreds of PC Models

Dell XPS 15
Michael Crider

While you or someone you recognize has a Dell computer, ragged or unusual, they favor to doubtlessly update it perfect away. Dell perfect released a security patch that addresses loads of vulnerabilities in a complete bunch of its computers relationship relief to 2009.

Users that be pleased a Dell or Alienware computer can obtain it’s liable to this effort; in most cases, all the pieces from a recent Dell XPS 15 or G3 gaming computer computer to your folks’ ragged Dell computer that doubtlessly silent runs Windows 7.  Happily, Dell has a paunchy list of affected models on its web shriek detailing over 380 models.

To make issues worse, Dell confirmed practically 200 affected models no longer obtain carrier, meaning some huge ragged computers want a tiny further TLC from owners or IT employees this week.

Interestingly, opinion to be one of Dell and Alienware’s firmware update utilities non-public a vulnerability that lets in an attacker to plot increased machine privileges, obtain entry to the BIOS, and consume over a machine. More namely, the DBUtil BIOS driver. The vulnerability was found by SentinelLabs and reported to Dell relief in December, but to this level, it doesn’t gape esteem these long-standing flaws had been exploited within the wild.

We recommend all owners fire up the Dell Substitute utility, test for updates, and promptly set up one thing else shown. While you haven’t performed this in a whereas, it can perhaps consume a whereas, so be patient.

via: The Verge

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