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Along side a new anecdote and new seasonal actions to stumble on, Destiny 2‘s Season of the Lost also involves some new missions which beget you chasing some mythical equipment. The key one factual now’s the Tracing the Stars quest, given by the Awoken queen, Mara Sov. After telling a anecdote of a mythical family of kestrels and the highly efficient artifacts they created, Mara sends you out to strive to retrieve those artifacts, on the opposite hand it appears as if this quest is going to span rather now not now not up to just a few weeks of having a gape.

The first step in Tracing the Stars, on the opposite hand, you would entire factual now. It requires you to search out six “Atlas Skews,” or special artifacts, that are scattered across the Dreaming City. The first batch is now not too tricky to search out if you appreciate the lay of the land, but the skews tend to be in out-of-the-contrivance locations that are straightforward to chase over. Here’s the save to search out every of the Atlas Skews for Tracing the Stars I to come the mission in its first week.

Divalian-Rheasilvia Direction, Decrease Cliffside

The first Atlas Skew, with the clue
The first Atlas Skew, with the clue “Divalian-Rheasilvia Direction, Decrease Cliffside,” is de facto located staunch ahead of the pathway to Rheasilvia.

Receive your first Astral Skew on the west aspect of Divalian Mists, the prevent first spawn into the Dreaming City. Head toward the mountain pathway that leads to Rheasilvia, but construct now not chase into the tunnel to chase thru. As an different, gape off the cliff to the left for a predicament the prevent would collapse some distance below. Modify to the cliffs to the south to search out the Atlas Skew on one in every of the jagged rock platforms.

You'll have to jump down to the cliffs below the path to Rheasilvia to find this first Altas Skew.
You will must jump the entire manner down to the cliffs below the direction to Rheasilvia to search out this fundamental Altas Skew.

Divalian-Cimmerian Direction, Central Cave

Look for this cave on the north side of the raised area; Hive often spawn here.
Glimpse for this cave on the north aspect of the raised space; Hive generally spawn here.

This one’s a piece more complicated for the explanation that Cimmerian Garrison is now not a location marked for your map. The cave it be referring to is easy to search out, though. From the Divalian transmat zone, head ahead toward the colossal doorway that leads to the Blind Neatly. Elevate on the east aspect, end to the water stretching out into the mists, and end on the execrable of the steps ahead of mountain climbing into the raised heart space. Glimpse for a cave here–Hive enemies generally spawn from it. Your Atlas Skew is within.

The cave is just beside the beach, where the mists start to crowd the island.
The cave is staunch beside the shoreline, the save the mists launch to crowd the island.
You'll find the Atlas Skew inside, but you might have to fight some enemies to get to it.
Yow will stumble on the Atlas Skew within, but you’ve got to strive against some enemies to bag to it.

Drowned Bay Alcove

Check just around the corner in the Bay of Drowned Wishes Lost Sector, before the cave entrance blocked by the forcefield.
Take a look at staunch across the nook within the Bay of Drowned Needs Lost Sector, ahead of the cave entrance blocked by the forcefield.

The third Atlas Skew is within the Bay of Drowned Needs Lost Sector, located factual within the assist of the transmat point you launch at in case you enter the Divalian Mists. Head into the cave there and it’s possible you’ll well perchance presumably gain your self on a dried-out shoreline populated by Scorn enemies. Dazzling them out and hug the wall to your factual; the Atlas Skew is staunch across the nook from the doorway. Whenever you happen to hit the door blocked by the forcefield (and waves of Scorn enemies), you beget long gone too some distance.

Look for the Atlas Skew nestled against the wall, near the large boulder that helps create an alcove.
Glimpse for the Atlas Skew nestled against the wall, end to the colossal boulder that helps mark an alcove.

Backbone Oracle Orrery

The Orrery is pretty hard to miss, and you'll find the Atlas Skew at the top of it.
The Orrery is somewhat laborious to chase over, and it’s possible you’ll well perchance presumably gain the Atlas Skew on the tip of it.

Head to the Backbone of Kerres for the next Atlas Skew. That you simply need to the choice to reach it by going thru the colossal crystal archway across from the doorway that leads to the Blind Neatly. Modify to the direction unless you spherical a nook and stumble on the Oracle Orrery ahead of you–it be a big constructing, and if you beget performed thru the Forsaken expansion, you are going to bear in mind contacting Mara Sov here. Spoiled the crystal courtyard outdoors, the prevent are going to strive against thru some enemies, and enter the constructing. Fetch the steps for your factual that loop your entire contrivance across the outdoors of the constructing unless you hit the tip. The Atlas Skew is against the wall in case you reach a uninteresting pause.

Climb the stairs until you can't anymore to find this Atlas Skew waiting for you at the top of the Oracle Orrery.
Climb the steps unless you wouldn’t anymore to search out this Atlas Skew searching ahead to you on the tip of the Oracle Orrery.

Distant Backbone Island Tree

Find this Atlas Skew on the most distant island in Spine of Kerres.
Receive this Atlas Skew on the most some distance-off island in Backbone of Kerres.

Your closing Skew can also be within the Backbone of Kerres, and from the fourth one, it be straightforward to bag to. Head assist into the Orrery and leave by the door to the factual as you first enter. You will injurious a bridge that leads to some rocky islands reaching up out of the mists. Continue across them, previous the sniper that spawns along the manner, unless you’re on the discipline of on the tip. You will know you’re running out of direction as you launch to stumble on islands cropping up for your factual and enemies standing on the shoreline end by. Glimpse for a colossal, gnarled tree on staunch about the closing island on this direction, ahead of you switch to your factual to transfer toward those enemies. The Atlas Skew is nestled below the tree on the island here.

As you might guess from the description, the big tree at the island's highest point is a dead giveaway.
Because it’s possible you’ll well perchance presumably wager from the outline, the colossal tree on the island’s perfect point is a uninteresting giveaway.

Return To The HELM

After getting got all five Atlas Skews, return to the HELM screen of the Director and gape a mission node called “A Gap Coronation.” Score it and Mara will repeat you a piece of more about the anecdote of the kestrels and your overall mission. We are going to must wait unless subsequent week to come the mission extra, on the opposite hand.

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