Delusion Baseball Week 6 Preview: Two-open pitcher rankings feature Shohei Ohtani, Kenta Maeda

Fantasy Baseball Week 6 Preview: Two-start pitcher rankings feature Shohei Ohtani, Kenta Maeda

Which two-open pitchers in case you be having a explore so that you just can add to your lineup?


Every weekend, Scott White ranks the two-open pitchers for the upcoming week, sorting them by how usable they are. The fashioned for a two-open sleeper is increased in classes leagues, the put ERA and WHIP prefer to be protected, than in point leagues, the put quantity is a increased priority, and or not it is indicated in the tiers below.

Under are the two-open pitchers for Delusion Week 6 (May perchance well 3-9):

Sleepers and questionables

Better left for parts leagues

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