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Dentist In Farmington CT

A family-run dental clinic in Farmington, Connecticut offers comprehensive treatment for all oral problems, starting with routine cleanings to more complex dental procedures for those requiring advanced treatment. The services provided by Family dentistry in Farmington, CT include routine cleanings and check-ups; comprehensive examination of the teeth for any cavities, cracks, or breaks; filling and restoration of missing teeth; laser removal of unwanted hair; and orthodontic treatment for children and adults of all ages. Services provided by Family dentistry in Farmington CT include many other types of services, as well. Some of these other services are in addition to the listed ones listed here.

Family dentists at Familiy are committed to providing quality treatment to all individuals in their care. A family-run dental practice means that all of the patients have one primary doctor who oversees and works closely with them. This includes their entire staff, including the hygienists, office staff, and any and all of the dentists. All treatments are done under the direction of the same professional who supervises the care each patient receives.

The first and most comprehensive procedure provided by Family is a full mouth examination. Here, the dentist will look for signs of oral cancer or any other condition that may need treatment and make necessary adjustments. Other conditions such as gum disease or periodontal disease will also be detected. This comprehensive examination is done in order to establish the best course of action for each patient. Patients are thoroughly examined before treatment to determine if they require further medical attention or immediate corrective action.

Next in line is a full-mouth cleaning. Here, the dentist cleans each patient’s teeth to remove any plaque or tartar, which might be sitting on the teeth. It is important for a full cleaning to not only remove any food remnants which may be present but to ensure that there is no excess buildup of bacteria. If the family-run practice has received a rating of A+ from the Better Business Bureau then this treatment is one of the better services they provide. Many patients return for a second visit in order to receive a final cleaning.

The next step in family-run dentistry is comprehensive x-rays. These can be used to determine the strength of a tooth, to locate any bone decays or abscesses, or to see if the enamel on the front of a tooth has started to chip or wear down. X-rays will be required for every patient no matter their age or current state of oral health. Age and oral health often play a large role in whether a patient requires such extensive procedures as these.

A good dentist in Farmington CT will not shy away from emergencies. There will come a time when a patient must reach for their toothbrush in an effort to save it during a dental emergency. When that time comes, there will likely be a waiting list at the dentist’s office before the treatment can be completed. Patients should understand that the sooner they arrive, the more likely that any necessary procedures can be completed on schedule. A comprehensive emergency plan should include a plan for follow up appointments in order to be sure that all potential complications are addressed.

A good dentist in Farmington CT will keep the office atmosphere fun and comfortable for patients and their family members. Such a practice would be missing the point if it were anything other than a place where teeth are professionally cleaned, examined, and repaired. Such a practice could put off people from seeking out such services until their teeth are more damaged. Farmington CT has some very fine family-run practices. The number of them should reflect the level of service expected from each.

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